Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 454 - Master Immortal (19)

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Chapter 454: Master Immortal (19)

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“This evil beast was caught on the Ninth Mountain,” the immortal emperor emphasized. Who was the one who said that once they found the evidence, she would be in the wrong and personally throw the boy into the Black Pool?

“Oh, so what? Could it not have been paying us a visit? Are there the words ‘the Ninth Mountain’s property’ written on it?”

Pay what visit? Do you think that an evil beast is a mascot and can move around where it wants?

The immortal emperor took a deep breath. “Yin Zheng, I will not talk so much nonsense with you. Yu Hui and this evil beast must be given to the immortal world. If you continue to protect him, I will not give in to you even if you are a master immortal.”

Long Shaxue was very pleased. However, she could not show it and could only look at Ming Shu pitifully.

Ming Shu got really angry and wanted to go over and beat her up to gain some Hatred Points.

Let this cute little fake female protagonist contribute to her million Hatred Points.

Ming Shu finished talking nonsense. Her last mushroom was finished too. She clapped her hands and got up, forming a genius smile on her mouth. “Let’s see how this evil beast was sneaked in.”

She looked at Long Shaxue and said in a gentle voice, “Princess Long, may I borrow your Time Mirror?”

Everyone: “…” You said it so impressively. We thought that you had some amazing method.

The Time Mirror could be used to check on the past at a certain time and a certain location. It could also be used on a single object or human. For example, if you flashed the Time Mirror on a mushroom, you would be able to see the entire growth process of the mushroom. It was quite amazing.

Long Shaxue’s expression changed. She stammered, “T-the Time Mirror… I didn’t bring it.”

How could she forget the Time Mirror… Wait, she was in her primordial spirit state just now. The Time Mirror was not able to see a primordial spirit. However… they would know how the evil beast came to be there.

Thoughts flew around in Long Shaxue’s mind.

How, how…

“It’s okay, I have a lot of time. The immortal emperor can send someone to bring it.” Ming Shu smiled. “Immortal Emperor, you will not accuse an innocent person, right?”

Every time the immortal emperor got really angry, Ming Shu would change the subject and there was no way he could release his anger.

“Go and get the Time Mirror and let Master Immortal Yin Zheng have a look.” Let her have no more excuses. I shall see what else she can say after that.

“Immortal Emperor… the evil beast was caught on the Ninth Mountain and the evidence is clear. Master Immortal Yin Zheng is just trying to waste time by doing this…” Long Shaxue tried to make them give up this idea.

“If you want to be certain that this is the beast that attacked you, there is only one way.” Ming Shu walked toward Long Shaxue. She was so close that Long Shaxue could almost see her reflection in her eyes. She froze unnaturally and forced herself to calm down.

“Let it claw you again and see if the wound is the same. I rather you use this method because it is more convenient, quicker, and painful.” And there are Hatred Points to gain. Awesome.

Long Shaxue moved toward Chuyang and said in an angry tone, “Master Immortal Yin Zheng, are you crazy? You are sending me to my death.”

Ming Shu smiled and admitted it, “Yes, do you want to go?”

“You are crazy!”

Ming Shu was humble. “I’m still okay.”

There is only a fine line between a lunatic and a genius. If you are not crazy, you are not a genius.

“Yin Zheng.” Xie Chuyang embraced Long Shaxue. “Since the evil beast was found in the Ninth Mountain and Fu Xi recognized it, what else is there to refute? Hand Yu Hui over and stop protecting him.”

Yu Hui glared at Xie Chuyang. It must be that Xie Chuyang wanted to get rid of him so that he could take Ming Shu away.

F**k, he is already holding one person and still wants another one. Is he not afraid that his kidney can’t handle it?

Ming Shu didn’t say any more and looked at the immortal emperor. She asked the immortal emperor to make the decision. However, she had already drawn out a sword from the immortal army person beside her.

The immortal emperor: “…”

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If I don’t agree, is she going to start a fight?!

The immortal emperor squinted. Yu Hui quickly hid behind Ming Shu and used her as a shield.

“Don’t talk nonsense, why would there be evil beasts on Xiyue mountain!” Long Shaxue couldn’t control herself and shouted.

“This is interesting.” Ming Shu moved her body and exposed Yu Hui in front of the immortal emperor. She touched her chin and walked around the cage slowly. “Since this is an evil beast from the human world, why did Fu Xi say that it belongs to Yu Hui? Fu Xi, who ordered you to say this?”

Fu Xi kneeled on the ground.

Long Shaxue’s heart palpitated. She grabbed onto Xie Chuyang’s sleeves instinctively.

“I… I…” Fu Xi was very anxious and couldn’t speak properly. “Yu Hui really has an evil beast. I didn’t make that up. I saw it from afar once. It looked a little like this evil beast so I might have recognized it wrongly.”

The immortal emperor wanted to speak, but Ming Shu spoke first. “Recognized it wrongly? I remember that every evil beast looks unique. Why would you recognize it wrongly? Are your eyes not good? They shouldn’t be, you are a descendent of the immortal race…”

Ming Shu squatted in front of her and grabbed her chin. She smiled gently. “Who ordered you to lie? Tell me.”

Fu Xi felt that the person in front of her was not a beautiful lady, but a monster. She shivered furiously. “I really just saw it wrong.”

Ming Shu did something and Fu Xi suddenly screamed in pain. She fell onto the floor.

“Yin Zheng, what are you doing!” Xie Chuyang threw some magic arts at her and tried to force her away from Fu Xi.

Ming Shu lifted her hand and defused the attack. “I am asking her who told her to lie.”

“What did you do to her?” Why did Fu Xi suddenly fall onto the floor when they were talking?

Ming Shu waved her hand and a few transparent needles appeared in the air. They were very dense and they shot toward Xie Chuyang.

“I will say it, I will say it… stop it!” Fu Xi was in pain. She grabbed Ming Shu’s dress. “It was Master’s wife, she asked me to say it.”

Ming Shu raised her hand and a few thin needles left Fu Xi’s body. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the air without a trace.

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