Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 479 - The Crown Of Darkness (6)

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Chapter 479: The Crown Of Darkness (6)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Why are you in my house?” Ji Yue’an took two breaths and looked at Ming Shu vigilantly.

Ming Shu didn’t change her smile. “Will you believe me if I say I’m pa.s.sing by?”

Who will believe that!

Pa.s.sing by till she went under my bed!

Ji Yue’an shook his head.

Ming Shu showed him what it meant to bulls.h.i.t seriously. “I saw a thief climbing in so I decided to catch him.”

Ji Yue’an: “…”

Ming Shu was calm and composed as if she were telling the truth. However, anyone with eyes could tell that this was not the case.

Which person would enter someone’s house to catch a thief? She should call the police!

Ming Shu sat on the sofa and drank some tea. Ji Yue’an sat opposite her and ma.s.saged his brow.

The lady that was frightened was called Fan Xueni. At this moment, she was sizing Ming Shu up carefully.


“Xueni, go back first.” Ji Yue’an stopped Fan Xueni. “Thanks for today. It’s getting late so I will not send you back. Be careful on the way home. If something happens, call me.”

The order to leave came quickly, with no mercy at all. However, there was leeway given. Fan Xueni was frightened and glanced at Ming Shu. She took her bag and left unwillingly.

“Have an early rest. I will come and find you tomorrow.”

Ming Shu sipped her tea. Smiles were all over her eyes. The male protagonist is indeed the male protagonist. He subdued a little girl so quickly.

“Wen… Miss Wen.” After Fan Xueni left, Ji Yue’an opened his mouth. “Is the person that ran away your accomplice? Why did you come to my house?”

“I don’t have such a stupid accomplice.” Ming Shu put down her teacup. “That person is Liang Chen. I don’t know what he was doing at your house but I followed him in.”

Ming Shu corrected herself. “Oh, I trailed him.”

Ji Yue’an: “…”

He knew who Liang Chen was. He was a famous playboy in the circle. However, the Liang family and the Ji family were not on the same level. If the Liang family was a high-rise building, the Ji family would be a small house.

He had never crossed paths with the Liang family at all. What was the famous big mister Liang doing at his house?

In the middle of the night too…

“Miss Wen, this is just your side of the story. Why should I believe you?”

“I don’t care if you believe me or not.” Ming Shu looked around and her gaze landed on the open kitchen. “Do you have anything to eat?”

Ji Yue’an: “…”

We are talking about serious matters!

Why are you thinking about food!

Gu gu gu—

Ji Yue’an’s face turned slightly awkward.

Ming Shu watched as Ji Yue’an got busy in the kitchen. She felt as though she opened the door to a new world. Not only do female protagonists know how to cook food, but male protagonists can do it too!

[…] What kind of new world is this? Guest, can you focus on making people want to kill you?

Ji Yue’an’s kitchen was full of food. Ming Shu leaned against the refrigerator and ate the cherries inside. Ji Yue’an looked back with a black face. She really makes herself at home.

“Miss Wen, you said that the person who ran away was Liang Chen. What was he doing at my house?”

“Maybe he likes you and wants to steal some of your things to relieve the lovesickness.” Ming Shu sprouted nonsense and slandered Liang Chen.

Ji Yue’an didn’t believe it at all. “We don’t even know each other. I know him, but he probably doesn’t know who I am.”

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Ming Shu was speechless. “How do you know that he doesn’t know you? Maybe he’s had a crush on you for many years.”

Ming Shu crossed her legs and sat in a more comfortable position.

“I have no motive. I am just pa.s.sing by.” Trust me, mister male protagonist.

Ji Yue’an: “…” He couldn’t find any reason to believe her.

Liang Chen… Wen… what was she called?

He only heard people calling her Miss Wen, but didn’t know what her name was.

This was not important. What was important was—what were these two people trying to do?

“You said that Liang Chen came to my house to steal something?” Ji Yue’an looked in Ming Shu’s direction, but she wasn’t there. He looked around and saw a person standing by the refrigerator. His mouth twitched. Is she still hungry?

She ate half of that huge portion of fried rice!

“What did the Liang family come to steal?” What did he have that could fall into the eyes of a rich second generation like Liang family? The project? But he didn’t bring home that project. If he wanted to steal the information, he shouldn’t have come here.

“Maybe he came to steal a person.” Ming Shu took his remaining cherries and spoke as though it were the truth.

Ji Yue’an: “…”

Ji Yue’an controlled his anger and went to check his bedroom. He knew what he had inside. However, there was nothing missing.

When he opened his wardrobe, he realized that someone seemed to have touched the drawers inside. He felt puzzled. There was nothing inside…

There was only the present that he was going to give his grandma tomorrow. He placed it in his wardrobe after he took it yesterday.

Although his grandma didn’t treat him very well, she was still his elder. If he didn’t do anything, other people would talk about him.

However, he just bought a normal necklace for her. Liang Chen could buy a few of those necklaces whenever he wanted. Is there a need for him to steal?

The present box was still there.

Ji Yue’an took the box and opened it after some observation. The item inside left him shocked. This… was not the necklace he bought.

The necklace looked old, but its workmanship was very exquisite. There were precious stones embedded in it and it looked expensive and antiquated.

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