Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 477 - The Crown Of Darkness (4)

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Chapter 477: The Crown Of Darkness (4)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

When Ming Shu arrived at the factory, it was already night time. There was no electricity in the factory. A few metal drums were lited with fire, lighting up the entire area.

There were many people standing around the factory. However, she didn’t see Ba Hao and her men.

In the middle of the factory, a wooden table was laid there. It looked out of place. There were flowers, red wine, and food on it.

A man sat with his back facing Ming Shu. He might have heard the noise and turned his chair around. The man’s face became clear.

His features were not very refined but when you combined them together, they looked really good. The more you look at it, the better it became.

It was as though it would never fade even after going through years of chastening.

He was in a black suit, sitting down with an elegant and n.o.ble aura. He made the abandoned factory seemed like an extravagant palace.

The mouth corners of the man rose up slowly and he gave a gentle smile, “Miss Wen, if my men had provoked you, I apologize for them.”

The smile didn’t reach his eyes. It was fake and cunning.

Ming Shu had her hands in her pocket as she sized him up daringly. After a while, her smile got deeper, “no problem, I will not make a fuss about it. After all, not everyone is worth my fuss.”

The man was silent for a while before clapping his hands as he stood up, “I have long heard that Miss Wen from the Green City is really a character. Now that I have met you, you are really extraordinary. Miss Wen, have a seat.”

He pulled the chair out for Ming Shu personally, as if he really didn’t mind her impolite actions just now.

“Do you mind if I invite you to have a meal here?”

Since there is food, I don’t mind.

Ming Shu asked Green Hair to stay where he was and walked over alone. She sat down without any worries. The man was standing right behind her. He just needed to have a single thought and he would be able to take her life.

Apparently, the man also didn’t think that she would just come like this. He was shocked and surprised.

In their industry, who dared to be so comfortable and defenseless in other people’s territory?

However, he didn’t have any strange thoughts. He went back to his seat after Ming Shu sat down.

“Let me offer Miss Wen a toast first.” The man raised his gla.s.s of red wine.

“Shouldn’t you introduce yourself first?” Ming Shu had already picked up the knife and fork and started cutting her steak. “I will not drink with someone whose name I don’t even know.”

The man gave a soft laugh. “It is negligence. Xia Xian. Xia meaning summer and Xian as in free and casual.”

“I think that you are really very free.” Placing a table and flowers in an abandoned factory. If this is not free, what is?

The steak is not bad…

Xia Xian didn’t feel awkward at all and drank his wine at his own pace. His voice became more enticing after it was smoothened by the wine. “Miss Wen, it is our fault that we entered Green City so hastily. Let me offer my apologies.”

“Apologies?” Ming Shu took the fork and knife and raised her head to look at him. “Sure, give me two more servings of steak.”

F**k, such a small piece. Are you trying to apologize to a beggar!

Xia Xian: “…”

She is really eating the steak seriously!

“Miss Wen, aren’t you afraid that I will do something to the steak?” The steak was prepared by him. He was the one controlling this place. Why is she so daring?

“We should be more transparent as people. I believe that you are not someone like that.” The sudden trust causeed Xia Xian to feel overwhelmed. However, he heard the girl opposite him smile and continue, “However, even if you really poison me, you will not be able to get out of Green City alive.”

Xia Xian: “…”

Green City.

Other people’s territory.

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If something really happened to her, even if they walked out of Green City alive, the old master of the Wen family would hunt them down…

“You speak too seriously. I am just telling you the consequences.”

Ming Shu thought for a while. “One million.”

Xia Xian: “…” You just multiplied the price!

Xia Xian remained silent for a while. “I will give Miss Wen 300 thousand as well as an equal amount of goods…”

“I will not accept any disputes. One million. Take those goods back and get out of Green City.” Ming Shu smiled and cut off Xia Xian.

Xia Xian didn’t think that Ming Shu would cut him off.

He sized up the lady opposite him. He had never interacted with this person before, but Green City was a fertile piece of land that many people had cast their greedy eyes on. Yet, this small girl managed to keep it safe. She was not someone to underestimate.

“Miss Wen, I have not finished. There is no need for you to reject me so quickly. To Miss Wen, this is just a small matter. But, if you can get lots of interest out of it, why not?”

Ming Shu took out a bag of snacks from her packet and opened it slowly. “In your industry, nothing is a small matter. Stop lying to me. Give me the money and get out. If not, we can fight now.”

Xia Xian: “…” Why do I feel like she gained the initiative for this conversation? Why do I feel like this is her territory?

Xia Xian felt that his matter was becoming difficult to handle.

He quickly started thinking of solutions. His gaze landed on the empty plates on the table and the snacks she was eating… His men had reported that she stopped three times on the way here. All of it was to buy food.

“One million is not a small sum. I need to go and prepare it. Miss Wen might have to wait for a while.” Xia Xian smiled. He suddenly changed the topic. “Do you like to eat French cuisine? Coincidently, I brought a French chef along this time. Since we are waiting, would you like to try?”

French chef…

Ming Shu started to waver.

This little demon is actually enticing me with food…

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