Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 481 - The Crown Of Darkness (8)

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Chapter 481: The Crown Of Darkness (8)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Ji Yue’an!” Grandma Ji flared up. “What kind of person did you bring here? What do you take the Ji family for?”

Liang Chen wanted to remind Ji Yuefeng, but Ji Yuefeng had Grandma Ji backing him up and didn’t see Liang Chen’s signals.

“Brother, this lady is pretty, but you can’t just see the outer appearance and not bother with her personality. Today is Grandma’s birthday. Not only did she dress like this, but she also says such words. Is she trying to make Grandma angry?”

“I just want to eat my food quietly. You all were the ones who bothered me first.” I didn’t even say anything at the start. You came up to me on your own and now, you’re blaming me?

Grandma Ji was so angry she pointed her finger at Ming Shu and said to Ji Yue’an, “Get her out of here. I don’t want to see her.”

The Ji family developed really quickly over the past few years and was one of the more powerful families in this level of status. Grandma Ji was not a wealthy person to begin with, but after listening to so many compliments, she started to have a temper too.

“As if I want to stay here.”

“You…” Grandma Ji slammed the table in anger. “Ji Yue’an, who is this person. What does she take the Ji family for? Does she think that anyone can come here?”

Ming Shu smiled. “True, this place is not worth visiting. If I stomp my foot, the Ji family might collapse.”

Full points for arrogance!

If there were snacks, it would have been perfect!

Grandma Ji: “…”

Ji Yuefeng: “…”

Everyone: “…”

Ming Shu placed her hands in her pockets and glanced at Liang Chen. “Mister Liang, would you like to leave together? I want to date you.”

Everyone was shocked. Did she know Liang Chen?

Liang Chen was Ji Yuefeng’s guest. All the people present could only look up to someone like Liang Chen.

Liang Chen didn’t dare to leave with Miss Wen. He just replied calmly, “Miss Wen, we are not familiar with each other.”

Ming Shu was composed. “It’s okay, we will become close after more interactions.”

After you get hit by me a few more times, we will become close.

If we are still not close? Hit him more until we get close.

The others looked at her with disdain. They thought that she knew Liang Chen, but she was just trying to climb up the ladder.

And she did it in front of Ji Yue’an. Shameless.

“No need.”

“I will wait for you outside.” Ming Shu put her hands in her pockets and walked out slowly.

Liang Chen: “…” He felt that there was another meaning behind her words.

Ji Yue’an didn’t know if he should stay or leave. Under the furious glare of Grandma Ji, he gritted his teeth and left with Ming Shu. He didn’t like anyone in this house anyway.

“Sigh, little girls nowadays are so shameless. They even dare to seduce other people in front of Master Ji.”

“Master Liang, don’t mind it. Some people don’t know their own status. They think that they are very impressive just because they look pretty.”

Master Liang: “…” He didn’t know if she knows her limitations, but he knew that she said one thing right. The Ji family was not worth her visit. If she stomped her foot, the Ji family would really collapse.

“What is this? Did I see Miss Wen Yi just now?” A woman swayed in and spoke in surprise and fear. However, she seemed quite happy. “Grandma Ji, you have such a good reputation. Even Miss Wen Yi came to visit you.”

She dared to say this because she heard everything that happened inside.

How dare they provoke Big Miss. Who gave the Ji family the courage to do that?

“Miss Zhou, what do you mean?” Grandma Ji asked, frowning. Grandma Ji didn’t like this woman, but she thought that there was something behind what she was trying to say.

“Hmm…” Miss Zhou was confused. “Miss Wen Yi, the leader of the mafia in Green City. My husband couldn’t even meet her that easily. Grandma Ji, you are so honored.”

Everyone knew what the Zhou family did. They just needed to use their brains to think a bit and they would know what Miss Zhou was referring to.

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Miss Zhou didn’t seem to realize the change in the atmosphere and continued adding fuel to the fire. “The last time, I just saw her from afar. Who knew that I would get to see her here today. If I knew that Grandma Ji had such a huge face, my husband would not need to beg other people to pull strings for him anymore. I will just ask him to find you.”

He reached his car safely. He opened the door.


The girl in the pa.s.senger’s seat greeted him with a bright smile.

You didn’t even need to ask how she got in. The car window was so obvious, even an idiot would notice it.

“Ming Shu, let’s go and have a date.” Ming Shu smiled. “If you want to do it here, I don’t mind, either. However, the headlines tomorrow might be: The big mister of the Liang family attempted to kill a young girl but was subdued instead.”

Green veins popped out on his hand that was holding the car door.

Attempt to kill a young girl?


Okay, she was pretty, but she was not the kind of girl that he liked. Only Ji Yue’an would like… The moment he thought of Ji Yue’an, Liang Chen calmed down and sat inside the car.

“Miss Wen, do you know that you can’t get into a man’s car randomly?” he said and started the engine.

“I know now.”

Liang Chen’s face froze and he drove the car out.

Neither of them spoke. Ming Shu took out snacks from her pocket and fixed her gaze on the cars in front of her.

Liang Chen bent down and took his phone. When he saw that she had no reaction, he took out the little bottle under his phone too.

“Mister Liang.” Ming Shu suddenly turned her head. Liang Chen’s hand froze and he dropped his phone along with the little bottle. Ming Shu picked the little bottle up and placed it at the front. Her smile was gentle. “If you don’t want to get into an accident, I suggest that you be more obedient. I don’t want to kill you.”

If I kill you, my Hatred Points will be gone!

Don’t act on impulse, young man!

Liang Chen’s breathing got heavier as he gritted his teeth and continued driving.

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