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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 464 - Master Immortal (29)

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Chapter 464: Master Immortal (29)

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Yu Hui didn’t know what happened in the immortal world, but since they were in the human world now, it meant that she had broken her ties with the immortal world.

Ming Shu felt that she didn’t do anything. She just committed suicide because she couldn’t win against them and then subdued that bunch of people. After that, she especially went to beat Xie Chuyang and Long Shaxue and hung them at the most conspicuous place in the immortal world.

Then, she went to rake in things from the Ninth Mountain.

At first, she wanted to bring her chef along, but she thought that he would be too much of a burden and decided against it.

Ming Shu started a fire. Yu Hui sat beside her. “Master, what exactly is the demon aura on my body?”

“I don’t know.” Ming Shu barbecued the rabbit. The fire reflected in her eyes and made them shine. “There is nothing wrong with you anyway. Don’t worry about it.”

Yu Wei: “…”

If I don’t worry about it, what happens if I die one day?

It’s better to strangle her.

To h.e.l.l with feeling at ease. It was all fake.

I feel stifled when I see her!

Yu Hui also realized that she didn’t like to get to the bottom of a matter. She preferred to use her hands to settle a problem.

There was a saying that went something like not shedding a tear until one sees the coffin. That would be a good description of her.

Ming Shu kept quiet after she finished her sentence. She murmured, “I forgot that it’s you.”

She clapped her hands and pulled Yu Hui’s hand. She asked softly, “When did the demon aura first appear?”

“After Xie Chuyang… appeared.” Yu Hui frowned. “I am not very sure, either. However, I didn’t feel anything. I only realized it when Xie Chuyang appeared and said that I have a demon aura on my body.”

Ming Shu tilted her head. “Can I go in?”

Yu Wei: “…”

Doesn’t she just want to use her primordial spirit to check my body? Why must she make it sound so ambiguous!

Yu Hui nodded his head.

Ming Shu summoned Little Beastie back and asked it to watch the surroundings. Then, she closed her eyes and went into Yu Hui’s body.

Ming Shu could see the condition of his body clearly. There was some demon aura spread over his body, but it was very weak. It seemed to have been there for a long time.

Ming Shu’s heart got heavier. She didn’t notice anything.

Maybe it was because there was too little of it…

The last time Yu Hui met a problem during his cultivation, it must have been because of this demon aura. However, she never realized it.

Ming Shu controlled her emotions and finally found a bigger ma.s.s of demon aura. It was sitting at Yu Hui’s middle elixir field. It didn’t seem aggressive.

Ming Shu tried to get closer. The demon aura seemed to have detected her. It moved, but didn’t attack her. It was just on its guard.

Ming Shu thought about it and didn’t go nearer.

She slowly opened her eyes. “Tell me about what happened after Xie Chuyang appeared.”

“Was he the one that did it?” Yu Hui exploded. “He asked me to stay away from you once. Why must I stay away from you? I will not. He has bad intentions, Master. You cannot avoid taking revenge for me just because he is Xie Chuyang.”

Ming Shu: “…” You are so confident when you ask someone else to take revenge for you.

She then remembered that she was his master. There seemed to be nothing wrong with it then.


“Hurry up and reply to me. Stop talking nonsense.” Ming Shu turned the barbecued rabbit around. She could smell the fragrance now. So hungry.

Yu Hui: “…” Why didn’t she ask when Xie Chuyang threatened him?

Why is she not following the script!

Director, I want to change the villain.

When Xie Chuyang appeared, Yu Hui had already been at the barren mountain for a while. His appearance was sudden and he was alone too. Hence, Yu Hui was on his guard. He kept a distance between them.

Xie Chuyang didn’t have the intention of going near him, either. He said that since he was back, he should not pester Ming Shu anymore.

Yu Hui, of course, rejected that and reb.u.t.ted.

At this moment, Xie Chuyang suddenly said that there was a demon aura on him.

“When he appeared, was there anything strange?”

Yu Hui frowned. “The wind was quite strong and it made me uncomfortable.”

“There is no wind on the barren mountain,” Ming Shu said softly. “There used to be a sky palace there. Although it was destroyed, the array below is still there. There would not be any wind.”

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Yu Hui recalled. The last time he went there, there was indeed no wind.

If I don’t tell you, am I supposed to endure it? Is this a normal script!

F**k, why do I like this kind of person.

Like your head!

I am not doing this anymore!

Ming Shu was afraid that she would get distracted if Yu Hui cried in pain later so she warned him first. However, he seemed to be exploding. This situation seemed even worse.

Ming Shu turned his face and kissed him. The exploding Yu Hui calmed down and took the initiative to kiss Ming Shu back.

Little Beastie ground its claws in the sleeve. It couldn’t bear to look at them. Public morals are declining day by day. Nightlife stuff is being done throughout the day. So immoral.

I want to go out and scratch this b.a.s.t.a.r.d to death!

Yu Hui didn’t want to let Ming Shu go. Hence, Ming Shu could only let him do what he wanted. After a long while, Yu Hui finally panted, “Master, can you like me?”

Ming Shu smiled. A fire seemed to have jumped into her eyes. They were bright and beautiful. “No.”

I only have snacks in my heart.

“Can’t you just… like me?” I am so handsome and cute, why don’t you like me? Do you want to go to heaven!

Where is my knife!

My knife!

Just calm down.

Yu Hui took a deep breath. “I do not ask for much, I just want you to like me. I am willing to do anything for you, Master. Can you like me?”

His voice was really low.

The arrogance in him seemed to have disappeared when he was with her.

Ming Shu felt that the acting skills of this little demon were getting better and better.

“Why must you ask me to like you?” Is it very important? Aren’t I treating you very well now?

“Because I like you.”

“So I have to like you because you like me? What logic is this?” The stage is already prepared. Come, little demon, act all you want. I want to see what else you can perform for me.

Yu Hui reached out and hugged Ming Shu’s neck. He kissed her lightly on the lips. “If I don’t have your love, I will be very uncomfortable.” So uncomfortable that I’ll want to strangle you.

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