Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 49 - League of Poor Students (26)

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Chapter 49: League of Poor Students (26)

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Pan Zhiguo was very agitated recently over the successive suicides of students. Although he had a strong background, it would draw attention if these events couldn’t be stopped.

“What’s going on? How did you persuade them?” Pan Zhiguo shouted at Shi Yaxin, unable to restrain his anger.

Shi Yaxin’s hands were clasped before her, sweat on her palms. She answered in a tremulous voice, “I have tried my best.”

Pan Zhiguo stared at her with his fierce, wolf-like eyes. He grasped her neck, baring his teeth and saying, “What I want isn’t that you try your best. Do you really know why I allowed you to stay here? If you can’t do your job well, what’s the use of you?”

Shi Yaxin seemed to be frightened by him. Clasping Pan Zhiguo’s hands, she begged him with a sob, “I’m sorry, I know it’s my fault. I didn’t do my job well. I promise I’ll persuade them properly next time and won’t let them…”

“Enough,” Pan Zhiguo interrupted her, helping her to stand steadily and adjusting her collar. He said gently, as if he were another person, “Xiao Ya, I have told you many times: Don’t be so careless. Why didn’t you listen to me? I told you to be careful, be careful—” Pa!

A slapping sound rang out. Shi Yaxin’s head turned because of the slap. The obvious imprint of a hand soon appeared on her face.

“Sorry…” Not daring to resist, she apologized quietly.

Pan Zhiguo caught Shi Yaxin’s collar again and pulled her close to him, threatening her. “Shi Yaxin, I’m telling you, if you do something in secret to ruin me, I will deal with you harshly.”

Shi Yaxin was so frightened that she trembled, shaking her head over and over. “I won’t. I won’t.”

“That would be best.” Pan Zhiguo pushed Shi Yaxin away. “Get out.”

Clutching her clothes tightly, Shi Yaxin quickly ran out and didn’t dare to breathe until she was far away from Pan Zhiguo.

Then she carefully took out the recorder hidden in her clothes and turned it off, sending a message after she looked at the cell phone’s screen for a while.

Ding !

Ming Shu tilted her head and glanced at her cell phone. Then she put down her fork and opened the message.

The light of the screen illuminated the slight smile on her face.

“Look, it didn’t work.” Ming Shu showed Shi Yaxin’s message to Cheng Yan. “Pan Zhiguo dares to do that at school, do you think he’s a fool? Cheng Yan, did you evade taxation?”

“What taxation?” Cheng Yan asked unconsciously.

“IQ taxation.”

“…” Would you die if we had a nice chat? Cheng Yan thought.

Ming Shu lowered the cell phone and replied quickly. Then she took her fork and continued to eat her noodles.

“What did you say to her?” Cheng Yan took the phone to see.

But nothing was shown in the messages and the original message from Shi Yaxin disappeared too.

“What do you intend to do? Lu Meng, behave yourself.”

“I gave you a chance, but your way didn’t work. So now we should carry out my plan.” It wasted so much time and still didn’t work, Ming Shu thought.

To waste time is to waste life.

“What’s your plan?” Her plan is kidnapping or something similar. It isn’t a good method , Cheng Yan thought.

But Ming Shu focused on eating and ignored Cheng Yan.

Can’t he stop talking when we’re eating? Ming Shu thought.

“Lu Meng, what are you going to do?” Cheng Yan thought that his image was ruined, but he had no other choice since Ming Shu was difficult to pursue.

“Lu Meng, Pan Zhiguo doesn’t mess around. If he finds us, he won’t let us off.

“Don’t risk yourself, I’ll think of other methods.”

Ming Shu put down her fork, making a slight sound that caused Cheng Yan to stop talking and stare at her. What does she want to do? he thought.

Ming Shu just smiled a bit and asked the waiter for the bill.

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But Cheng Yan felt a chill go down his spine, as if a cold current came suddenly in March and people felt the chill in their bones.

Where did a bomb come from? Is she kidding with me? Cheng Yan thought.

It was obvious that Ming Shu wasn’t kidding. She took out a junior department school uniform that Cheng Yan had no idea how she got. Then she changed into the uniform and went to the library with her bag.

It was lunch break, so there were students in the library.

Cheng Yan followed her with confusion on his face, feeling astonished in his mind.

Why did he follow her?

How could he know if there was anything she wouldn’t do if he didn’t follow her?

There were only a few monitors in the library, so there were many blind spots. Cheng Yan saw her take out a time bomb that was set to ten hours and place it in a corner of the library.

Cheng Yan was keeping watch for her. Only G.o.d knew why he kept watch for her.

Cheng Yan felt his back dripping with cold sweat by the time they came out of the library.

She was really brave.

“Do you really want to bomb the library?” The time she set was ten hours from now, during which there was no one in the library. She didn’t want anyone die. “What would you do if the police investigate you? This is so illegal.”

“Today is Friday,” Ming Shu answered with a smile.

What’s special about Friday? Is Friday suitable for blowing up libraries?


Pan Zhiguo would arrange for the students to be dealt with in the library on that day.

There was something odd here.

Cheng Yan became clever for a second because he was shocked by Ming Shu’s strange behavior.

Except when he was in cla.s.s, he watched her almost all the time. When did she get a time bomb?

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