Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 465 - Master Immortal (30)

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Chapter 465: Master Immortal (30)

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“You are beside me now, receiving treatment that no one else can have. Is it that important whether I like you or not?” I just don’t want to admit that I like him. Anger him to death.

Of course, it is important!

If you don’t like me, aren’t I on the losing end if I like you?

I will not do a business that makes me run a deficit.

“Master, what do you take me as?” Yu Hui’s eyes turned dim and his voice got lower. “Do you take me as a toy or something else?”

She will kiss me, touch me, hug me. Isn’t that liking me?

Is she sick!

This is an illness. It must be cured.

Yu Hui suddenly stood up. “Master, I like you. No matter what happens, I like you. However, I don’t want to be an alternative or an item that you use to pa.s.s time when you are bored.”

She was always like this… heartless. He would feel hurt and get suspicious too.

“Alternative? An alternative to whom? Xie Chuyang?” Ming Shu got up and grabbed his hand. She pulled him into her arms. Although he was taller, Ming Shu felt that he was shorter than her at this moment. She smiled at him. “If I say that you are an alternative, will you be angry? Will you hate me?”

Yu Hui felt the warmth from her body. He slowly shook his head. “I will not be angry. However, I will be sad. Master, I will feel sad.”

I will chop Xie Chuyang to death too.

“I never took you as an alternative. You will never be anyone’s alternative.” Ming Shu smiled and kissed him. “Because it is really hard to find someone as stupid as you.”

Yu Wei: “…”

Hehe. Will she die faster if I strangle her or if I stab her.

In the end, Yu Hui chose to forgive her.

He kept telling himself that he shouldn’t be angry. Slowly, she would start to like him.

Ming Shu didn’t talk nonsense anymore and pushed him back onto the floor. She started helping him clear the demon aura in his body. The ma.s.s of demon aura at his middle elixir field was still easy to clear, but the rest of the demon aura that spread around his body was harder to get rid of.

Yu Hui was already groaning silently in pain. Ming Shu didn’t dare to speed things up. The demon aura seemed to be playing hide-and-seek with her and ran away really quickly.

Ming Shu started to feel uncomfortable too. She couldn’t keep wasting time like this.

Ming Shu gritted her teeth and forced a ball of pure white light out of her body. The ball of light moved out of her hand and all around Yu Hui’s body.

Once the ball of light went in, it was like the demon aura saw a frightening object and swarmed toward a single area.

Yu Hui’s groan got louder.

The stars moved in the sky above them. The galaxy was like a ribbon on an angle, floating silently above their heads.


Yu Hui vomited out a mouthful of blood. The stream reflected the moonlight and it shone on the blood. It was black.

“How do you feel?”

Yu Hui felt weak. He fell back. “Master.”

He knew that the person behind him would catch him.

Just as he predicted, he fell into a warm embrace. Yu Hui rubbed against her and fell asleep almost immediately.

Ming Shu felt his pulse. After that, she coughed quietly.

She took out Little Beastie. “Bring some food back for me.”

Little Beastie’s fur exploded. It shouted unhappily, You deserve it! That is the power of origin. You just gave it to him just like that. The last time you used the power of origin, you didn’t recover fully. You deserve it!

Little Beastie shouted as it ran into the woods.

Even after it had run far away, Ming Shu could still hear it shouting.

Ming Shu hugged Yu Hui and smiled lightly. “Stop shouting. I have a headache.”

Little Beastie kept quiet. Soon, it brought things back and threw it all on her.

He is not going to die anyway, why are you so nervous! Why!

This is not your body. If you continue to use the power of origin like this, you will get into trouble. Let me warn you, there will be no more next time. If not, I will not care about you anymore.

You can just die here!

Little Beastie was really very angry. What is so good about that two-legged beast?

Isn’t raising me enough for her?

Ming Shu knew that she was in the wrong and didn’t argue with Little Beastie. She just ate her food silently.

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Little Beastie continued to bring things back. These things would be really precious to the people in this world, but Little Beastie just brought them back in huge piles. It was not afraid that Ming Shu would have diarrhea from eating all this.

The sky was starting to brighten.

Ming Shu sat for a whole night and her body was stiff. On the other hand, Yu Hui slept very comfortably.

Ming Shu sighed. So hungry.

Is human meat nice to eat?

Yu Hui only moved when the sun was high up in the sky. The light was blocked from his face, but his body was submerged in sunlight.

Yu Hui reached out and grabbed the hand that was blocking the sunlight for him. He called in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Master.”

“Tsk, I thought that you were dead and was just preparing to dig a hole for you.”

Yu Hui: “…”

He almost got a heart attack from being angered bright and early in the morning.

What sin did I commit?

Yu Hui calmed down and got up from Ming Shu’s body. He felt much better after sleeping for a night.

The sunlight engulfed the man and his shadow dropped onto the ground. The liveliness started sinking in little by little.

Ming Shu lifted herself up, but her legs gave way and she almost fell.

Yu Hui reacted quickly and held onto her. “Master, what is wrong?”

“What is wrong? You almost broke my leg from sleeping on it.” Ming Shu ma.s.saged her leg.

Yu Hui felt embarra.s.sed. He quickly carried Ming Shu and let Ming Shu rest on his body. He ma.s.saged her legs.” I’m sorry, Master. You were tired yesterday. Let me ma.s.sage for you.”

Ming Shu leaned against him and tilted her head, blocking Yu Hui’s view. At that instant, her face had drained of blood.

“Are you trying to touch me or ma.s.sage my legs?”

Yu Hui was very serious. “Ma.s.sage your legs.”

Ming Shu didn’t change her tone and Yu Hui didn’t notice the change in her expression. He ma.s.saged for a while. Ming Shu’s face regained some of its color.

“I am a bit hungry. Go and find some food for me,” Ming Shu ordered.

“Master, do you think that I am delicious?” Yu Hui shamelessly promoted himself.

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