Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 467 - Master Immortal (32)

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Chapter 467: Master Immortal (32)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ming Shu felt that Yu Hui must be here to oppose her.

She finally managed to bring Xie Chuyang down and when she looked up, Long Shaxue was falling from the sky—her real body.

A huge dragon slammed into the ground in front of her and dust flew everywhere. Ming Shu saw the dragon head looking at her. Its eyes were wide and round, but there were no signs of life in it.

One look and you know that it was dead.

She must say one thing: F**k!

Who asked you to kill her!

Who asked you to kill her!

Who asked you to kill her!

My Hatred Points—

My snacks—

You’re innocent? Why the h.e.l.l are you innocent!

“Master…” Why is she smiling so scarily? Did I do anything wrong?

Didn’t she hate Long Shaxue?

She still wanted to kill her just now. What was wrong with him helping her? His mission was to kill this bug that shouldn’t have appeared…

So fierce.

“Oh no, Master Immortal Yin Zheng tied Master Immortal Chuyang up and is slaughtering her way up.”

“Immortal Emperor, something serious is happening!”

At the entrance of the immortal world, Ming Shu grabbed a fully tied-up and gagged Xie Chuyang and killed her way into the immortal world.

The immortal emperor ordered Xie Chuyang to go and capture Ming Shu, but he not only didn’t capture her, she was murdering everyone.

The people that she hurt before had not recovered yet.

Now, she was coming back up again. What did she take them as?

A month in the human world was just two hours in the immortal world.

“Yin Zheng, are you trying to rebel!” The immortal emperor hurried over. He saw the tied-up Xie Chuyang and was furious.

“I thought that I explained myself clearly the last time.” Ming Shu smiled slightly.

“Capture her!”

The immortal army that the immortal emperor brought rushed forward and surrounded Ming Shu so closely not even a drop of water could trickle out.

However, Ming Shu’s master immortal position was not given just for fun. Although these immortal armies were not powerful, they consumed a lot of her stamina.

“What are you all standing there for? Catch her.” Crazy, Yin Zheng is really crazy.

The bunch of people pounced on her again.

“Did Master Immortal Yin Zheng enter the devil realm? She doesn’t look like it, though.”

“Ever since Master Immortal Chuyang got married, Master Immortal Yin Zheng had been weird. It might be possible that she entered the devil realm.”

Some immortals murmured beside the immortal emperor. The immortal emperor fumed and wanted to scold them when an immortal army solider rushed forward and whispered in his ear.

After that, he started raging and shouted at the immortal army soldier, “Go and bring the other two master immortals back. Go!”

Shaxue is dead…

How will I answer to the dragon race?

Although the dragon race was his mother race, he was the immortal emperor. He was only slightly closer to the dragon race as compared to the other races.

The dragon race liked to side with their own people. Now that Long Shaxue was dead, the dragons would definitely avenge her. When that happened, the whole immortal world would be a mess.

The demons were also eyeing them and there was demon aura on Yu Hui’s body…

The more the immortal emperor thought about it, the more frightened he felt. The situation didn’t look good.

Even if Ming Shu could deal with so many people, her stamina couldn’t.

She had knocked down a bunch of people and brought Xie Chuyang back to the Ninth Mountain. She needed to recover.

Wu Tong was still guarding the sky palace. When she saw Master Immortal, her eyes turned red. “Master Immortal, why are you doing this? Why…” Do you need to go against the immortal world?

“Wu Tong” Ming Shu placed a finger on her lips and smiled. “Give me something to eat. I still have to go and fight later.”

Wu Tong: “…”

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Wu Tong looked Xie Chuyang who had turned green with anger. She bowed and left.

After his daily brainwashing, Yu Hui calmed down a little… But for real! I should just knock her unconscious and take her away! There is still time now. If we wait till the immortal world finishes organizing their people and calling the two other master immortals back, it will not be easy for us to leave anymore.

Yu Hui promised with his words, but he was still thinking about how he could take Ming Shu away.

He stood at the top of the sky palace. He could already see the immortal army surrounding them. They were densely packed.

Maybe they were afraid of the protection array, maybe they were waiting for the other two master immortals. Either way, the immortal army didn’t come too close.

Yu Hui returned to the courtyard filled with pear blossoms. Wu Tong came back from outside and b.u.mped into Yu Hui. The things she was carrying fell on the ground and shattered into pieces.

The air suddenly became quiet. The pear blossoms descended slowly in the air without a sound.

Wu Tong stared at the broken pieces on the ground. Her eyes were blank and her face was pale.

Yu Hui paused. He bent down and picked those things up. His finger touched a sharp piece and blood oozed out of his finger.

Yu Hui frowned.

Broken things, blood.

These were not good signs.

That was why he said leaving the immortal world was the right decision!

But the idiot didn’t listen to him.

So angry!

Yu Hui picked up all the broken pieces and pa.s.sed them to Wu Tong. Wu Tong took them in a daze. When Yu Hui pa.s.sed by her side, she said in a choked voice, “Yu Hui, this is all your fault.”

Yu Hui pursed his lips and walked toward the courtyard.

“Master, they have already surrounded us.” Now, we can’t leave even if we want to.

“What happened to your hand?” Ming Shu stared at his finger that was still bleeding. His blood dripped onto the ground and stained the pear blossoms. “Even if we are surrounded, you don’t have to cut your hand and commit suicide.”

Yu Wei: “…”

What wants to cut their hand and commit suicide?

Yu Hui wanted to rebut, but his hand was suddenly taken. A finger brushed against his wound. It felt slightly itchy. When the finger moved, his wound had disappeared. “Remember, if you want to commit suicide next time, cut your wrist. You will not die if you cut here.”

Who wants to commit suicide!

I am not that kind of person!

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