Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 48 - League of Poor Students (25)

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Chapter 48: League of Poor Students (25)

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Most of the students in the junior high school department were poor students who performed well academically and couldn’t afford a fancy school’s tuition. So this, a junior department of a famous high school that could offer discounts to students, naturally was their first choice.

These students came to this school longing for academic success, but actually entered a den beyond their expectations.

Pan Zhiguo would choose those students whose families were in extremely difficult financial straits and who were easily controlled. Then, on Pan Zhiguo’s order, Shi Yanxin would approach them and ask them to stay after school to make up lessons with various excuses.

Having an innocent and kind face that could fool others, Shi Yaxin was allowed in the school.

Those students were regarded as goods and provided to sc.u.m to select.

When Shi Yaxin saw the deal for the first time, she was also hugely frightened and had nightmares for several nights. After that, every time she met those students at school, she would tremble with fear.

But Pan Zhiguo threatened her, saying she couldn’t regret her choices and she would be treated as goods too if she didn’t help him.

Her task was to ask students to stay after school to make up lessons, which was much easier the second time around. And any resistant students would be brought to the old teaching building and locked inside, becoming terrified after only one horrific night.

Then Pan Zhiguo would use a carrot-and-stick method and the students had to obey him.

“I really don’t want…” Shi Yaxin cried so heavily that she couldn’t even breathe, speaking on and off. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for them.”

Playing with the cell phone, Ming Shu continued to smile even after hearing such a story. “Do you know who’s doing business with Pan Zhiguo?”

Shi Yaxin shook her head. “Every Friday, I only bring the students to the library. Those who are selected will be taken away and I’ll watch the leftover students. I don’t know what happens after, it’s taken care of by Pan Zhiguo.”

“Haven’t you ever been curious about it?”

“I…” Shi Yaxin seemed to remember something horrible; her face became paler. “I followed him once but was found. Then… I didn’t dare to try again.”

Being young and with their tails caught by Pan Zhiguo, these students were easily controlled after being threatened.

Shi Yaxin told them that when she came here, this business had been going on for over two years. But she didn’t know when it started.

After graduation, some students would directly work in Pan Zhiguo’s entertainment venues. As for those who didn’t obey, they would be sold, which Shi Yaxin once heard unintentionally when Pan Zhiguo was chatting on the phone.

“Didn’t anyone investigate the missing people?” Cheng Yan got a chance to ask this.

A person was missing, didn’t anybody call the police?

“Pan Zhiguo’s background is powerful…” Shi Yaxin said, “and he would investigate every student’s background. He never chose those students whose backgrounds are powerful or who are local. Most of the students he chose came from the countryside.”

Ming Shu spoke with Shi Yaxin alone for a while and then let her go.

“Lu Meng, do you realize how dangerous this is?” Cheng Yan didn’t agree with letting Shi Yaxin go. “If she tells Pan Zhiguo, we’ll be at risk.”

Who supported Pan Zhiguo so as to make him so fearless? If they acted rashly and alerted them, no one could know what their enemies would do to protect themselves.

“Results come with risk. If we don’t want to bear the risk, we won’t get any results.” Ming Shu left, shaking herself. “And I like the risk.”

What she wanted was only excitement.

Cheng Yan felt he couldn’t catch up with her thoughts. Always when you were thinking about how to finish this step, she had skipped it already and moved on.

There seemed to be a gap between ordinary people and geniuses.

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“What are you going to do now?”

“They tried to draw people’s attention.” Holding her chin in her hands, Ming Shu said slowly, “If I hadn’t pointed out that there was blood mixed with the oil paint in the auditorium, there would have been another who would guide people to discover it. The oil paint case didn’t draw much attention and died down easily.

“They know it doesn’t work until someone dies. So one girl committed suicide by jumping from the building and now another girl died by cutting her wrists in the bathroom.”

“How do you know that?” Cheng Yan was confused.

Ming Shu pointed at her head, saying, “Because I have a brain.”

They thought that as long as the oil paint mixed with blood was investigated by the police, some evidence must be found. However, the police discovered nothing.

Then it came to the girl on the roof. She didn’t know whether her death would attract people’s attention or would be hidden by others, so she struggled hard.

Now it came to the girl who committed suicide in the bathroom.

She expressed her hopelessness with her blood to draw the public eye, hoping that someone could rescue them.

If no one investigated this time, it was believed that another girl would die soon.

Pan Zhiguo could threaten them, but he couldn’t prevent them from dying.

“Well, let’s help them.”

“I thought you would stand by indifferently.” Cheng Yan was surprised. She had seen a girl leap from the roof and didn’t blink. Now she said she would help them.

Ming Shu stood suddenly, lowering her head so her eyes were covered by her bangs. After a while, she looked up with a familiar smile on her face. “You don’t understand me.”

Cheng Yan was stunned for a second. He really didn’t understand her.

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