Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 469 - Master Immortal (34)

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Chapter 469: Master Immortal (34)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ming Shu was not kidding. She really parted with him and ran in the other direction. Yu Hui cursed and ran too.

The Kirin paused and then turned to Yu Hui and continued chasing him.

Yu Hui: “…” Why are you chasing me!

Ming Shu stood in the corridor that was on fire and smiled as she shouted at him, “I said that it was coming for you.”

Yu Hui: “…” F**k, why is this idiot not dead yet!

When Yu Hui turned around again, there was no sign of Ming Shu in the corridor. He felt a bit hopeless. Was that idiot really planning to give to him to the Kirin as its food?

If he was bitten by it, he would die.

Also, where could he run to when there were flames all around him!

Yu Hui’s path was blocked by the flames. On the other side, Xie Chuyang came down. However, his target was not the Kirin. It was him.

Xie Chuyang attacked him without saying anything.

Their figures were blocked by the burning sky palace so no one on top could see what was happening below.

A sinister light flashed past Xie Chuyang’s eyes and he struck at Yu Hui with fatal blows.

Just as the lethal attacks were going to land on him, Yu Hui spun and he was carried away by someone. However he didn’t feel any warmth, only… an oppressive and eerie feeling.

“Xie Chuyang, you are really amazing. Are you attacking your junior?” The voice was a bit low. It was not the voice that he was familiar with.

“Master.” Yu Hui tried to look at the person hugging him. However, she was looking down and he could only see the side profile of her face. She suddenly let him go and left him with an afterimage.

This was not the first time Xie Chuyang saw her like this. Every time she became like this, she would be really powerful. So powerful… no one was her match. She just needed to stand on the clouds and numerous living subjects would bow down and submit to her.

While Xie Chuyang was in a daze, Ming Shu closed in on him and struck him in the chest with her palm.

Xie Chuyang flew out and landed in the courtyard. The edges of his clothes caught on fire and soon, the fire climbed up his clothes.

The Kirin rushed down at this moment and knocked Xie Chuyang over. He had no time to extinguish the fire.

As he was trying to put out the fire hurriedly, he saw the person opposite him subduing the Kirin easily. She placed her hand on the Kirin’s head and with a twist of her fingers, the demon aura on the Kirin started swarming strangely and its entire body slammed into the ground.

The fire jumped and sparkled. The lady stood in the middle. Her dress fluttered silently.

The entire scene was calm and eerie. The colors around her started disappearing and everything turned black and while.


Someone entered the black and white world and kissed her on the cheeks without any warning.

The colors started appearing again.

Xie Chuyang looked at the two people, in their own world. The pain came at him in waves. This person should be his…

Yu Hui didn’t close his eyes. He stared at her straight in the face.

He saw the darkness and oppression in her eyes. His heart shook and he felt something indescribable.

However, in just an instant, a ripple appeared in her eyes. She was full of smiles again, gentle and calm. There was no darkness, as though it was all just his imagination just now.

He felt that he was already very good at acting, but this person in front of him…

So hypocritical.

What was worse was, he actually liked her.

No way!

I don’t like her. Don’t like. Don’t like!

The immortals started closing in as the battle ended and saw the two people at once. They stood rooted in the air.

Master Immortal Yin Zheng and her disciple…


“Yin Zheng!”

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The immortal emperor was so angry his eyes turned red. He called her name, but couldn’t say anything else.

That’s right, be angry!

The immortals stared at Ming Shu angrily. Her smile seemed to emphasize how pitiful they looked now.

The Kirin didn’t care about their grudges and roared at her fiercely. However, its vigor was faded now and it seemed to be whining rather than roaring. After roaring, the Kirin remembered what happened just now and shrunk its head in fear, struggling to get up.


The Kirin looked over. What do you want!

“Why did you attack him?”

The Kirin looked at Yu Hui with red eyes. A tinge of greediness flashed past its eyes and it said something to Ming Shu. Then, flames flashed on its paws again and it ran toward the Ninth Mountain. The immortal army at the side became a mess.

“What did it say?” Yu Hui couldn’t help it and asked Ming Shu.

Ming Shu smiled. Her voice was calm and happy. “It said that you look delicious.”

Yu Hui: “…” I am not an object. How am I delicious!?

She must be lying to me.

Ming Shu was not lying to him. Maybe, some people… are just delicious.

However, to her, snacks were more delicious.

“Congratulations.” Ming Shu patted Yu Hui’s shoulder and teased him, “You have some value.”

Congratulations for what?

What is there to congratulate me about!

F**k, I am not edible.

Also, I am very valuable. Can’t you say something good!

“Immortal Emperor, Immortal Emperor, oh no! The demons are attacking us!”

A scream rang across the air.

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