Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 480 - The Crown Of Darkness (7)

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Chapter 480: The Crown Of Darkness (7)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The 70th birthday of the Ji family’s grandma.

The Ji family had just entered the realm of the wealthy so there were not many people they could afford to invite. Those that they were close with were of a similar background, but on these kinds of occasions, comparing was a norm.

The moment Ming Shu entered, she was blinded by all kinds of precious tones.

Burning money! Do you know how many snacks can be bought with this?


Ji Yue’an walked forward without any expression.

“Yue’an, why didn’t you pick up my calls?” Fan Xueni wore a white gown and ran over in smalls steps. Her gaze immediately landed on the miss who was beside Ji Yue’an. “Yue’an, you… who is this lady? Why don’t you introduce her to me?”

The expression on her face changed really quickly. From surprise to anger and finally, to elegance, as though she were his wife.

“Wen…” Ji Yue’an clammed up. What was her name?

Ming Shu chewed on her sweet. She smiled and said gently, “Wen Yi.”

Fan Xueni blinked and said innocently, “So it’s Miss Wen. I have never heard of any families having such a daughter. May I ask what your family does?”

Ming Shu gave Fan Xueni an evil smile. “Killing people and setting fires.”

Fan Xueni: “…”

“Miss Fan, if you have any business for me, please remember to contact me. You will definitely be satisfied.”

Ji Yue’an pulled Ming Shu away and said to Fan Xueni, “Xueni, I’m sorry. My friend loves to joke. She has no evil intentions. I need to see my grandma now so I can’t chat with you.”

“Yue’an, I…”

Ji Yue’an dragged Ming Shu and walked off. Fan Xueni chased them for a few steps before being blocked by someone. She could only watch them disappear.

When they reached an empty area, Ji Yue’an lowered his voice and said to her, “Miss Wen, can you not spout nonsense?”

“What nonsense? She asked me what I do so I just answered it. Is there anything wrong with it? I’m polite.”

Ji Yue’an: “…” Do you call that polite? Is killing people and setting fires a job that you can claim so blatantly? You seemed really proud of it. What are you proud of!

Ji Yue’an knew that he couldn’t win against Ming Shu in talking and just warned her to not speak improperly anymore.

There were many people in the main hall. An old lady was sitting in the middle and talking to people with a smile on her face.

Liang Chen and another young man were sitting at her left side. The young man was being really funny and Grandma Ji was so amused with him she kept laughing. There were also young guys and girls standing or sitting around on this side. On the other side, there were mostly girls who were dressed as though they were going to a beauty pageant, all colorful and expensive.

“Brother.” Ji Yuefeng had sharp eyes and saw Ji Yue’an. He stood up immediately. “You finally came, brother. We were all waiting for you.”

Liang Chen’s gaze drifted over too. When he saw Ming Shu who was peeling sweets beside Ji Yue’an, his eyes froze.

He could still remember what happened last night.

This woman… has she really gotten together with Ji Yue’an already?

Liang Chen grabbed the armrest of the chair tightly. As Ji Yue’an came closer, he released his hand slowly and looked at Ji Yue’an mysteriously. He was still the lofty rich playboy.

Ming Shu finished peeling her sweet and looked up at Liang Chen. When she realized that he was very relaxed, she was a bit surprised. However, if you looked at it from another point of view, you would understand why Liang Chen was so relaxed.

As a male protagonist, Ji Yue’an had gold fingers. According to the original storyline, his gold fingers would be activated at the nightclub. However, Ji Yue’an wasn’t beaten at the nightclub so his gold fingers didn’t get activated.

The medium for the gold fingers was the necklace that Ji Yue’an bought for Grandma Ji.

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Liang Chen had taken that necklace away.

“Thanks for the effort,” Grandma Ji said lightly.

Ji Yuefeng looked at Liang Chen instinctively. Why was his grandma’s expression so calm?

However, Liang Chen didn’t have the time to look at him. Ji Yuefeng followed his gaze and saw the girl beside Ji Yue’an. He was a bit angry. How can Mister Liang be thinking of women at this time?

“Brother, who is this miss?” Ji Yuefeng brought the topic to Ming Shu. “Why didn’t I see her in our circle before? Is she your cla.s.smate? She is dressed so casually. No other girls would dare to dress like this to such an event.”

Ming Shu was still in her sportswear. She indeed looked out of place at such an event.

However, with her aura and face, she didn’t look rustic, either.

“There are many people that you haven’t seen before,” Ming Shu said and smiled. There was no viciousness in her expression, but her words were really impolite. “Why? Do you need everyone in the circle to report to you? Hmm, Second Young Master of the Ji family? Do you think you are G.o.d?”

Ji Yuefeng was stunned by Ming Shu’s reply. After a while, he said weakly, “I just wanted to ask… why do you have such hostility? Brother, I didn’t provoke her.”

What he was trying to say was: he didn’t provoke Ji Yue’an, but since Ming Shu was so hostile against him, Ji Yue’an must have said something bad about him.

He successfully blackened Ji Yue’an’s name again.

No one else dared to speak. They just watched the show silently.

“The entertainment industry owes you an Oscar.” Ming Shu continued peeling her sweet.

“This miss…” Grandma Ji couldn’t bear it anymore. “You are Yue’an’s guest. I will not argue with you. However, this is the Ji family. Please mind your actions.”

“I am already minding them, right, Ji Yue’an?” I haven’t said that my job is killing people and setting fire.

Ji Yue’an just wanted to find a hole in the ground and stuff Ming Shu inside. What is this? If he knew this would happen, he would not have brought her here.

However, if it weren’t for her reminder last night, he wouldn’t have checked the box. Although he didn’t know where the necklace came from, it would definitely have brought him trouble…

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