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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 46 - League of Poor Students (23)

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Chapter 46: League of Poor Students (23)

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The girl who leaped to her death.

Ming Shu was eating snacks in front of the old teaching building. The bloodstain had been cleaned up. If it wasn’t for the yellow tape, no one could imagine that there had been a suicide case here.

Ming Shu ducked beneath the yellow tape and walked up to the rooftop.

The old teaching building had six floors in total, not very high. Its rooftop was littered with random piles of debris.

Ming Shu went to the spot the girl jumped down from, bending over to peer below.

Then suddenly her whole body was pulled back by a tug on her collar. Ming Shu turned around to see Cheng Yan’s handsome and shining face.

With an aggressive smile, Ming Shu slapped Cheng Yan’s hand aside and swiftly gave him a punch in the belly. Cheng Yan slightly moved his body to avoid the fist and easily grasped it.

“Lu Meng, are you sure you want to welcome me with such great pa.s.sion?”

“If you stop haunting me, I’ll stop being so pa.s.sionate.” Ming Shu jerked hard to break free from his grip, pulling his arm in a shoulder throw.

“…” Why does she like doing this.

Ming Shu stepped on Cheng Yan’s chest, bending her body with two hands propped on her knees. She said with a smile, “Cheng Yan, you ignored my words again and again. Are you testing my bottom line?” Her gentle tone carried an intoxicating air, like a breeze blowing past his cheek.

“Lu Meng, do you remember that I also told you not to come here?” Cheng Yan stared back at Ming Shu. Her eyes were always smiling, but one couldn’t discern her real thoughts and emotions at all.

“Who do you think you are? Do I have to obey what you say?”

Do you think you are a G.o.d?

I have to abide by whatever you say?

“It’s good for you.”

“Do you know what I want?”

Cheng Yan had never asked what she wanted and what she wanted to do. All he had done was treat her blindly according to his own intentions. He interfered with her behavior under the veneer of protecting her, which was especially annoying.

Cheng Yan frowned, silent for a moment, then asked, “What do you want?”

“Why do I have to tell you?” Ming Shu took back her foot. “If you don’t have anything else to do, just go away already. Don’t disturb my eating.”

“…” Eating? Did he get it wrong?

She was the first to eat at a crime scene.

Climbing up from the floor, Cheng Yan brushed some dirt off his school uniform. As he saw Ming Shu really pulling out snacks to eat, his mouth twitched a little. He then walked to the edge of the rooftop, took a deep breath, and said, “That girl jumped from here. The police said it was suicide. Do you think so?”

Now that one way was blocked, he would take another. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t track down the killer!

Ming Shu just glanced at him, uninterested. She didn’t say a word until she had finished eating a pack of snacks. With a faint voice, she said, “She did commit suicide.”

Cheng Yan frowned deeply. “How do you know that?”

She was overconfident to say that, as if she had already known the answer.

“Because…” Ming Shu paused for a moment and her smile widened. “I saw it with my own eyes.”


Returning to the day of the incident…

Ming Shu beat Shangguan Feng fiercely before taking off his clothes and throwing him into the cla.s.sroom. Then she went to the rooftop, eating snacks as she waited for an entertaining show.

In the middle of her eating, someone suddenly ran up crying, moving straight to the edge of the rooftop. Ming Shu was sitting on the other side of the rooftop, blocked by the debris, so the girl didn’t notice her.

She stood alone at the edge of the rooftop, crying for a long time, which annoyed Ming Shu a lot. She was in no mood to eat anything. Ming Shu stood up and walked over to the girl along the roof’s edge, giving a standard smile. “Can you stop crying? It’s impolite to disturb others’ eating.”

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The girl seemed to be startled by her sudden appearance. She stared at Ming Shu with tearful eyes.

She was still standing there when Ming Shu ate up her snacks and left. But after she watched those two’s entertaining show, the girl jumped from the building.

Ming Shu was sure there was only the girl herself on the rooftop when she left. Although the girl had struggled, she was dead in her heart. Thus, it was not a murder: she committed suicide.

Cheng Yan’s gaze became complicated and his voice lowered a bit. “Since you knew she wanted to commit suicide, why didn’t you stop her?”

Ming Shu tilted her head with a subtle smile. “I didn’t know that.” When she left, the girl was just standing on the rooftop. She didn’t make any move to jump off. It totally made sense for Ming Shu to say she didn’t know.

“…” I really don’t know how to describe this girl . Cheng Yan took a deep breath. “I found some clues at the junior department. Do you want to know?”

“Will you be so kind as to tell me?”

Cheng Yan felt helpless. “Even if I don’t tell you, you will search for yourself. It’s better for me to tell you than put you in danger.”

Ming Shu pondered for a while, then nodded with a smile. “Great.”

Cheng Yan was somewhat relieved. Sometimes she just didn’t follow the logic of normal people. He was really afraid she wouldn’t agree.


Now she agreed, which made his heart even more uncertain.

“Ahem… well, now we are partners?” Cheng Yan asked carefully.

“If you think so,” Ming Shu said without much care.

“…” Why is it so hard to chase a girl!

What about capturing her heart with flowers? Being the Prince Charming?

What about marrying her after saving her life? Being the hero?


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