Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 471 - Master Immortal (36)

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Chapter 471: Master Immortal (36)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ming Shu knew that the person on top of her could become angry too, but when his anger penetrated her body, Ming Shu couldn’t really handle it.

She was really hungry.

Can I eat before continuing?

I miss my quiet and obedient snacks.

Yu Hui kissed Ming Shu’s mouth corners and fed her something icy and cold. Ming Shu’s eyes lit up like how the stars suddenly lit up in the dark galaxy.

Yu Hui knew that she was hungry.

He retreated. When Ming Shu was hungry, she would not relent.

“Master, cooperate with me. Once you feed me, I will find something nice for you to eat,” Yu Hui coaxed her.

“I’m hungry.” She stared at him pitifully.

Yu Hui felt depressed. He resisted the discomfort of his body and ended this interaction. He helped Ming Shu put her clothes back on and then kissed her again.

When Ming Shu was going to beat him, Yu Hui tidied everything up and brought her to the nearest city.

Ming Shu went straight for the restaurant. She didn’t even look at the menu and just asked them to prepare all the specialties for her, one whole table of them.

“Don’t make me do so much physical labor next time,” Ming Shu warned Yu Hui seriously.

F**k, even though this little demon looks delicious, I get hungrier after eating him.

Do you want to let me die of hunger so that you can inherit my snacks? No way!

“Master, I was the one moving. How can you be so unreasonable?” Yu Hui resisted the urge to roll his eyes and moved closer to Ming Shu. “Master, am I amazing?”

“Do you have shame?” Ming Shu took the chopsticks and knocked him with them.

“I gave it all to you.” You started on this topic. Since you don’t want your shame, why will I still want mine?

“Then I will throw it away.”


You are really impressive, you idiot!

I can’t afford to provoke you.

Yu Hui looked at Ming Shu eating and couldn’t help but smile. “Master, feed me.”

“Even a three-year-old child would know how to feed himself. However, it will be better if you don’t eat anything and leave it all for me.” Ming Shu protected her bowl and ignored Yu Hui.

Yu Hui couldn’t maintain his smile.

Other people’s masters are afraid that their disciples will go hungry. Look at her. She is worried that her disciple can’t die from hunger.

“Irritating.” A sweet voice came from beside them.

Yu Hui turned around and saw a lady smiling sweetly while looking at the man opposite her. The man was feeding her carefully.


This is the correct kind of interaction.

Director! Can I return my goods?

Yu Hui rolled his eyes. “Master, shall I feed you then?”


The rejection came really quickly and firmly.

Yu Hui: “…”

By the time Ming Shu finished her food, it was already dark. She held a cup of tea and sipped it slowly. Her gaze landed on the canopy of the heavens.

Yu Hui was sultry again. “You are thinking of Xie Chuyang again.”

“Why are you so jealous?” Ming Shu put down her cup and smiled. “Since you get jealous so easily, why didn’t you accept his request to fight?”

Yu Hui puffed up in anger. “He wanted to deceive me into giving you up. I will not allow that.”

Ming Shu went against him. “I am not yours anyway.”

Yu Hui felt that she refused to acknowledge him. It is normal, nothing weird about this. Yes, there is nothing weird. She is such a sc.u.mbag to begin with. It’s nothing strange.

F**k… I want to strangle her.

Of course, Yu Hui didn’t strangle her. He left in anger.

Ming Shu looked at his back and smiled happily. His angry expression was really… Ming Shu suddenly paused and then rushed out. She saw Yu Hui walking on the streets and caught up with him in a few steps. She held his hand.

Yu Hui looked at her and raised their hands. “Didn’t you say that you are not mine? Why are you doing this?”

“What is wrong with holding your hand? Which part of your body have I not touched?” Ming Shu smiled and refuted, “Or shall I give you some money?’

Yu Hui: “…” Who wants your smelly money!

Yu Hui hummed and held her hand as they walked forward. The streets were very lively at night.

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“Master, are you going back to the immortal world?”

Yu Hui sat on the bed and looked at her faintly.

Ming Shu thought for a while. He was not s.n.a.t.c.hing her snacks.

“Don’t you have hands?” She walked over and picked up his clothes that were on the floor. She shook them with disdain. “I am your master, not your maid.”

“You are also my wife now.” Yu Hui smiled.


Yu Hui: “…” Why are you smiling so weirdly? Aren’t you my wife? I didn’t say anything wrong.

“I realize that you are really sick.” Ming Shu helped him put on his clothes and reached this conclusion.

Nonsense, if I am not sick, would I like an idiot like you?

Ah no no no!

Who likes her?

I don’t like her!

This is all for my mission.

Long live my mission!

“Do you want to cure it for me?” Yu Hui remained calm on the surface.

“How to cure it?” Ming Shu was curious. “Do I chop off your head or dig out your heart?”

F**k, can you not be so b.l.o.o.d.y bright and early in the morning? Can you let me have a good day!

Yu Hui took a deep breath and said with deep feeling, “As long as you want it, no matter what it is, I am willing to do it for you.”

Isn’t it just speaking some words of love? What is so difficult about it!

Keep calm, I can win this.

Ming Shu put on his last piece of clothing. She looked down and when she bent over, she whispered in her ear, “Then are you willing to die for me?”

Ming Shu didn’t pause. She quickly tied his belt and smiled, leaving the room while humming a tune.

He heard her ordering the waiter outside to prepare breakfast.

He could still feel her warmth beside his ear.

He opened his mouth.

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