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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 45 - League of Poor Students (22)

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Chapter 45: League of Poor Students (22)

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She brought so many people here, what if …

How could she treat him like this?

He devoted a true heart to her, and she used it.

Jin Yuqi told him to coax Ming Shu, lure her into drinking some water, which she said would make her annoying and embarra.s.sed. She didn’t tell him what was dissolved in the water. He believed her, so he just did what he was told without any doubts.

But he didn’t know anything until now.

Besides, he didn’t drink the water but had such a reaction as well. How? he wondered. It must have been before he left when he ate the food given by her that he fell into her trap.

She intended to humiliate him together with Lu Meng. Watched by so many people, naked and having s.e.x with someone in the old teaching building, how could he stay in this school afterward? How would he face people’s talking?

Jin Yuqi was stunned only for a moment. Then she turned around, pretending she didn’t know anything.

Seeing this, Shangguan Feng became even angrier. He stood up from the floor with the last of his strength, staggering toward the door.

“Shangguan Feng, are you okay?” The male students apparently knew Shangguan Feng, and without thinking much, they asked him this concernedly, preparing to come and cover him up.

Taking the chance while he was unnoticed, Shangguan Feng swiftly grabbed Jin Yuqi and dragged her into the cla.s.sroom, his eyes shooting an angry glare. The door was closed and locked without difficulty.

The students outside were shocked for a moment before falling upon the door, hitting it. “Shangguan Feng, what do you want to do? Open the door!”

“Shangguan Feng, open the door.”


“Shangguan Feng, what are you doing, let me go. Ah!” Jin Yuqi screamed. “Help.”

“Break the door.”

Screams and pounding noises mixed with each other, creating endless chaos.

The cla.s.sroom door didn’t stand for long because of its age. It was broken open by students’ co-efforts. Then on the floor of the room, they saw Shangguan Feng on top of Jin Yuqi, twisting his body violently. He seemed to be in a crazy state. They immediately worked together to pull him away.

In a panic, Jin Yuqi confusedly tugged her skirt to cover her thighs. With a trembling body and a stunned expression, she curled her arms around her knees and crouched in a corner. Her eyes tightly stared at Shangguan Feng, who was struggling and roaring like an animal.

The dust on the ground was dotted with drops of blood. Several girls looked at each other with different thoughts in mind, then went over to care for Jin Yuqi.

The boys were almost at the limit of their ability to control Shangguan Feng. At last, they had no other choice but to call the faculty.

Several teachers hurried over only to encounter such a scene. With dizzy minds and shocked faces, they quickly ordered a few students to send the mad Shangguan Feng to the infirmary.

Then a party of people hurried downstairs. Just as they walked out of the old teaching building, a dark shadow fell down from above. Putong! Something smashed on the ground heavily, splashing drops of warm blood all over them.


Having been shocked twice, Jin Yuqi’s whole person appeared dull. Shangguan Feng was still in a coma.

The school intended to hide what happened in the old teaching building, but the incident where someone jumped off the building that happened later surely had exposed everything between Jin Yuqi and Shangguan Feng.

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Students who were present there then couldn’t give a clear and exact explanation of the whole thing either. It began with a silk scarf, which was quite expensive and was carried off by a dog. The owner of the scarf begged them to help her look for it.


“Well, I heard some back-alley news.” Ye Miaomiao sat next to Ming Shu, naturally reaching for the chocolate beans. Ming Shu stared at Ye Miaomiao’s hand, restraining the strong urge to stop her.

Ye Miaomiao said while eating, “You know, the junior department was built afterward. It was completely different from our senior department, which belongs to the key school. They say most students accepted in the junior department have good grades, but poor family backgrounds. The suicidal girl was from a rural area. Rumors said she and a teacher were having an affair. She killed herself because she couldn’t bear the pressure of being talked about over a supposedly improper relationship with the teacher, not because of violence! It’s not suicide!”

“Oh,” Ming Shu responded uninterestedly.

“Hey, Mengmeng, aren’t you surprised?” Ye Miaomiao poked Ming Shu. “The rumor has been spread to our senior department, many people are talking about it.”

Ye Miaomiao didn’t understand why Mengmeng had been behaving a little strangely these days. Sometimes she was very interested in one thing, and even though her excitement had an odd quality, she was eager to engage; but sometimes she just showed zero interest in other things…

Well, it seems she will always be uninterested when she’s eating.

Ye Miaomiao nabbed the chocolate beans from Ming Shu’s hands. “Mengmeng, are you listening to me?”

Her hands empty, Ming Shu first stared at her lonely hands for a moment, then moved her eyes to Ye Miaomiao.

Although she was wearing a smile on her face, it seemed something horrible was hiding deep inside her eyes. Ye Miaomiao felt a bit terrified under such a stare, which made her subconsciously want to return the chocolate beans to their owner.

Ming Shu then dropped her eyes, calmly pulling out a packet of dried mango from the desk.

Ye Miaomiao held the chocolate beans, her hand moist with cold sweat as for a moment she thought Mengmeng was going to beat her.

Ming Shu tore the packaging of the dried mango, her soft smiling voice ringing out: “The b.l.o.o.d.y paint in the hallway and the suicidal jump from the old teaching building, these two things must be linked. But Liushui, I advise you not to get involved. It may kill you.”

Ye Miaomiao tightened her grip on the chocolate beans bag slightly, gulping. She asked, “Mengmeng, do you know something?”

Ming Shu smiled, but didn’t answer.

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