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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 450 - Master Immortal (15)

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Chapter 450: Master Immortal (15)

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The door was pushed open and Fu Xi entered with her men.

The hall was a mess. Feathers slowly floated down from the air. In the middle of the hall, Xie Chuyang was pinned by Ming Shu on the floor. Her face was slightly pale, but there was no change in her expression.

She was like the lotus in spring, delicate and beautiful.

“Master Immortal Yin Zheng, let go of my master!” Fu Xi shouted at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu let go of Xie Chuyang. When she got up, Fu Xi noticed the black spot on her chest. That should be blood…

She looked down at the person on the floor. Her pale lips formed a smile. “Next time you trespa.s.s on the Ninth Mountain, I will continue to beat you up. I welcome you here anytime.”

If there are no Hatred Points, beat him up.

Still no points? Beat him to death!

Fu Xi found the atmosphere in the hall to be stifling. She swallowed and went forward to help Xie Chuyang up. Then, she retreated.

Xie Chuyang kept looking at Ming Shu. This time, he really didn’t understand her anymore…

Ming Shu stood in the hall and watched them leave with a smile on her face. As they disappeared, she retracted her expression and it became calm and cold. However, that only lasted for a few seconds. After that, she lifted the corners of her mouth again and turned back into the smiley and harmless lady.

Yu Hui ran into the hall and saw her falling onto the floor.


Yu Hui went over and held her up, leaning her against his own body. He was very worried and his voice shook. “Master, are you injured?”

It was impossible to not notice the blood on her chest.

There is so much blood. How big would the wound be?

He never thought that he would feel so uncomfortable seeing someone hurt. It was as though the wound was on his own body.

“Wu Tong… go and prepare some food.” Ming Shu looked at Wu Tong who was still running over and commanded her softly.

“Master Immortal, you are injured.” Wu Tong didn’t hear anything she said. She looked even more anxious that Yu Hui. “So much blood, what should we do… Master Immortal, don’t speak. Let me help you up first and take a look at your injury.”

Ming Shu pressed her hand down. “Prepare some food.”

I am just hungry.

So hungry.

I’m starving to death.

Wu Tong felt remorse and regret. She shouldn’t have listened to her master immortal and went to look after Yu Hui. She should not have left.

“Master Immortal…”

“If you don’t go now, I will really die.” Ming Shu was tired. “Die from starvation.”

Wu Tong was stared at by Ming Shu and her mouth twitched. She wanted to refute her, but the words couldn’t come out of her mouth. She stood up and hurried out.


The moment Wu Tong left, Ming Shu spat out a mouthful of blood and her face turned even paler.

“Master…” The young man wiped the blood off her mouth in a flurry. “Where did you get hurt?”

Ming Shu shook her head. This body had some issue. It had nothing to do with her.

The young man looked in another direction. His gaze landed on the blood on Ming Shu’s chest. Ming Shu seemed to know what he was thinking. “Why, you want to look at my wound?”

The young man looked at her seriously and stubbornly. “Master, you are injured.”

“Yes, so you want to look my wound?”

“I… will wait for Wu Tong.” The young man’s eyes suddenly fluttered. He held onto Ming Shu’s shoulder. Even like this, he could feel the warmth of her body under the layers of clothes.

He realized that he was reluctant to part with the warmth of her body. A familiar and palpitating feeling kept impacting him.

“Help me up.” Ming Shu wanted to tease him but she had no energy now. She could only let him off.

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Yu Hui held her up with much effort and helped her to the soft couch. He took the chance to grab Ming Shu’s hand and stayed by her side.

I will let you do it.

Yu Hui controlled his anger and said with certainty, “I will grow up and I will grow stronger. I will become very powerful in the future. I am the number one genius on Peng Lai immortal island!”


Yu Hui glanced at Ming Shu. She just laughed softly. She was not mocking him.

“Master Immortal.”

Wu Tong came at the right time. There was not much food, but it made Ming Shu less hungry.

Wu Tong looked at Ming Shu holding Yu Hui’s hand and noticed that she didn’t let it go even when she was eating. She felt complicated. Is my master immortal getting too close to Yu Hui?

In the end, she just pretended that she didn’t see anything. “Master Immortal, let me take a look at your injury.”

“I’m okay,” Ming Shu said and patted her chest. “See, I’m okay.”

Wu Tong got a shock but she saw no change in Master Immortal’s expression even after all the patting. There was no blood oozing out either. She was curious. “Since you are not injured, where did the blood come from?”

“Xie Chuyang.” Ming Shu gave a random reason.

After she finished eating, Ming Shu needed to take a bath. Yu Hui finally let go of Ming Shu.

RIght, it was not Ming Shu who wanted to hold onto him. It was Yu Hui who didn’t want to let go. However, her hand was bigger so it looked as though she was holding him.

Cunning little demon.

When Ming Shu was bathing, Wu Tong wanted to take a look. When she confirmed that Ming Shu was okay, she heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as Master Immortal is okay, everything will be alright.

Wu Tong took Ming Shu’s clothes. For some reason, she flipped it and took the one with the blood on it out. She noticed that this piece of clothes had obviously been pierced by something sharp.

All the clothes were the same.

Wu Tong was puzzled. Didn’t Master Immortal say that the blood belongs to Master Immortal Chuyang? Why… is there a mark of something sharp on the clothes?

But there were really no injuries on her master immortal’s body…

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