Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 476 - The Crown Of Darkness (3)

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Chapter 476: The Crown Of Darkness (3)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Liang Chen was thrown out of the door pitifully. Unluckily, he met some people who weren’t on good terms with him.

Liang Chen dealt with these people for a long time before finally managing to break free.

“So unlucky.”

He must have met some ghost today.

Liang Chen looked at the sign behind him. His face was cold. At this moment, someone walked out of the side door.

He would recognize this person even if he turned into dust.

Ji Yue’an.

Why did he come out now?

Had he met Wen Yi already and she specially released him?

There was someone beside Ji Yue’an who was looking down and saying something to him. Ji Yue’an nodded and the other party called for a car. He then sent him personally into the car.

Liang Chen watched as the car carrying Ji Yue’an disappeared into the distance. He took a while before turning around.

This time, he would not be as stupid as he was in his past life. Ji Yue’an was still nothing now. He had many chances to deal with him.

“Big Miss, something bad has happened.”

Green Hair ran over hurriedly as though there was a ghost running after him.

“What are you shouting for. You’re a bother. Take notice of your image.”

Green Hair had no mood to care about his image now. He pounced in front of Ming Shu. “Big Miss, one of our goods was stolen.”

Ming Shu threw the walnut sh.e.l.l in her hand away and raised her eyebrows slightly. “Isn’t the Green City our territory? Who has the nerve to touch our goods? What is it?”

Green Hair lowered his voice and whispered into Ming Shu’s ear.

Ming Shu: “…” I need to redefine my ident.i.ty.

After she finished redefining, she asked with a straight face, “Who did it?”

Green Hair gave a gloomy look and seemed a bit scared. “People from h.e.l.l.”

“I am a little ghost,” Ming Shu casually remarked. She finished her sentence before remembering that this was the name of someone in this industry.

Not everyone would know Wen Yi, but they would definitely know Yama.

Yama was just a nickname. No one knew what his real name was. This man was a legend in this industry.

All in all, this person’s power was much greater than the Host’s.

Someone wants to s.n.a.t.c.h my limelight again. I am not happy.

I need to eat two more walnuts to strengthen my brain.

Ming Shu slammed the walnut down with much force. “I remember that he doesn’t act in the Green City. Why did he come and s.n.a.t.c.h my goods? Did you all provoke him?”

“How could we?” Green Hair shouted, “The people below said that the source of this batch of goods had some issue. Those people are still waiting over there! Big Miss, do you want to go over to have a look? If we provoke them, we might get into trouble.”

He was unable to make a decision regarding this matter. He could only wait for Ming Shu to say something.

Ming Shu continued cracking her walnuts. “Aren’t you responsible for these kinds of things? Didn’t you notice something was wrong?”

Green Hair wanted to cry. He exclaimed his innocence: “Big Miss, didn’t I follow you back to the old master’s side? You asked Brother Hao to take over these projects.”

Ming Shu: “…” So complicated. Better eat my walnuts.

After finishing her walnuts, Ming Shu finally managed to understand the whole situation.

Not long ago, the old master suddenly asked Wen Yi to come back. Actually, there wasn’t any big issue that happened. The old master’s convulsions came back and he missed his daughter.

As long as the old master missed his daughter, Wen Yi would have to go back and accompany him no matter what she was doing. She would accompany him for meals, drink some tea, take a walk, talk about life, and even discuss who they should kill.

Green Hair grew up together with Wen Yi so Wen Yi trusted him more. He was like the eunuch beside the emperor, following her around wherever she went.

Brother Hao’s real name was Ba Hao. He was the old master’s man. When Wen Yi came to Green City, he was always in charge of this area. The old master trusted him more.

Hence, when the old master and Wen Yi left Green City, Ba Hao was put in charge of everything.

This batch of goods was also looked after by Ba Hao.

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The location of delivery was an abandoned factory in the suburban district. Right now, someone was standing guard every few meters away outside the factory. When Ming Shu’s car arrived, it had to go through many rounds of inspection before it was allowed to enter.

“Big Miss, the car outside has been waiting for you for half an hour. Let’s hurry up and go. Nothing good will arise if we provoke those people.” Green Hair almost cried.

Half an hour ago, two cars stopped outside and asked for their Big Miss.

“It is just a bunch of goods. If they want them, they can take them. We don’t lack the money.” Ming Shu was not moved. “It is not easy to meet me, either.”

I have a status too.

I want some face!

You delayed my snack time and still dared to put on airs.

Green Hair: “…”

This bunch of good cost a few hundred thousand!

Not a few thousand!

Big Miss, are you not awake?

They are from h.e.l.l. They are not little gangsters! Wake up, Big Miss!

Ming Shu went down the stairs slowly.

Green Hair hurriedly caught up with her. “Look, Big Miss, they even know where we stay. Let’s just follow them. Brother Hao is still there.”

With the king of h.e.l.l’s methods, Big Miss is looking for death now.

Even if the old master were here, he would be fearful too.

Ming Shu said casually, “Ba Hao has been with the old master for many years. He will know how to keep himself alive. Also, this bunch of goods was bought by us. Even if there is some problem with it, it is not our issue. They will not be able to find us for trouble. What are you nervous about?”

Green Hair was almost shivering in fear. How can I not be nervous?

Green Hair’s phone suddenly rang and he jumped in fright. He swiped and answered the call. An anxious voice came from the other side: “Brother Rong, they are hurrying us again.”

“I know.” Hurry hurry hurry! What is the use of hurrying us? If Big Miss doesn’t want to move, I can’t represent her and go over there.

After hanging up, Green Hair gave a look of despair. “Big Miss…”

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