Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 470 - Master Immortal (35)

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Chapter 470: Master Immortal (35)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

How did the demon race break through the globe of invulnerability?

The globe of invulnerability was reinforced by Xie Chuyang. However, they couldn’t find him now.

Everyone was scared out of their wits.

This scourge had not been settled and another appeared. What’s more, it was so hard to deal with and they couldn’t find Xie Chuyang at this crucial moment.

The immortal world was really big. The demon race needed some time to make their way over. The immortal emperor started to organize his men hurriedly.

The immortal world was in such a mess recently. The immortal emperor was really irritated.

However, Ming Shu was still jumping around the immortal world while they were planning their defense. She may as well have said that she wanted to team up with the demon race and destroy the immortal world.

However, Ming Shu didn’t have any intention of destroying the immortal world. She just needed Hatred Points. Thus, she would just appear occasionally. When they fought with the demons, Ming Shu would sometimes pop up and help the demon race.

The demon race was very suspicious of this master immortal who helped them.

To the immortal world, this war started without any warning and they felt really stifled while fighting it. They had nowhere to let out their anger.

“Immortal Emperor, I seem to have found Master Immortal Chuyang.”

“Where?” The immortal emperor had his suspicions when Xie Chuyang disappeared. Now that someone said they saw him, how could he not be emotional?

“There.” The person pointed at a spot on the battleground. Xie Chuyang was very prominent among all the demons in that area. It was not hard to find him.

“Aiyo, your Master Immortal Chuyang betrayed you all!” Ming Shu’s voice came from the side. She sat on a cloud and was happily eating the snacks in her arms. “Immortal Emperor, why don’t you just surrender? The two master immortals that you recalled have not arrived, either. This proves that the immortal world is dying! We need to conform to fate.”

Conform to what fate? If you didn’t mess things up, would we have to fight so long with the demon race?

The immortal emperor was so angry he wanted to vomit blood.

He wanted to capture Ming Shu, but he couldn’t.

Yu Hui was standing behind Ming Shu and looking at them with an expressionless face. However, when the immortal emperor looked over, he retracted his expression and wore an arrogant and haughty look.

The immortal emperor: “…”

Does he think that I didn’t see his expression just now? All these lunatics! Idiots!

[Lord Nine, sigh, don’t randomly violate your character setting.] The system started deducting his points.

It felt that it needed to show Lord Nine his remaining points.

Yu Hui coldly ignored the system.

He just wanted to be alone now. He didn’t want to talk.

At this moment, the demons stopped their attack. Xie Chuyang walked over. The immortal emperor wore a grim look. “Master Immortal Chuyang, what is the meaning of this?” Why was he on the demon’s side!

He didn’t get an answer.

Xie Chuyang totally ignored the immortal emperor and looked in Ming Shu’s direction. “Yu Hui, do you want to make a bet?”

“No,” Yu Hui sneered and rejected arrogantly, “why must I bet with you?”

Xie Chuyang looked at him coldly. “You don’t dare to bet with me because you are afraid of losing?”

Besides Ming Shu, no one could goad Yu Hui into doing anything. He stared at Xie Chuyang and said haughtily, “You just want me to retreat. However, I already have what I want. Why must I make a useless bet with you.”

Yu Hui guessed Xie Chuyang’s thoughts. Doesn’t he just want this idiot?

He couldn’t even handle this idiot. Why does he still want her?

If he thinks his life is too long, he can just say it!

Yu Hui organized his thoughts and continued, “Also, my master is not an object. She can’t be the chips.”

A gentle voice floated over. “I don’t mind.”

Yu Hui: “…” F**k!

If he didn’t go forward now, would she think him a coward?

Yu Hui was uncertain.

He didn’t want her to look down on him, but he didn’t want to expose himself too much, either. He could handle Xie Chuyang with his ability, but this body couldn’t.

In the end, Yu Hui just gave up. She already said that he was useless so why did he have to take on any more risks?

“I am not going,” Yu Hui hummed and said blatantly, “You are mine already. Why must I bet with him?”

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“Which part is yours?” How come I didn’t know about it!

High-end, luxurious, and shameless.

“Master, why are you looking at him?” Yu Hui saw Ming Shu staring at Xie Chuyang and got unhappy. “Can’t you look at me? Why must you look at him?”

“Which part of you is nice to look at?” Ming Shu pushed him away. “Don’t block my view.”

“I look good everywhere. You can only have me in your eyes.” Yu Hui turned Ming Shu around and suddenly brought Ming Shu away from the battleground.

Xie Chuyang saw the two of them leaving and chased after them.

However, how could Yu Hui let him catch up? He did something and the person behind them disappeared. The scenes around them flashed past and the immortal aura got thinner. They were out of the immortal world.

At this moment, they were floating among the clouds.

Yu Hui pinned Ming Shu on a cloud and kissed her, taking away her breath.

Ming Shu couldn’t breathe properly. “Yu…”

Yu Hui stopped her and kissed her pa.s.sionately without pause. She felt like she was lying on cotton. Ming Shu felt dizzy and a bit… hungry.

She suddenly felt that Yu Hui was actually quite delicious too.

Clothes fell down onto the clouds and the white clouds blocked their bodies. Their figures turned faint.

The clouds seemed to be embarra.s.sed by this ambiguous aura and shone with lights.

Yu Hui stopped at the last step. His eyes were cloudy and he kissed Ming Shu’s collarbone lightly. “Master, do you like me?”

“No… wu…”

Ming Shu groaned and her body moved with his.

He asked again, “Master, do you like me?”

Ming Shu opened her mouth and took two breaths. “No…”

Yu Hui blocked her mouth again. “Such a pity. Master doesn’t like me, but you can only be mine.”

You don’t like me?

Then I will sleep with you till you like me!

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