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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 457 - Master Immortal (22)

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Chapter 457: Master Immortal (22)

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Little Beastie said there were other things on the mountain, so Ming Shu decided to walk around by herself.

p.o.o.p-picker, p.o.o.p-picker, it’s here, I saw it here at that time. It ran over below and then disappeared.

Little Beastie jumped up and down on the ground, doing the explanation hoppingly.

Ming Shu looked over to see a normal wood.

Ming Shu continued walking up as she picked fruits along the way.

Little Beastie was faster than Ming Shu, and now it suddenly rolled down from above to hit Ming Shu’s feet.

p.o.o.p-picker, your disciple is up there, and he looks like he’s dying.

Ming Shu was startled and swiftly walked up.

Yu Hui was fallen on the ground, beside by the toad with blood all over its body, which was already dead.

Ming Shu supported Yu Hui and touched his pulse. It was beating chaotically, but he should be safe from death.

Is he dead?

Little Beastie continued jumping around Ming Shu.

I’ll be great if he is dead. No one will compete with me!

Yu Hui opened his eyes. He saw white bed curtains, and some pear blossoms floated in through the window, falling on his bed. A light fragrance was floating around the room.

He covered his head and sat up.

But a sudden feeling of hollowness struck him as he moved, as if a piece of him had been cut away from his body by someone.

The feeling was very uncomfortable.

The chaotic pictures in his mind gradually connected to each other in order.

He went to look for the evil beast yet he didn’t know where Ming Shu had hidden it. But so many immortal army men searched around the mountain and found nothing, so it ought to be safe. He wasn’t worried.

It took him some time to find it. But before he had time to take it with him, something suddenly attacked him.

From the time the attack began to when he fainted, only several seconds pa.s.sed, and he didn’t see clearly what attacked him at all.


“You’re awake.” Wu Tong came in with a bowl of medicine and looked at him, frowning. “What happened, why did you faint?”

“What’s this?”

“Your medicine.” Wu Tong placed it before Yu Hui. “Drink it.”

“I’m not sick, no.” Yu Hui refused.

“Don’t be ungrateful.” Wu Tong’s little face froze. “Master made this for you personally.”

Master had never done anything like this before. If he didn’t drink, her master’s kind heart would be wasted.

Yu Hui blinked as he heard this and took the medicine with hesitation.

She made this personally…

Yu Hui held his breath and drank it up in one go. He wiped his mouth and asked, “Where’s my master?”

“Master is resting.” Wu Tong’s att.i.tude became even worse. “Last night, Master took you back…”

“Wu Tong.”

Wu Tong swallowed the following words. She glared at Yu Hui then left with the empty bowl.

Yu Hui touched his chest, which was feeling warm inside. What was Wu Tong trying to say?

What happened last night?

He lifted the quilt away and got down the bed. The medicine seemed to take effect as he felt less uncomfortable now. He walked out slowly. Pear blossoms flew around outside. Ming Shu was lying under the pear blossoms, and Lord Ye Yue stood beside her, talking to her smilingly.

Yu Hui felt the smile was a little dazzling.

He retreated to the room silently, sitting back into the bed with somewhat suffocating anger.

This body is too young and weak. How is it possible that she will like me.


Yu Hui didn’t know how much time pa.s.sed as he sat there, but he didn’t go out until the conversation outside ceased. He walked slowly and tentatively.

Lord Ye Yue was gone. Ming Shu lay in the pear blossoms tree, so he stepped on the soft pear blossoms carpet and walked to her front. “Master.”

“Yo, you’re not dead.” Maybe I can gain some Hatred Points?!

Yu Hui: “…”

Just calm down.

I will not argue with her.

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Keep calm! I can win this!

Looks ugly and matches me?

Is she saying that I’m ugly?!

Is it that all the villains are blind?

What the h.e.l.l! I am not doing this anymore!

Long Shaxue was being punished at the punishment platform, and Ming Shu would came to visit her at intervals.

She would set a small table and prepared some desserts, then watched while eating.

Those unimportant little guard immortals at the punishment platform were all scared to the point of trembling.

There must be a deep hatred between the two.

Long Shaxue was inside and could do nothing about it except gathering more hatred.

The matter of the evil beast was not known by a lot of people, but before, when the immortal emperor sent people to search the mountain, many people saw it. Now Long Shaxue was inexplicably taken to the Ninth Mountain, so everyone began to imagine their pains and sorrows.

Most of them tended to believe that it was Master Immortal Yin Zheng who caused trouble for Long Shaxue because of jealousy. But Xie Chuyang just sat on the sidelines and didn’t seem to speak up for his own wife.

Rumors went around the immortal world all at once.

They began to predict that Ming Shu was going to be with Xie Chuyang again.

Ming Shu rolled her eyes in her own heart. Screw your jealousy. I just want some Hatred Points.

Long Shaxue had to stay in the punishment platform for two months, meanwhile Ming Shu came to p.i.s.s her off from time to time. But Long Shaxue became numb after she came too many times, so Ming Shu didn’t come anymore then.

The immortal world seemed to become quiet.

According to Lord Ye Yue, the immortal emperor might have suppressed the matter about the evil beast because it was likely to cause some trouble in the immortal world.

Even if the immortal emperor suspected in secret that there were evil beasts on the Ninth Mountain, under the smiling threat of Ming Shu from last time, he wouldn’t dare take action rashly.

Later, Xie Chuyang also went to the immortal world’s border to strengthen the globe of invulnerability, and it could take him several years to return.

Ming Shu sighed. She could only gain Hatred Points from her disciple now.

But the disciple was busy with cultivation and didn’t pay attention to Ming Shu.

What a disciple!

Ming Shu rarely taught him, so Yu Hui spent most of his time in the school. Wu Tong said Yu Hui had developed from Peng Lai’s little boss to the school’s little boss.

Very promising.

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