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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 487 - The Crown in the Darkness (14)

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Chapter 487: The Crown in the Darkness (14)

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Green Hair stood in the yard and smoked, looking very upset.

“Brother Rong, what’s the matter. Why haven’t you rested till this late?” One of the patrolling bodyguards couldn’t bear seeing this scene and went up to ask.

What’s the matter, it’s a huge matter.

Green Hair continued smoking, and he almost frowned out some forehead wrinkles.

Bodyguards: “…”

What’s brother Rong doing? Doing a performance art?

Green Hair was actually worrying about his big miss.

Just now in the middle of the meeting, Ming Shu immediately canceled the meeting after receiving the doctor’s call. She ate the whole time, but ending the meeting all of a sudden without any reason was very wrong.

Green City hadn’t been peaced recently, which was also why they gathered for this meeting.

After she ended the meeting, Ming Shu came straight back here.

It was actually because that man fell asleep on the sofa.

Sleeping on the sofa wouldn’t kill him, all right? The entire villa was equipped with a temperature control system, so nothing would go wrong! Is it necessary for you to come back right away!!

Green Hair smoked harder as he thought about this. Then he threw the cigarette nub away and turned to look inside.

Ming Shu was dealing with some papers she brought from the meeting on the sofa, meanwhile the man next to her was sleeping like a log.


Our big miss is going to be lured away by an outsider, which is so annoying. I have to report this to the old master.

Yan Zhan didn’t sleep long before he found himself under a blanket and was accompanied by someone beside him. His body became alert immediately.

But his wrist was grabbed before he moved. “What, do you want to fight? Can you manage it with this weak body?”

The girl’s warm and fragrant smell came to him. He calmed down a bit and sat up quietly. “You’re back.”

Ming Shu released his hand, returning to her doc.u.ments. “Who do you want to contact?”

Yan Zhan: “…”

People have to lower their heads when under the eaves.

Just calm down.

When I get out of here, I’ll still be a powerful hero.

“Xia Xian.”

“Since you trust him, why didn’t you contact him before?” Ming Shu put away the doc.u.ments and leaned back, meanwhile she took the snacks nearby and settled herself in a comfortable position. The whole process was finished spontaneously in one stretch.

She asked about the situation on his side – the news was hidden, but still there’re some information leaking. It’s heard that someone betrayed and hunt him down all the way. At first his plane encountered an accident, then there’re all kinds of chasing, and finally he came to Green City.

Probably thanks to the powerful force of her cheap father, the other party didn’t dare to cause huge chaos and troubles in Green City.

Yan Zhan also took the advantage of this and stayed in Green City ever since he arrived here.

A fierce cold light flashed across Yan Zhan’s eyes. “Miss Wen, if you’re betrayed, will you believe those around you?”

“Of course.” Ming Shu chewed a preserved plum, which sweet and sour taste gave her a good mood, and her tone was dyed with happiness, “If you don’t believe them, how will you know to what extent they can betray you.”

“Choose to believe so as to see how much further the betray will go?” Yan Zhan thought this was the most absurd theory he heard this year.

I can’t understand what a psychopath is thinking in her mind.

Ming Shu tilted her head. The crystal lamp’s broken lights were reflected in the bottom of her eyes like stars, dotting all around.

She smiled bigger slowly, “In that case, you’ll get a reliable environment.”

You believe in everyone, yet you believe in no one.

Your body is in the game, but your mindset is outside and watching, to take a panoramic view of the situation. It’ll be not hard to tell who is the tiger and who is the wolf then.

Ming Shu changed her topic, “But maybe some people won’t betray you.”

Yan Zhan was originally behaving in line with the character setting, and thought this character had a really tough life as he didn’t trust anyone but was betrayed anyway.

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Now after listening to Ming Shu’s words, he was somewhat enlightened? No way. He only thought that this psychopath was talking nonsense again.

Mister Yan breathed and her face blushed a little, “What can I say, Mister Yan, do you offer yourself to everyone that saves you?”

This is a total blackmail!!

Who want you!

Where’re my snacks!

I need to calm down.

A mischievous smile flashed across Yan Zhan’s eyes, “Sorry, Miss Wen, but you’ll be disappointed since that there’s only one woman who save me, which is you.”

He touched Ming Shu’s lips again, then got straight up and walked toward the gate.

Green Hair stood outside and looked at him with an odd expression. Obviously, he had witnessed the kiss.

Ming Shu didn’t stop him, so Green Hair didn’t dare to stop, either. He had to watch him leave the yard and disappear into the blank darkness.

What’s the big miss thinking?

“Send people to follow him.”

Green Hair returned to himself and saw Ming Shu standing at the door. His brain began to operate in a fast speed, “Big Miss, are we going to find a chance and catch him back again?”

Ming Shu nibbled on an apple which you didn’t know where she had gotten, “Catch him back for what? Worship him like an ancestor? I want you to keep an eye on him, and don’t let others get this 50 million!”

Green Hair: “…” Then what’s the difference between this and worshiping him like an ancestor?

The big miss is becoming more and more difficult to understand.

Green Hair didn’t dare to delay and he went to execute the order in a hurry.

But he was called stop by Ming Shu again before he walked far, “Tell Ji Yue’an to come to me.”

“Now?” Green Hair was surprised. It’s in the middle of the night…

Ming Shu looked at him with a mysterious smile.

Yan Zhan left, and right now she didn’t have a good mood, so she didn’t want others to be in a good mood as well.

“Yes, Big Miss, I’ll go right now.”

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