Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 482 - The Crown Of Darkness (9)

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Chapter 482: The Crown Of Darkness (9)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The wind blows calmly, the stream flows quickly.

Half of Liang Chen’s body was hanging over the rails. The wind from the river blew on his face. His hair was a mess. He grabbed tightly onto the person who was pinning him against the rails.

Fifteen minutes ago, he parked his car here.

There were not many people who came to this area. Also, it was near noontime now. There were even fewer people. Liang Chen felt that it wouldn’t be hard for him to subdue Wen Yi since she didn’t bring any bodyguards with her.

However, this woman not only saw through his intentions, but she also beat him up the minute they got off the car.

And pinned him against the rails now.

[Guest, you can throw him down.] The Harmony System urged Ming Shu professionally.

“Who would be responsible if he drowns?” Can’t the system be quiet?

[He knows how to swim.] The Harmony System was prepared. [He won’t drown.]

“Where is the thing?” Ming Shu was too lazy to bother about the Harmony System. She asked Liang Chen directly, “Where is the thing that you took from Ji Yue’an last night?”

Liang Chen felt that he would fall down at any moment. The sound of the river was like the roar of a beast, waiting for him to drop down and devour him.

The thing that he went to take yesterday was that necklace. In his past life, he only learned about this secret when he was dying. After he was reborn, he wanted to put this secret to use earlier. However, he didn’t know where Ji Yue’an bought it and that was why he stole it from him.

Does Wen Yi know about it too?


Could it be that she just wants to help Ji Yue’an get the necklace which I stole?

Yes… that is the only possibility. After all, she was the most important woman beside Ji Yue’an in the future.

Liang Chen shook his head and denied it. “You came in before I could take anything. I don’t know what you’re referring to.”

Ming Shu reached out and took off Liang Chen’s clothes. She threw them into the river one by one.

“What are you doing? Stop it! You crazy person, stop it. I really didn’t take it.” Liang Chen struggled furiously. HIs body moved around, ready to drop down any moment.

“Mister Liang, let me warn you, if you don’t want me to take off your clothes and then get you on the headlines, you better give the thing to me.” Ming Shu smiled and threw the last piece of clothing into the river.

It was now the pants’ turn.

Liang Chen felt Ming Shu already loosening his pants. Anger and humiliation filled his head and his face turned red.


Just as Liang Chen’s pants were almost gone, a shadow rushed down from the slope above them. After that, more shadows came down and gunshots sounded.

Bi bi bi—

Bullets. .h.i.t Liang Chen’s car. The shrill sounds intertwined with the roar of waves from the river.

The person who first came down had already hidden at the side of the car, panting heavily. The others stood on both sides of the car, raising their guns. They looked at the obscene image at the riverside.

What is this?

Jiang Zhen?

A Jiang Zhen in the middle of the day?

Liang Chen’s pants were half-loose. They were already at his hipbones. On the other hand, Ming Shu’s clothes were on her properly. The crowd glanced at them and soon understood what had happened. They looked at each other and stared at Liang Chen and her vigilantly. They closed in around the car and gradually surrounded it.

Ming Shu put Liang Chen down and used him as her shield. On the other side, the sounds of guns being loaded and the confrontational atmosphere made Liang Chen feel very cold.

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Ming Shu looked at the people over there. “Mister Liang, do you see those people? If you don’t want to tell me, I will provoke them and then I will have to trouble you to be my shield.”

The gun pointing at her shifted away three seconds later. Heavy panting sounded at the back.

Ming Shu turned to have a look. She sneered. Two motorcycles had appeared behind her and followed her closely. However, they didn’t shoot her as they were entering a crowded area.

Ming Shu called Green Hair again, but the gun was back on her head.

“My dear, look at our situation now. Even if you want to die, I don’t want to die. Can you provide me with a canon so that I can blast them away?” Ming Shu’s tone was not terse and she was even smiling.

Ming Shu didn’t care if he shoots or not. She just called Green Hair. “On the GPS, I am being chased by someone. Send people to help me. There are ten to fifteen people with weapons.”

Green Hair shouted on the other end and then a huge commotion arose. Although Ming Shu didn’t bring any weapons, her bodyguards would not be too far away from her. After Ming Shu had driven a distance, she saw a car coming toward her.

When the car pa.s.sed by her, the person inside threw weapons into Ming Shu’s car.

Ming Shu pa.s.sed the gun to the person behind her. “There are bullets in the gun. You are welcome to shoot it any moment and unlock the achievement of two heavily injured people in the middle of escaping.”

The gun at her head moved away. The person in the back didn’t take the gun from Ming Shu’s hand and just leaned back and panted.

A commotion arose behind them, but Ming Shu’s drove really fast. The noise started to slowly fade into the background.

“Take care, don’t let anyone be killed by them. Find a chance to retreat,” Ming Shu told Green Hair.

“Okay,” Green Hair answered her and then went to give some orders. After that, he said to Ming Shu again, “Big Miss, drive to Red Star Street, I will wait for you there.”

Red Star Street was the street that was the closest to her and had the least people. After Ming Shu drove onto the highway, many drivers turned to look at her car.

Ming Shu smiled and sped her way to Red Star Street.

She saw Green Hair’s prominent symbol from afar and drove over. Green Hair immediately rushed over. “Big Miss, are you okay?”

“They’re not after me, I’m okay.” Ming Shu didn’t get off the car immediately. She searched through the car and found a necklace in the corner. She put away the necklace and hopped off.

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