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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 462 - Master Immortal (2)

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Chapter 462: Master Immortal (2)

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“Why did you bully my disciple?” Ming Shu didn’t exchange greetings with him and went straight to the point.

“He has a demon aura on his body and was walking around this barren mountain. When I questioned him, he attacked me first,” Xie Chuyang explained smoothly. No one knew if it was the truth or not.

Demon aura?

Ming Shu was the clearest as to whether Yu Hui had any demon aura on his body.

“Xie Chuyang, let him go.” Ming Shu lifted Long Shaxue into the air. “If you don’t want your wife to fall to her death.”

Xie Chuyang’s eyes finally landed on Long Shaxue. His gaze was very calm and cold. There was no hint of emotion. It was as though she was not his wife.

“It is not a small thing if a demon aura appears in the immortal world. Yin Zheng, are you not clear about this?”

“I will count to three. If you don’t let him go, I will drop her.”

“Husband…” Long Shaxue couldn’t move now. She believed that Ming Shu would really drop her and shivered in fear as she looked at Xie Chuyang.

“Yin Zheng, let’s talk.”


“I have a lot of things that I want to say to you.”


Xie Chuyang started to get impatient. “Do you really have to argue with me for his sake?”


Ming Shu let go and Long Shaxue fell right in front of everyone.

Xie Chuyang took a deep breath and immediately flew down.

Ming Shu walked toward the array. Yu Hui was half-kneeling in the middle of the array. Golden lights were swarming around him. There was obviously demon aura on him.

“Yu Wei.”

“Master…” Yu Hui looked up at Ming Shu and gave a forced smile.

“Bear with it.” Ming Shu glanced below. Xie Chuyang had already brought Long Shaxue up. Ming Shu took out Little Beastie and threw it at the array.



You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Little Beastie’s miserable scream exploded in the air. It was shrill.

Little Beastie slammed into the golden array. The array shook and Little Beastie bounced back. Ming Shu caught Little Beastie and threw him at the array again.

Trash-picker, I will not let you off easily!

Little Beastie fell into the array this time and landed beside Yu Hui. Its fur stood up and it looked really furious. It jumped inside the array twice and the array was destroyed.

His body fell.

Ming Shu caught him from below. “Where did your demon aura come from?”

Yu Hui hugged Ming Shu’s neck. “I don’t know.”

Maybe it was because of the array, but he looked a bit uncomfortable. However, he still persisted to take out a bag from his clothes and push it at Ming Shu. “Look.”

It was the fruit that Ming Shu ate last time.

“You came here to pick this?”

Yu Hui nodded. “You like it.”

Ming Shu felt something in her heart. She knew that he was acting, but her heart still softened and felt sad.

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She took the fruits and placed them in her sleeve. Then, she grabbed his waist and flew up a certain distance.

The immortal emperor thought too much, but you couldn’t blame him for it. There were too many coincidences. When there were too many coincidences, it would not be a coincidence anymore.

“Master Immortal Yin Zheng, give Yu Hui to us first so that we can find out what happened. It is a fact that there is a demon aura on his body. So many people are watching you. What is the use of protecting him?” The immortal emperor’s tone was not polite at all. After all, the issue regarding the evil beast made the immortal emperor really angry at Ming Shu.

“Master, give me to them. I have nothing to be afraid of.” Yu Hui didn’t look frightened at all.

Ming Shu looked at him. Yu Hui smiled forcefully. “I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

“If you don’t want to get me in trouble, you shouldn’t provoke me in the first place.” Ming Shu’s voice was very soft. She smiled as she glanced over. “Don’t you think it is a bit too late to say this now, Yu Hui?”

Yu Hui: “…” F**k, why is she giving such an eerie smile? I am just thinking of her, right?

“Master Immortal Yin Zheng, are you not going to care about the immortal world?” The immortal emperor was getting angry. “Do you still remember that you are the master immortal of the immortal world? Your job is to protect the immortal emperor, not protect a person that has demon aura all over his body.”

“Protect the immortal world?” Ming Shu squeezed Yu Hui’s wrist and smiled. “Why must I protect the immortal world? Just because I am powerful, I have to protect the immortal world? Why? I used my own effort to cultivate and make myself powerful. Or is it that you all helped me to cultivate?”

The immortal emperor choked. He found his voice after some time. “The immortal world gave you a highly respected status. In return, you should protect the immortal world!”

This was the rule for tens of thousands of years. How could she say something like this?

So angry.

“You are saying it as though I will die if I don’t have this status.” Master Immortal grabbed Yu Hui’s hand and gave a small smile. “You seem to have forgotten that the master immortal is not a status. It is power. I am not holding any position in the immortal world.”

The immortal emperor was a status. A master immortal was just a rank. It was to represent one’s abilities.

The immortal emperor: “…”

Did Yin Zheng get better at talking?

“Master Immortal Yin Zheng, why must you make a fuss before everything is finalized?”

“Why don’t you hand over Yu Hui first? We will definitely investigate this thing clearly and not accuse him rashly.”

“Yes, before everything is made clear, there is no need to be so nervous. What if it is just a misunderstanding?”

The immortals were all afraid that the immortal emperor would be put on the spot and started persuading her.

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