Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 485 - The Crown of Darkness (12)

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Chapter 485: The Crown of Darkness (12)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Yan Zhan lay in the bed, motionless. Ming Shu wondered if he was really asleep or pretending to sleep, and she approached. Then, before she reached him, her wrist twinged in pain.

The man in the bed stared at her with fierce eyes. The dark and deep pupils were like brewing blood, which made you feel stiff all over as soon as you met them.

Ming Shu’s smile distorted a little. “This is a lot of strength. Weren’t you half dead just now? Loosen your hand!”

Yan Zhan held her for a few seconds before letting her go. “What’s going on outside?”

Ming Shu shook her hand then directly pulled off the entry needle in his arm. She supported him up and said in an unfriendly tone, “Someone is here to pick you up, and I’m going to exchange you for money.”

Yan Zhan was weak now, so he had no choice but to follow Ming Shu’s movements.

Hearing that she was going to exchange him for money, he didn’t protest, just stood up with her help.

He couldn’t stand straight and fell straight onto Ming Shu.

Blood seeped out of the injury and dyed the cloth red. Ming Shu smelled a faint scent of blood in the air.

“Don’t die. If you’re dead, you’ll be worthless.” Ming Shu put her arm around his waist and picked up a coat from the bed to cover him.

“My being alive or dead won’t cost you anything. Even if I’m dead, my body will get you a lot of money as well.” Yan Zhan’s voice was a little low.

“Are you saying that some people hate you so much that they will even buy your body to torture?” Ming Shu sounded surprising. “Then should I host an auction?”

In that case, will you hate me that much? Then perhaps I will gain some Hatred Points?

It seemed quite exciting to think about this.

Yan Zhan felt the girl who was supporting him smiled very excitedly, but he didn’t know why.

“Aren’t you curious as to why they have to kill me?”

“Curiosity killed the cat. I’m not curious at all. It’s true, don’t tell me anything.” I know this principle, so don’t try to cheat me of my snacks.

I won’t listen.

Yan Zhan: “…” Why is it so tiring to talk with her?

Ming Shu supported Yan Zhan, who was one head taller than her, and felt it was a little difficult to stand straight. She called the bodyguards outside and let them take him away.

As they went downstairs, Green Hair roared while running up, “Big Miss, the car is ready!”

The gunshots came from outside. Apparently the fight had begun.

Yan Zhan felt his head become heavier and felt they were walking down all the time. The lights were getting dimmer and dimmer, and then he was stuffed into a car. It was very cold.

The car door was pulled open, another person sat inside. He looked at her with difficulty.


The car started. Yan Zhan’s body lost control and tilted right and left. His wounds were pulled open, blood streaming, and the scent of blood floated into the air.

Ming Shu looked at him, sighing. Then she sat closer to hold his body and slowly pulled him into her arms.

“You… aren’t you going to exchange me for money?” Yan Zhan’s voice was very weak, but it was extremely quiet in the car now, so Ming Shu heard it clearly.

“Oh, right, but I have no time. Don’t you see they have started to fight.”


Some lights gradually appeared outside the car. The vicinity was very desolate and they didn’t know what place it was. But since the other party dared attack without scruples, there mustn’t be many people around.

Ming Shu focused on her phone with her head lowered. The light reflected on her face, and her mouth showed an unchanging smile the whole time, making her entire person look tender and obedient.

Yan Zhan witnessed her skillful operation of calling the police, reporting that some underworld people were fighting with guns. She suggested for the police not to turn on the sirens as they approached the scene.

F**k. That siren could be heard from afar, which criminal would wait to caught when they heard that?

Yan Zhan: “…”

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I’ve never seen such operations.

“…” Why don’t you go rob a bank, a hundred million?!

“Sixty million.”

“A hundred.” Ming Shu walked out of the shadows and her smile became clear all at once. “If I sell the famous Yama at sixty million, I’ll be laughed at by other bosses.”

The other party knew the underworld leader of Green City was a little girl, but seeing such a young girl, they were still a little surprised.

But she dared to sell the Yama. Who dared laugh at you then!

Cloak Man calmed himself a bit. “Seventy . That’s the best we can do.”

“A hundred. Can’t be less,” Ming Shu insisted.

Someone on the opposite whispered something to the cloaked man, then the latter looked up at Ming Shu and said in a cold voice, “Miss Wen, are you delaying us?”

“Ai~ You caught me.” Ming Shu didn’t show any awkwardness, instead she said very seriously, “But if you really give me a hundred million, I’ll definitely hand him off. I mean it, you should consider further.”

The cloaked man: “…” Do you think I will believe you?

Then the cloaked man began to toe the battle line.

“Miss Wen, this is your last chance. If you lead your men out of here now, we’ll still be friendly neighbors.”

Ming Shu ate the almonds calmly and said very briskly, “Listen to yourself, man. Don’t you know that from the moment you stepped into Green City’s land, we’re no longer friendly neighbors? Do you think you can come to my Green City whenever you want and even bring some fish back?”

The words were spoken with a brisk tone, but everyone felt pressured.

The pressure was different from that with some visible momentum, it was soundless and stirless, but could make you feel scared, breeding horror.

“Miss Wen, this matter is originally none of your business. Why do you have to intentionally get involved?” The cloaked man gritted his teeth. At this time, it was better not to start a fight, because Green City was after all… her turf.

“All for the benefits. This is profitable, isn’t it? I said you can buy him, but you’re not willing, so don’t blame me.” Ming Shu shrugged. “You can give me a hundred million and I’ll immediately disappear.”

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