Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 474 - The Crown Of Darkness (1)

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Chapter 474: The Crown Of Darkness (1)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

#Mafia Headline: Wen Yi Brings Mafia Gangs Over Whenever She Wants#

“Big Miss, these are the finest goods from the recent batch of goods sent to us. Take a look at them. Do you want to take one of them?”

Ming Shu opened her eyes and immediately saw a line of young guys standing in front of her. Oppressive, evil, cute, all kinds of guys were there. Some of them were looking at her, some looked at the ground anxiously, and others just stared hopelessly into the air.

Ming Shu: “…”

Did I become the boss of a “shop”?

The one speaking was a teenager wearing a gold necklace. He didn’t look very old and had dyed his hair green… This is really green on his head.

Currently, the man was looking at her and trying to curry favor.

Ming Shu raised her hand and touched her forehead. She waved her hand. “Get out.”

“Big Miss, what are you unsatisfied with…”

“Get out.” I am in a daze now… and a bit hungry.

The green-haired boy immediately shut up and waved at the young guys. Then, he left in fear. Just as he reached the door, the person on the other side called him.

Green Hair ran over obediently. “Big Miss, what other orders do you have?”

“Find me something to eat.”

Green Hair was disappointed but still responded, “Okay, Big Miss.”

When the door was opened, music floated in. It was really dark outside and there were people standing around. They seemed to be patrolling.

As for her, she was in a room that looked like an entertainment club.

She could tell with one look that this was not some decent place.

Green Hair returned very quickly. Waiters in uniform placed the food down. They were all really simple food items. Ming Shu asked Green Hair to leave before she started downloading the storyline.

The main character of this world was no female protagonist. It was the male protagonist. In other words, this was a male-lead story.

The fake male protagonist was called Liang Chen. Before he was reborn, he was a useless “rich second generation”. However, he was being slapped in the face by the male protagonist. Whether it was his work or love life, he couldn’t do it better than the male protagonist. In the end, he died.

After Liang Chen was reborn, he had the ident.i.ty of a rich second generation and he didn’t dig holes for himself or face the male protagonist directly. He went behind the scenes and destroyed the male protagonist’s path to glory, s.n.a.t.c.hed his woman, and then counterattacked and reached the peak of his life.

In summary, this was a story about a man who slept with all kinds of women.

The main point was, Liang Chen slept with the woman who loved the male protagonist a lot in his past life and didn’t spare a glance at him. After sleeping with this woman, he didn’t take responsibility.

The Host was called Wen Yi.

A famous Big Miss from a mafia gang in the Mainland mafia world. She was in charge of the entire Green City.

The male protagonist was lured into the nightclub that Wen Yi was in charge of and because he rejected a client, he was beaten up badly, unlocking the gold fingers. He was then found by Wen Yi who saved the seriously injured male protagonist.

After that, the sloppy love subplot started. Wen Yi helped the male protagonist a lot. When the male protagonist first started out, Wen Yi was the one doing most of the work. Hence, even though the male protagonist had a lot of women around him, he still loved Wen Yi wholeheartedly.

After Liang Chen was reborn, the first thing he did was find Wen Yi and leave her no chance of meeting the male protagonist.

However, the storyline was very powerful. Liang Chen could destroy their meeting once, but he couldn’t do it the second time.

Liang Chen wanted to break the connection between the male protagonist and Wen Yi completely. He started appearing beside Wen Yi and tried all means to chase after her.

As he was a rich second generation who loved to seek exhilaration; everyone just thought that Wen Yi was his new target. No one thought that it was weird.

Wen Yi was irritated by this stalker Liang Chen, but after Liang Chen created a few accidents, Wen Yi started to change her view of Liang Chen. Since she was pestered by Liang Chen, she had no time to care about the male protagonist.

In the end, Wen Yi fell in love with Liang Chen. However, Wen Yi was not the only target of Liang Chen. After Wen Yi lost her chast.i.ty, Liang Chen’s interest in her faded, but he still maintained his cover-up. Liang Chen needed Wen Yi’s background.

Liang Chen felt that Wen Yi had a part to play in his terrible death last time. Thus, not only did he take over Wen Yi’s power, but he also did this and that to her right in front of the male protagonist.

Wen Yi hated Liang Chen. She felt that she was blind and chose the wrong man.

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She struggled to survive and escaped from Liang Chen.

“Is there someone called Ji Yue’an?”

Green Hair thought for a while. “There seems to be someone called Ji Yue’an. He looks quite good but he is a bit stubborn. He has been here for a few days and has been on a hunger strike ever since. Big Miss, do you think that he’s stupid? He signed the life contract himself and still wants to pretend when he is here.”

“Bring me over to have a look.” The male protagonist was different from other people. She would be able to recognize him with just one look. Don’t ask why. The leads all had an aura around them. They were very different from the other background characters.

“I can just bring him over for you to take a look. There is no need to go over yourself.” Green Hair smiled. “Wait here. I will go and arrange it.”

Ming Shu: “…”

Very good, I am the boss now.

I need to have an air of importance.

After brainwashing herself, Ming Shu started eating her food, at ease. After she finished, she ordered the people outside to send in more food.

Green Hair entered first. Behind him were two bodyguards dressed in black holding on to a dirty boy. Yes, he was still a boy. He looked very cultured and gave people a very favorable impression.

However, he looked just a bit weak. The light in the private room was not very bright and it made his face look uglier.

His eyes were filled with blood. When he saw only one person sitting in the private room and noticed Green Hair standing carefully at one side, he predicted that this must be the person in charge.

Ming Shu was wearing a leather jacket and had short hair. She had a cap on her head and she looked really handsome and fierce. However, if you looked closely, you would realize that she was actually quite young.

If you placed her outside, she would be the age of a university student.

But from her stance, she was the leader of this area.

“You… what do you want?” Ji Yue’an hadn’t talked for many days so his voice was a bit hoa.r.s.e. However, a male protagonist was indeed a male protagonist. Even if his voice was hoa.r.s.e, it still sounded s.e.xy.

Ming Shu raised her head up and flicked her cap with her fingers. She looked over with her eyes shining brightly like the stars. Her red lips moved: “Do you want to become rich?”

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