Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 475 - The Crown Of Darkness (2)

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Chapter 475: The Crown Of Darkness (2)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Huh?” Ji Yue’an was stunned.

Ji Yue’an’s family was considered not bad. Although they were not a very wealthy family, they came close to it. His mother died very early and his father brought his stepmother into the family. However, after some time, his stepmother brought a boy around his age back.

Only then did Ji Yue’an realize that his father had cheated on his mother a long time ago.

After the stepmother came, she, of course, didn’t want Ji Yue’an to get the inheritance and used all kinds of methods to crush him.

Not long ago, Ji Yue’an’s father was diagnosed with cancer; he didn’t have much time left. Ji Yue’an had almost graduated from university and had a project on hand. He was looking for people to work with.

His stepmother didn’t want Ji Yue’an to get the inheritance so she found people to lure Ji Yue’an over here.

“I will invest in you. How about that?”

Ming Shu spoke out his ident.i.ty correctly. Ji Yue’an felt uneasy at first, but when he remembered that she was operating a place like this, he didn’t find it weird anymore.

However, there were even weirder things…

“You… why are you helping me?”

“Isn’t it good to have someone helping you?”

“If there is no benefit, no one would rise up early. I know this.” Ji Yue’an didn’t think that his luck would be so good to meet a person that could help him without asking for anything.

And it was at a place like this.

He had experienced many things over these years and was not a naive person.

“So irritating. Do you want to become rich?”

“Just take whatever Big Miss gives you. What are you hesitating for!” Although Green Hair didn’t know what Big Miss wanted to do, she was always right.

Ji Yue’an: “…”

His mind started spinning.

“You… do you like me?” Besides this body, there was nothing she could have laid her eyes on.

Ming Shu smiled softly. “You have too much confidence in yourself.”

Ji Yue’an: “…”

Green Hair followed Ming Shu as she walked along the special corridor. Green Hair was puzzled. “Big Miss, why do you want to help Ji Yue’an? What is so special about him?”

He is the male protagonist. Is that not special enough?

He will be able to rule the world given time.

Ming Shu hugged her bag of pistachios. “Follow through with the things on Ji Yue’an’s side. Do not let anyone wreck it.”

Green Hair was even more puzzled. Does Big Miss really like this Ji Yue’an?

“Brother Rong, your call.”

The bodyguard beside them pa.s.sed the phone to Green Hair. Green Hair took the phone and reported to Miss after a while, “Big Miss, someone is creating trouble below. I will go down and settle it.”

“Okay.” Ming Shu nodded. Green Hair instantly went to the other side to take the elevator.

Ming Shu wanted to leave this place, but when she remembered that Liang Chen would be appearing here soon, she turned around and went down too.

Ming Shu stood in the dark, noisy lobby. The bodyguards dispersed. They didn’t follow her too closely, but they were not far away, either.

Ming Shu walked forward. There were too many people. So she walked slowly. At this moment, a man b.u.mped into her.

A cold liquid splashed onto her clothes. The liquid flowed down her leather jacket and dripped onto the floor.

“I’m sorry.” The man who b.u.mped into her apologized hurriedly. He looked up and was stunned. After a while, he shook his head. “I’m sorry. Are your clothes fine?”

Ming Shu looked at the man in front of her. He was dressed appropriately and had a pair of flirtatious eyes. They seemed to be br.i.m.m.i.n.g with love and made people’s heart ripple.

“Mister Liang, what are you doing!” someone called the man.

The man acknowledged the call.

Mister Liang…

If it wasn’t a coincidence, this should be Liang Chen.

“What is your name?”

“Liang Chen.” Liang Chen’s face was filled with apology and he was really sincere. “I am really sorry. Your clothes are wet. Do you need me to pay you back?”

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Ming Shu placed a pistachio in her mouth. Her eyes were like half-moons. “It’s okay, I can just break one of your legs.”

This jacket is worth 10000?

Is it embedded with diamonds or gold!

What is wrong with this Wen Yi…

“Forget it, I don’t need you to compensate me anymore. Let me use you to practice my skills.” Ming Shu took some pistachios from the bodyguard and popped them into her mouth. “Come on, Mister Liang. Since it is our first time meeting each other, I will treat you very well.”

Liang Chen read Ming Shu’s intentions. “Wait, beautiful lady, how did I provoke you? Or did someone ask you to beat me up?”

Ming Shu said with a serious face, “You dirtied my clothes.”

“I will compensate you.” 10000 meant nothing to him.

Ming Shu smiled with her white teeth brightly. “I don’t need your compensation.”

I just want your Hatred Points.

Come on, baby!

Even if Liang Chen was reborn, he was still a weak rich second generation. Ming Shu didn’t need to use much effort to subdue him.

Liang Chen was in a daze after getting beaten. How on earth did he provoke her!

Ming Shu panted and asked the bodyguard to pa.s.s her her snack. “Throw him out.”

Liang Chen was dragged away. He wore a look of disbelief and he was puzzled.

Ming Shu stood behind the bodyguard and waved at him. “Oh right, my name is Wen Yi. Do not forget it.”

She finally managed to gain some Hatred Points. She couldn’t let them be given to other people.

Liang Chen: “…”

There must be something wrong.

Did someone ask her to deal with me?

It must be. If not, why would she suddenly beat me?

But who would ask her to do this? Who?

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