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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 455 - Master Immortal (20)

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Chapter 455: Master Immortal (20)

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“You are speaking nonsense!”

Long Shaxue’s face was full of anger. She scolded Fu Xi, “When did I instigate you to say that?”

Fu Xi was still in pain. The pain seemed to have buried itself in her bones. She hugged herself and tears fell down her eyes. She muttered, “It’s… it’s Master’s wife. She asked me to say it.”

“I didn’t…” Long Shaxue looked at Xie Chuyang and explained hurriedly, “Chuyang, I didn’t ask her to do this. I didn’t.”

Xie Chuyang looked at her coldly. The gaze caused Long Shaxue’s heart to turn cold.

“Immortal Emperor.” Ming Shu looked at the immortal emperor. “Now, are you going to give me an explanation? Why are you accusing my disciple?”

“Yin Zheng…” Long Shaxue suddenly moved forward in an agitated manner. “Why are you framing me? I was injured on the Ninth Mountain. You were the one that ordered the evil beast to hurt me. It was you!”

Ming Shu raised her hand and stopped her. “Seriously, if I want to hurt you, do I have to go through so much trouble? I can be more direct.”

Minor Snow smiled at Long Shaxue.

Long Shaxue heart shook and before she could react, her surroundings started spinning and her back was on the floor.

“If I want to hurt you, I can do it anytime, anywhere. I do not have to use so much effort.” Ming Shu’s voice was filled with smiles, but the arrogance and confidence in it were apparent.

“Master Immortal Yin Zheng, stop it!”

The immortal emperor shouted at her.

“Shaxue, what is the meaning of this. Explain yourself!” He was afraid that Ming Shu would strike again so he could only force Long Shaxue to give an explanation.

Long Shaxue felt hatred in her heart. She actually beat her in front of so many people and Xie Chuyang didn’t do anything. I hate her… Long Shaxue controlled the hatred in her heart and cried while she reasoned, “It was not me. It was really not me. Immortal Emperor, you must believe me, I didn’t do it.”

“Are you saying that the evil beast just sneaked up here itself?” Ming Shu smiled lightly. “Then it is quite impressive.”

“I don’t know how it came up. I didn’t instigate Fu Xi, either,” Long Shaxue a.s.serted firmly.

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “Isn’t there an immortal man that can talk to any beast in the immortal world? Why don’t we ask him to come and see what the beast has to say.”

Long Shaxue: “…”

The immortal emperor was worried. If Long Shaxue really did this, she would not be able to escape so easily…

At first, it was reported that Yu Hui from the Ninth Mountain had an evil beast. Why did it become like this?

Under Ming Shu’s gaze, the immortal emperor could only turn to Xie Chuyang. “What do you think, Master Immortal Chuyang?”

As long as Xie Chuyang said something, Master Immortal Yin Zheng would give him some face.

Xie Chuyang had an indifferent expression. “Since it is already like this, it is better to clarify everything.”

The immortal emperor’s heart dropped.

He agreed.

The immortal emperor looked at Long Shaxue and squinted. He waved his hand and ordered people to invite the immortal man.

The immortal man was an old man. He had no immortal aura at all. The moment he came up, he looked at the evil beast with bright eyes. “Where you did you catch this? It is not even an adult yet. Tsk tsk…”

The immortal emperor was impatient. “Hurry up and ask it.”

The old man didn’t dare to talk back to the immortal emperor and touched his beard. He placed one hand on the head of the evil beast.

Long Shaxue lay on the ground pitifully. She was very anxious.


When she caught it, it must have seen her face.

No one knew how the old man communicated with the beast, but when he turned around, he had already finished talking to it.

He gave an awkward bow. “It says that it was brought to the immortal world not long ago.”

The immortal emperor’s heart got heavier but, in front of so many people, he could only continue to ask, “Who brought it up?”

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The old man scanned the surroundings and his gaze landed on Ming Shu. After that, it landed on Yu Hui. He never looked at Long Shaxue.

The immortal emperor threw his anger at the old man. “Immortal Taifeng, why did you say that it was Master Immortal Yin Zheng just now?”

“Immortal Emperor, you know that I will sometimes get drunk. I might have heard wrong,” the old man explained and gave a forced smile.

The immortal emperor took a deep breath. “Shaxue, kneel down!”

“Immortal Emperor…” Long Shaxue felt wronged.

The immortal emperor’s eyes were really fierce. Long Shaxue hesitated for a while and then slowly kneeled down.

“Did you bring this evil beast up?”

“No.” Long Shaxue gritted her teeth and denied it.


“Are you still not going to tell the truth!” The immortal emperor was really angry now. He was furious not only because of Ming Shu only, but also because of Long Shaxue.

How can you just casually bring a thing like this into the immortal world?

Long Shaxue shivered. She knew that the immortal emperor would not help her. She weighed the options and said hurriedly, “I was too caught up in my anger. This evil beast was brought in by me. I was just angry at Master Immortal Yin Zheng, angry for what she did to me. I know my mistake.”

Long Shaxue suddenly admitted it. The immortal emperor didn’t know if he should heave a sigh of relief or something else.

“I brought this evil beast up, but what about the other one?” Long Shaxue suddenly raised her head and stared at Master Immortal. “What about the evil beast that injured me? Are you not going to give me an explanation? If I were not hurt, nothing would have happened.”

“There is another one? Did you all find it?” Ming Shu smiled.

Long Shaxue: “…”

“Since you all didn’t find it, why do you keep saying that there is one on the Ninth Mountain?”

Long Shaxue opened her mouth. “Fu Xi said that Yu Hui had a…”

“At the start, Fu Xi didn’t say that it was an evil beast. She said that it was a magical beast. Is it weird to have a magical beast?”

Long Shaxue: “…”

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