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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 453 - Master Immortal (18)

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Chapter 453: Master Immortal (18)

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Once the fairchild who guided Long Shaxue left, the uncomfortable look on her face disappeared. She rushed to the door and peeked out.

Once she confirmed that there was no one outside, she sat cross-legged on the bed and let out her primordial spirit.

Long Shaxue went down to the human world and landed on a mountain.

Ming Shu looked too calm and composed. Also, she was not sure if the beast which attacked was an evil beast or not. She didn’t get a clear look at the beast. Its speed was too great and gave her an oppressive and fearful feeling…

There was not much difference between an evil beast and a magical beast. The only thing that differentiated them was the fact the evil beast would bring misfortune. The stronger the evil beast was, the greater the misfortune.

Hence, even if the Ninth Mountain didn’t have an evil beast before this, it must have one now.

Luckily, she was playful in the past and saw an evil beast before. The evil beast was still young and not hard to catch.

Long Shaxue didn’t have much time. She looked for the animals on the mountain and asked them for directions. Then she hurried over and went to catch the evil beast.

She kept the evil beast in a universe bag which could store living animals and went toward the Ninth Mountain.

She saw the immortal army still searching the Ninth Mountain and sneered. She found a place that had not been touched by the immortal army and took out the evil beast.

Because she was afraid that someone would find her, Long Shaxue returned her primordial spirit to her body immediately after letting out the evil beast.

But, the moment she opened her eyes, she saw Xie Chuyang walking toward her.

Long Shaxue’s heart jumped. She gave a weak smile. “Husband, why are you here?”

Xie Chuyang seemed to have just arrived. He looked at her with heavy eyes. “How is your injury?”

“I am just a bit tired. I will be better after resting for a while.” Long Shaxue didn’t look away from Xie Chuyang’s eyes as she replied to him.

The more guilty you feel, the stronger you must be.

Xie Chuyang remained silent for a few seconds. “Continue resting.”

Long Shaxue nodded her head and closed her eyes in front of Xie Chuyang.

The corners of her mouth twitched upward uncontrollably. Yin Zheng, even if nothing happens to you this time, you will be a subject for ridicule in the immortal world. Let me see how you can steal Xie Chuyang then.

The past life, she chose the wrong person. This time, she would hold onto Xie Chuyang tightly.

Ming Shu seemed to be totally unaware of what Long Shaxue did. When she was tired from playing, she even took the initiative to ask the immortal emperor, “Why haven’t they finished searching yet? Send more people over to search. There is no need to be polite. However, be more careful. Do not damage the flowers and on the Ninth Mountain.”

If you do, you all will go bankrupt.

The immortal emperor: “…”

The immortal emperor’s heart felt heavy. The evil beast…

After one hour, the immortal army was finally back. Long Shaxue had already come out and stood beside Xie Chuyang. She was really happy and was waiting to watch a good show.

Ming Shu asked Wu Tong to put away the cards. She sat down properly and hugged her mushrooms, waiting for the results to be announced.

The rest of the people looked forward.

“Immortal Emperor.” The immortal army went forward and looked down as they reported, “We have indeed found an evil beast. It has been caught.”

The hall was dead silent.

The people at the scene were more or less surprised. Only Ming Shu still hugged her mushrooms and ate them calmly.

Yu Hui peeked at her…

He thought that she didn’t mean what she said and would help him. Who knew that she really had no intention of covering for him.

So the reason she asked me to keep quiet on the way here was for this to happen?

F**k, why is there someone so hypocritical?

Keep calm, I can win this.

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[Do not guess the thoughts of a villain, do not guess, do not guess. You can’t guess even if you try.]

“My master said that you can’t take my kneel.” Yu Hui looked up and pa.s.sed on the hatred to Ming Shu.

Who asked her to bully me.

“He can accept it now. Kneel down.” Do you want to torture me? Sure! Come on! I’m not scared!

Yu Hui: “…” F**k!

I’m so angry I’m speechless.

“You all… you all…” The immortal emperor was so angry he slammed his fist against the table. “The evidence is right in front of you. Master Immortal Yin Zheng, what else do you have to say?”

Ming Shu smiled. “Shall I throw him into the Black Pool?”

Yu Hui: “…” Calm down. Do not be angry at this lunatic.

“Yin Zheng!” The immortal emperor’s eyes became sharp. He was the immortal emperor of the immortal world. He had his dignity too.

Ming Shu muttered, “Yes, I can hear you. You don’t need to shout so loud.”

The immortal emperor: “…”

“Is this your beast?” Ming Shu tilted her head and looked at Yu Hui.

Yu Hui cursed in his heart but still wore an arrogant expression. “I don’t have a beast like this.”

Ming Shu shrugged and looked at the immortal emperor. “Look, my disciple says that he doesn’t have a beast like this. So, do not catch just anything and use it as evidence.”

[Guest, you should admit that it is your beast. Hatred Points from other characters can indirectly affect the Hatred Points of your target.] The Harmony System started persuading Ming Shu again.

Ming Shu: “…”

Who dropped their Harmony System? Hurry up and take it back.

I don’t have such a Harmony System!


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