Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 478 - The Crown Of Darkness (5)

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Chapter 478: The Crown Of Darkness (5)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Indeed, a chef was a chef. Ming Shu was very satisfied after the meal. On the other hand, Xia Xian found a way to deal with Ming Shu and brought her to a high-cla.s.s restaurant in Green City after she finished the French cuisine.

Ming Shu told herself that she wouldn’t eat it and that she could afford it. However, when the food came, she remembered nothing.

At one in the morning, Ming Shu lay lazily in the car and sucked her yogurt drink. She muttered, “What help do you need?”

Xia Xian’s mouth twitched. It really worked.

Xia Xian sat up straight. “Just a tiny favor. I just wish to ask for Miss Wen’s help to find a person. With your connections in Green City, you are more reliable than us.”

“When I find the person, do you need me to help you all kill him or her, too?” Ming Shu tilted her head. Loose hair blocked her eyes. “You want me to do all this for you just because you treated me? You are thinking too much.”

Xia Xian promised, “Don’t worry, Miss Wen, when you find the person, just send someone to inform me. We will not let you get into trouble.”

Ming Shu seemed to be considering. Or maybe she was just drinking her yogurt seriously.

After a long while, she raised her hand and waved her fingers at Xia Xian. “Five million.”

Xia Xian: “…” Is she robbing me!

Ming Shu suddenly pushed the car door open and got down. “When you have decided, contact me. Also, please send my men back.”


The lady outside ran across the road. Xia Xian ordered the driver to follow her. She crossed the road and started following a person. The person was walking at a normal speed. She held her yogurt and just followed him blatantly.

The person seemed to have noticed her and turned back multiple times. However, she didn’t hide at all and just followed him like a spirit.

“Mister Xia, although we don’t have a lot of connections in Green City, we do not have to look for her help, right?” the driver suddenly said. “Wen Yi doesn’t look reliable.”

Xia Xian tapped his knee with his fingers. He explained gently, “Green City has always been the territory of the Wen family. We are not in a good situation now. We can’t face them head on. Those people will not just sit around and wait for death. Asking Wen Yi for help is the easiest and fastest way. Her connections run through the entire ity. It is much easier for her to find a person as compared to us.”

The driver stopped talking. When he was turning a corner, the two people in front of them suddenly disappeared.

Xia Xian frowned. “Let’s go back. Prepare the money and send it to her.”

“Mister Xia, are you really going to give it to her? Five million!”

Xia Xian smiled coldly. “Do you think that he is not worth five million?”

The driver felt chills on the back of his neck. “I understand.”

At this moment, in the garden…

Ming Shu followed Liang Chen. What was the fake male protagonist coming to her in the middle of the night?

And he was wearing such… weird clothes.

The tightly-clothed Liang Chen kept looking back. Because of the dim lighting, he was unable to see who was behind him. However, this person had been behind him for a long time. He didn’t think that the person just happened to walk the same path as him.

Is it some psychopathic murderer?

He wouldn’t be so unlucky, right?

Liang Chen hastened his pace and cut through the garden. When he looked back again, he realized that the person was gone. He heaved a small sigh of relief and observed the surroundings. There was no one. He quickly picked a direction.

Liang Chen reached a slightly old district. He looked around. After confirming that there was no one, he prepared to use the water pipe at the back to climb up.

However, at this moment, he turned and looked behind him. The alley was empty. There was nothing.

The person that was following him just now…

He should have asked someone to come and do this.

He didn’t lack the money. He was just afraid that other people would gather evidence on him. He trusted himself more.

Who knew that he would meet such a strange thing.

Liang Chen took a deep breath. Maybe the person was just pa.s.sing by. Wasn’t there no one now?

Liang Chen convinced himself and climbed up using the water pipe. Ming Shu saw him entering a room and followed him up.

When she entered, she saw a living room. Liang Chen should have gone to the bedroom.

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Ming Shu’s gaze flew past the photos in the room. This should be Ji Yue’an’s place.

Ming Shu smiled with her eyes. “Such a coincidence.”

Coincidence you head!

She was the person that was following him just now.

No, maybe she didn’t follow him. She just came to find Ji Yue’an and saw him coincidentally. That was why she followed him.

So, she already has a relationship with Ji Yue’an… but it is still not right. Right now, I don’t have any conflicts with Ji Yue’an. Why is she targeting me?

Liang Chen’s head was a mess. He lowered his voice. “What do you want?”

The light from the crack beneath the door suddenly brightened. Someone opened the door. Liang Chen saw the girl beside him smiling gently. However, she suddenly reached out and he was pushed out by force.

Liang Chen: !!!

Liang Chen tried to grab Ming Shu but a cold knife greeted his hand mercilessly.

Liang Chen let go instinctively and his body was kicked out from beneath the bed.


A lady screamed.

Liang Chen covered his face and picked himself up from the floor. He pushed the lady and Ji Yue’an out of his path and rushed out of the bedroom.

Ji Yue’an had some drinks. Although his mind was clear, his legs were still weak. When he chased Liang Chen out, Liang Chen had already jumped down from the window in the living room. He ran to the window and looked down. Liang Chen had already reached the bottom and soon, he disappeared into the alley.

Ming Shu climbed out from under the bed. The lady, who hadn’t left, screamed again.

Ji Yue’an came from outside into the light. The light stung his eyes. He could make out a familiar face.

“It’s… you?”

“It’s me.” Ming Shu patted her clothes calmly. She smiled. “It’s so dirty under your bed. Clean it up.”

Ji Yue’an: “…” He had never seen a thief that climbed out from under the bed and said that the area was very dirty!

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