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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 488 - The Crown in the Darkness (15)

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Chapter 488: The Crown in the Darkness (15)

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Ji Yue’an was a little dumbfounded as he was taken here in silence in the middle of his sweet dreams.

And the people who took him here then threw him into the kitchen without demur…

Ji Yue’an cooked a plate of simple pasta, put it in front of Ming Shu, “Miss Wen, you asked me here, is it just for a bowl of pasta?”

Took him here to cook noodles for her, this is insane!

After Ming Shu went to his family last time, the Ji family seemed to become a little different while treating him. They sent out a few cautious feelers, seemingly trying to reach her through him.

But he doesn’t have her contact information.

Ming Shu threw a box over with eyes glittering, “Here’s a gift for you.”

Ji Yue’an frowned.

He opened the box and couldn’t help twitching his mouth corners, “Miss Wen, this necklace is the one I bought, you’re giving it to me as a gift?”

She actually took it back…

What does she want to do?!

Does she have a crush on me?

You shouldn’t blame Ji Yue’an for thinking too much, it’s indeed because Ming Shu’s behavior was too confusing.

“This was originally yours.”

He did bought it, that’s right, it’s his.

Ji Yue’an took a deep breath, “Miss Wen, I mean, why do you specially take this necklace back and give it to me?”

Ming Shu began to eat the pasta with a fork, “Because it’s yours.”

Ji Yue’an felt Ming Shu hid something else behind this sentence. He examined the necklace several times. It was not bought in the jewelry shop, but in an antique shop.

He accompanied a friend to go there then. Thinking that Grandma Ji’s birthday was coming, he just browsed at random and then somehow noticed this necklace.

He didn’t see any special parts in the necklace, but it attracted him, so he bought it.

Ji Yue’an pinched the necklace, “What do you mean? What’s called ‘because it’s yours’?”

“Literal meaning, Mister Ji. I remember you’re going to graduate from college, right? Is your comprehensive ability so poor?”

Then no matter what Ji Yue’an asked, Ming Shu only focused on her food quietly and ignored him.

In the end, she was really annoyed by his blattering and told Green Hair to throw him on the square in downtown area.

Ji Yue’an stood at the edge of the square. The necklace in his hand had been warmed now.


Several screams came from the flower bed not far. Ji Yue’an felt a little strange. Why is there someone in the park at this late?

The loud screams then changed into some mournful sobbing noises, which sounded like the owner’s mouth was covered.

Ji Yue’an walked over there with the necklace in hand.

He saw two drunk men were trying to rape a little girl.

Ji Yue’an immediately became sober and he rushed over, “What are you doing.”

He pushed the man off the little girl, pulled the latter to stand up and protected her behind him.

“Pah, where do you pop out, young kid. Get away, don’t ruin my interest.” Drunk man A cursed fiercely and tried to pull the girl back.

Ji Yue’an protected the girl and stepped back.

Drunk man B probably had practiced some shallow martial arts and he kicked Ji Yue’an in the body. Then the drunk man A took the opportunity to pull on Ji Yue’an’s hair, pressing him down to the ground.

“Run, call the police.”

Ji Yue’an stopped the two drunk men and asked the girl to run first.

The little girl was frightened a lot, and she was stunned there for a long while before running away.

The two drunk men kicked and beat Ji Yue’an fiercely. They didn’t stop until hearing the wailing of police siren, and they ran to different directions.

Blood streamed down from the forehead along the cheeks, dripping onto the necklace.

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Ji Yue’an’s vision blurred. Some lights from unknown source shone into his eyes, making him couldn’t open them easily, but then the surrounding fell into darkness again.

Wen Yi…

Xia Xian couldn’t help blackening his face. She took his 50 million but didn’t send any news then. But he heard that she had had a fight with another force, which meant that she must knew something.

It must be Yama Yan was with her, so those people went at her.

If it weren’t for that he couldn’t directly use his men in Green City, plus that he feared someone was watching him and would discover Yan Zhan through him, he wouldn’t have asked her to help find Yan Zhan for him. He didn’t expect those people were bold enough to start a fight in Green City.

“Aren’t they afraid of offending the Wen family?”

“With red killing eyes, how can they think of the Wen family.” The coldness in Yan Zhan’s tone made Xia Xian tremble a little.

“Do we need to notify the Wen family first? When we go back, it’s unsure that whether the Wen family’s old master will blame this or not.” Xia Xian’s tone was of certainty. He believed that Yan Zhan would go back and wouldn’t take the blame for those people.

At this time they were having some internal strifes, so the Wen family wouldn’t get involved now. But when this thing was settled, it’s hard to say…

While Wen Yi was the most valued one by Wen family’s old master.

“He cares this daughter so much, but why does he let her stay in Green City?” Xia Xian couldn’t understand.

“It’s not safe to keep her with him. Green City has a complicated network of underworld, but it’s not messy, so she’ll be safe here.” For people like them, staying around them was more dangerous than staying away.

“Send a letter to Wen family.” Yan Zhan paused for a moment, “I’ll write it in person, and you just need to deliver it.”

Xia Xian felt a little strange, but he didn’t ask further. Yama Yan had his own thoughts.

“Are we going back now?”

Yan Zhan played with the gun. “Go to Jiangzhou.”

Xia Xian knew why Yan Zhan wanted to go to Jiangzhou. The others didn’t know that Jiangzhou was the place which could be counted as their base. He asked then, “What about that batch of goods?”

“Send to Wen Yi and ask her to keep them for me.”

“Yama Yan?” Xia Xian was surprised.

Yan Zhan thought for a while, then also felt maybe it was a little improper. It might cause troubles to her, so just forget it.

“Find a place and hide them first.”

Xia Xian breathed a relief.

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