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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 490 - The Crown Of Darkness (17)

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Chapter 490: The Crown Of Darkness (17)

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Shangguan Qi was very angry. There was a camera installed in the big hall. He brought Ming Shu to look at the images.

In the monitor, Shangguan Qi just randomly chose a cup of drink. However, on his way back, there was a commotion in the crowd. A maid had broken a few of wine.

A few ladies were splashed by the wine. Shangguan Qi put the drink down and went to control the situation.


Shangguan Qi pressed the stop b.u.t.ton.

In the image, everyone’s attention was focused on Shangguan Qi. No one cared about that cup of drink. At this moment, a hand sprinkled some powder into the drink.

The hand stretched out from the top. The crowd blocked the person so they didn’t see his or her face.

There was only one camera in the big hall and it had many dead angles. It was not easy to find the person who did it.

Shangguan Qi looked at the image twice with a serious expression. “Little Yi, don’t worry, I will definitely find out who did this. Who dares to do such things in the Shangguan family’s territory…”

Shangguan Qi stopped.

Ming Shu was eating her snacks calmly. She didn’t look angry at all.

I will go and find the person after I am full.

Before that, I have no interest to do anything.

Ming Shu left the control room and went back to the main hall. She rejected Shangguan Qi’s accompaniment and stood at an una.s.suming corner drinking her champagne. She looked around casually.

Who will it be?

There were some familiar faces in the main hall and some that she didn’t know.

Hmm… that is?

“Liang Chen…”

When Ming Shu came in, she didn’t see who was inside. She didn’t know that Liang Chen would come too. He was currently drinking with a lady and looked dissolute. He was totally a playboy.

I have a daring thought.

Time to gain Hatred Points!

[Guest, are you trying to frame him?]

What frame? Maybe he really did it? After all, among everyone here, Liang Chen had the biggest suspicion. This is called a rational decision. This is not framing.

I am a rational person.

[All the best guest. Hatred Points are waiting for you. Even if you frame him, it is okay too.]

Ming Shu: “…” As expected of my harmony system.

Ming Shu interrupted the two people that was sticking close to each other and talking, “Mister Liang.”

The woman that Liang Chen was hugging felt Liang Chen froze for a moment. However, he relaxed after a while and looked at Ming Shu, “Miss Wen, is anything the matter?”

His tone sounded as though nothing had happened between them.

However, in his heart, Liang Chen had already chopped Ming Shu up.

The humiliation by the river last time, s.n.a.t.c.hing the thing that was supposed to be his… she deserved to die from doing all these.

“Let me offer you a drink,” Ming Shu smiled.

Liang Chen looked puzzled. Why was she still okay? He saw her drink it… has the medicine not take effect?

Liang Chen’s eyes moved pa.s.sed Ming Shu and he let go of the woman, “since Miss Wen invited, I will not reject.”

If he rejected now, he would appear guilty.

There was a maid following Ming Shu around, carrying a half cup of orange juice. Ming Shu placed the orange juice in front of Liang Chen, “Mister Liang, please.”

“Miss Wen, what is the meaning of this?” Liang Chen’s face turned dark.

“Offering you a drink,” Ming Shu smiled.

Liang Chen felt that the smile seemed very eerie. He controlled his emotions, “are you not going to offer me wine?”

Ming Shu said with a straight face, “I am offering you some juice first. Why, do you not want to give me the honor?”

Liang Chen: “…”

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He didn’t think that this was a coincidence. She must be suspecting him and that was why she took a cup of orange juice to offer him.

Ming Shu walked over from the back and smiled lightly, “Mister Liang, the new year is not here. Even if you pay respect to everyone, no one would give you red packets.”

Liang Chen: “…”

If this was not her doing, who else could it be!

After Ming Shu disappeared from people’s eyes, everyone started discussing quietly. Liang Chen got up with a black face and left the main hall quickly.

He went straight to the parking area and prepared to leave the Shangguan family. He didn’t want to stay with this weird lady any longer.

Wen Yi…

Wait for him.

“Mister Liang, why are you in a hurry? Where are you going?” a green head popped up from the side with a cunning smile, “Mister Liang, our Big Miss invites you.”

Liang Chen: “…”

He quickly opened the car door and wanted to get onto the car. However, teo bodyguards appeared suddenly behind him and pinned him against the car. Liang Chen highly suspected that his arms were almost breaking under their force.

Liang Chen regretted not bringing bodyguards out.

However, there was no use of regretting now.

“What are you all trying to do!”

This was the Shangguan family. How dare they just kidnap him so blatantly?

“Mister Liang, don’t be angry. Big Miss just wants to talk to you and have a chat. There is nothing to be worried about,” Green Hair smiled and said, “take him away.”

“Let me tell you, this is a society with rule of law. How dare you all… wu wu…”

Green Hair gagged him, “noisy.”

Liang Chen couldn’t talk. He could only glare at Green Hair and tried to use his eyes to express what he wanted to say. However, Green Hair couldn’t understand him at all.

Liang Chen was tied up and stuffed into a car.

Green Hair grabbed Liang Chen’s hair, “you must be tired of living to use such an unscrupulous method against Big Miss. Take him away. We will teach him what is rules today.”

Liang Chen shot at Green Hair with his eyes.

Green Hair sneered and slammed the door shut.

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