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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 452 - Master Immortal (17)

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Chapter 452: Master Immortal (17)

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“Why is it that what she says must be the truth?” Ming Shu tapped her finger on her arm. Her tone seemed weak, but the things she said were not friendly at all. “If I say that she is the culprit, will she become the culprit?”

Fu Xi turned her head around. “I am speaking the truth. It is his…”

Yu Hui glared at her coldly. Fu Xi felt chills on her back. She swallowed and turned back. “I am not lying. The thing that hurt Master’s wife belongs to Yu Hui. Everyone on Peng Lai knows about this. If you don’t believe me, you can send someone to Peng Lai.”

“I say no means no.”

Ming Shu’s voice was soft and firm.

“If you are not convinced, you can fight with me. If you win against me, you can speak your opinions.”

“Master Immortal Yin Zheng, how can you cover for Yu Hui?” Long Shaxue raised her head. Her eyes were red. “I… I heard from Li Mo that the thing which hurt me doesn’t seem like a normal beast, Master Immortal Yin Zheng. It might be… be an evil beast. Master Immortal Yin Zheng, since you are protecting Yu Hui, is it true that the magical beast is actually an evil beast?”

Once the words “evil beast” came out, the immortal emperor was reminded of something and his expression changed. “Shaxue, what did you say?”

The people of the immortal world didn’t like evil beasts, not because they were powerful, but because they represented misfortune and signaled that something big would happen soon.

Hence, if anyone brought an evil beast into the immortal world, they might be stripped of their immortal status.

Long Shaxue looked as though she was frightened and stammered, “I… I only heard Lord Li Mo saying this. However, since Master Immortal Yin Zheng denied it so furiously, I have my suspicions too. If there is really an evil beast in the immortal world, what would we do if something happened?”

Xie Chuyang held Long Shaxue tighter.

Long Shaxue controlled herself and didn’t make any sound. She hated Ming Shu even more.

The immortal emperor retracted the coldness on his face. “Lord Li Mo, tell me about Shaxue’s injury. Was it done by an evil beast?”

Evil beast…

Lord Li Mo looked at Shaxue and Ming Shu and let go of Yu Die. He walked forward. “Although the injury doesn’t look like it was done by a normal magical beast, I can’t be sure if it was an evil beast that did it. However, there are not many magical beasts that are poisonous so the probability that it is an evil beast is greater.”

“Lord Ye Yue.” The immortal emperor called Lord Ye Yue, who was trying to make people forget about his presence.

Lord Ye Yue was miserable. He shuffled his way up. “I have not seen an injury like this before. Neither have I seen this type of poison. I don’t dare to make any statements.”

Ming Shu waited for everyone to finish speaking before saying slowly, “That means that you all are not certain too?”

“Yu Hui!” the immortal emperor shouted. “Kneel down!”

Yu Hui weighed the consequences and walked forward. However, he was stopped by Ming Shu. “Immortal emperor, he is my disciple now. He didn’t even kneel to me. Can you accept his kneel?”

The immortal emperor: “…”

Is she threatening me?

She is.


“You took him in as your disciple?” The immortal emperor’s tone was filled with uncertainty. He heard that Yu Hui was brought back because he provoked her… the leader of Peng Lai even came to beg him for mercy. How did he become her disciple?

Ming Shu smiled. “If you have any opinions, don’t mention them. I will not listen.”

The immortal emperor: “…”

Everyone in the immortal world was saying that Yin Zheng went crazy. He felt that the rumors might be true. This Yin Zheng now was not the same as the Yin Zheng before.

The immortal emperor’s temper came up for some reason. “I am the immortal emperor, can I not bear his kneel?”

Ming Shu’s smile was calm and her eyes were gentle. There seemed to be lights inside her eyes. “You are the immortal emperor because I acknowledge you as such.”

The voice was not arrogant at all. It was soft and gentle and every single word was spoken nicely.

However, the sentence itself was unacceptable.

What does she mean by “you are the immortal emperor because I acknowledge you as such”?

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If she doesn’t acknowledge it, is he not the immortal emperor anymore?

Lord Ye Yue: “…” Why are you looking at me!

I am not delicious.

“If you don’t find it, we can talk about compensation later.”

“Since Master Immortal Yin Zheng let us search, we will search,” Xie Chuyang suddenly said and made the decision for the immortal emperor.

Ming Shu lifted her legs and waved her hand, signaling them to do as they liked.

The immortal emperor was already very angry. Seeing Ming Shu’s att.i.tude, he immediately ordered the immortal army to search every inch of the Ninth Mountain.

Yu Hui reached out and pulled Ming Shu’s sleeve. He tried to ask her using his eyes, Is is still at the Ninth Mountain . What if they find it?

Ming Shu bit into her mushroom and smiled cunningly. Then you better get prepared to go down to the Black Pool.

Yu Hui actually managed to understand what she was trying to say with her eyes.

But why am I so angry?

F**k, I still want to grow up!

The Ninth Mountain was really big. The search wouldn’t end so quickly. Everyone was bored while waiting in the hall so Ming Shu called Lord Ye Yue over and took out a set of cards only the immortal world had. Then, they started playing cards and eating right in front of the immortal emperor to pa.s.s the time.

Lord Ye Yue: “…”

Please let me off. I still want to live.

He couldn’t provoke the immortal emperor, but he couldn’t provoke Ming Shu either. Lord Ye Yue just wanted to die.

The immortal emperor gritted his teeth at the top. If they really found something later, he would punish her severely!

Long Shaxue stood for a while. When she saw how calm Ming Shu was, her face turned pale and she pretended that she was uncomfortable.

The immortal emperor understood that she just recovered and allowed her to rest in the back.

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