Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 468 - Master Immortal (33)

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Chapter 468: Master Immortal (33)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


Yu Hui fell into Ming Shu’s arms. Ming Shu smiled and held him up. “Are you so anxious to throw yourself at me.”

Yu Hui glared at her. He didn’t have the time to argue with her. He scanned the surroundings vigilantly.

The pear blossoms were swaying furiously. If the ground were not shaking, this scene would be really beautiful.

There was an earthquake happening at the Ninth Mountain?

Ming Shu released him and held onto him to stabilize him. After that, she stood up and looked in a certain direction. “So it is below ground.”

“What?” Yu Hui was puzzled. After that, he realized what she was saying. The thing that attacked him. He didn’t manage to find it even after searching for so long.

The earthquake lasted for a short while.

The Ninth Mountain resumed its calmness.

“My dear disciple.” Ming Shu suddenly closed in on him.

Yu Hui felt chills on his body. Why was she calling him like this? What does she want? I have my dignity! I will not do things like this!

Ming Shu smiled softly and used her unique gentle voice. “Why don’t you let some blood out again?”

Yu Wei: “…”

Who says that I like this idiot?


There is still time for me to strangle her.

Yu Hui watched as his blood seeped into the soil. He was not sure what she was thinking. So why did she heal his wound just now? He still needed to let out some blood again.

Why was she using his blood!

Didn’t she call me her dear disciple?

So angry!

Ming Shu brushed her fingers against Yu Hui’s wrist. She looked at the ground with an indifferent look.

Yu Hui’s blood landed on the pear blossoms and then disappeared. There was not even a hint of blood in the air.

She remembered how Yu Hui used his own blood to feed the toad last time. That time, lots of blood dripped onto the floor and disappeared. However, she didn’t take much notice of it and thought that it just sank into the soil.

However, looking at it now, that was not the case.

Another earthquake. Ming Shu glanced at Yu Hui. Yu Hui was staring at her blankly. Ming Shu retracted her hand and healed his wound.

“Stop daydreaming. I have no time to save you.”

Ming Shu spoke as she pulled him over. She never let go of his hand once.

Yu Hui was cursing in his heart. He didn’t need her to save him.

The earthquake got more serious. The entire protection array of the Ninth Mountain started to dissipate due to the earthquake. The immortal armies outside realized that something was amiss.

A huge demon aura shot up from the Ninth Mountain. Every immortal was shocked.

Where did this strong demon aura come from!

Was Yu Hui really a demon?


Wu Tong’s scream came from the other side. Ming Shu pulled Yu Hui and moved toward Wu Tong.

In the next courtyard, a Kirin was pinning Wu Tong on the ground. Its eyes were red and it opened its mouth, preparing to bite her.

Wu Tong looked at the Kirin in fear. Her face was filled with despair.

A Kirin is a demon?

Ming Shu refreshed her outlook of the world. Isn’t this thing supposed to be an auspicious beast? Why does it have such a powerful demon aura?

Ming Shu shot a spell at it. The Kirin felt danger, but it didn’t want to let Wu Tong go. Ming Shu shot two attacks at it before the Kirin let Ming Shu go.

“Master Immortal.” Wu Tong climbed up from the ground and ran behind Master Immortal. She looked joyous after escaping from death.

The Kirin jumped onto the roof. The immortal army had already closed in and when they saw the scene in the courtyard, they were stunned.

This was different from what they imagined.

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Yu Hui was still standing all safe and sound beside her. This Kirin was the one that was dispensing the demon aura?

“So cruel.”

Yu Hui looked strangely at the lady who said this but was smiling as she ate her snacks. It is less cruel than you!

Because of the Kirin’s sudden attack, the immortal army lost their cool and started becoming messy.

“Don’t get fl.u.s.tered, surround it!”

“Be careful of the flames. If you touch it, you will be gone.”

“You all go over there and block its path of retreat.”

However, the Kirin ignored them and continued eating immortals. Its legs fell from the sky and the pear blossoms on the Ninth Mountain turned red from the blood.

“Yin Zheng, ask it to stop. Ask it to stop!”

A voice shouted at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu, a master immortal, fake master of the beast, smiled in the direction of the voice. “Didn’t I say that it lost control? How can I ask it to stop?”

Yu Hui: “…” If he didn’t know that she had nothing to do with this thing, he would really believe her.

The immortals wanted to vomit blood. However, they were even more certain that Ming Shu was up to no good.

The people in the sky were a mess. The Kirin suddenly turned to look at Yu Hui amidst its attacks. It stepped in the air and a few flames appeared.

The next moment, the Kirin rushed down.

“Run,” Ming Shu shouted at Wu Tong and pulled Yu Hui to the other side.

The Kirin focused its attention on Yu Hui and continued chasing them. The places it stepped on turned into beds of flame and the entire sky palace was engulfed in flames.

Ming Shu couldn’t maintain her smile anymore. She grabbed Yu Hui. “Did you s.n.a.t.c.h its son? Why is it chasing you?”

“Master, how do you know that it is after me?” Yu Hui was not convinced.

She was the one that provoked it just now. Maybe it was chasing after her?

“Then we shall split up and run. Let’s see who it will chase.”

Yu Hui: “…”

You can do this?

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