Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 449 - Master Immortal (14)

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Chapter 449: Master Immortal (14)

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The girl in front of him smiled brightly. “Are you angry?”

Let me ask if you are angry or not!

If you are not, I will work harder!

I can’t lose my Hatred Points!

Xie Chuyang: “…”

Xie Chuyang was thinking about something, but Ming Shu’s att.i.tude angered him. He glanced at Fu Xi and said in a low tone, “Where is Yu Hui?”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. However, when she saw Fu Xi standing behind Xie Chuyang, she knew how he knew about this.

It was not strange that Fu Xi would betray Yu Hui. She could see the att.i.tude of Peng Lai clearly. They pampered Yu Hui.

“Why must I tell you?” Ming Shu tilted her head. She dragged her words out lightly.

After all, you are still my target. How can I tell you what you want so easily?

Xie Chuyang’s face darkened. “I know that he hurt Shaxue.”

It wasn’t a question. It was a statement.

Before he came, he still thought that she might not know about it and that she would not do such things.

However, seeing her att.i.tude now, she must have known about it.

Not only does she know about it, she even covers it up…

Thinking about this, the hatred in Xie Chuyang’s eyes got heavier.

“So what if I know?”

“Have you forgotten about the rules in the immortal world?”

“I have forgotten. Why don’t you tell me?”


Xie Chuyang glanced at her strangely. He felt as though he didn’t know this person in front of him.

The fact was, he really didn’t know. The Yin Zheng in front of him was too different from the one in his memory… too different…

This att.i.tude made him even angrier than when she ignored him.

“If anything happens to Shaxue, do you know what the dragon race would do?”

“Send troops and attack the immortal world?” Ming Shu raised the corners of her mouth. “So what? Am I afraid of them?”

How can a small race like the dragon race be a threat to me?

“How long have you known him, for you to protect him like this?” Xie Chuyang’s aura got colder. He said each word with feeling, as though he squeezed them out of his mouth.

The light in the hall turned darker and engulfed Xie Chuyang in a cold aura. It felt scary.

“Seven or eight days…” Ming Shu thought for a while and spoke in a happy tone. “I don’t really remember, but it is not more than ten days.”

Xie Chuyang: “…”

Why is she protecting a person she’s known for less than ten days!

Xie Chuyang’s breathing got heavy. His eerie gaze rested on Ming Shu as though he wanted to tear open her body and look at her soul.

The latter just smiled gently. She was not annoyed and wasn’t on her guard.


Xie Chuyang’s men walked out.

“Xie Chuyang, this is the Ninth Mountain, not your Xiyue Mountain. Can you search it just because you want to?” Ming Shu raised her hand and the door of the hall closed, locking everyone inside.

“Yin Zheng, do you want to bring this issue in front of the immortal emperor?”

“So what if you do? Can you kill me?” Ming Shu took out two immortal fruit from the side and ate as she said, “Since you want me to give him to you, I will not.” Let me anger you to death.

Xie Chuyang remained silent. He suddenly waved his hand. “You all, leave first.”

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Fu Xi hesitated. “Master Immortal…”

Am I that kind of person?

You are urging your own guest to become a sc.u.mbag. Will your conscience hurt?

[Why don’t you go and annihilate the dragon race then?] The Harmony System didn’t give up.

Ming Shu: “…”

Shut it out.

The Harmony System is too scary. I can’t handle such persuasion!

Ming Shu’s soft hand held onto the armrest and her mouth formed a small smile. Xie Chuyang’s heart wavered and his Adam’s apple moved twice. He reached out and wanted to touch Ming Shu. “Yin Zheng…”

Before he could touch her, he saw the lady turn her head and look away. She pulled away her wrist. “Master Immortal Xie, don’t touch what you are not supposed to touch.”

Ming Shu raised her leg and kicked Xie Chuyang. Xie Chuyang took the full blow of the attack and fell down the stairs. Luckily, he managed to regain his balance and stopped himself from slamming onto the ground.

Ming Shu got up and stood delicately on the platform.

Xie Chuyang rubbed the spot that Ming Shu kicked. “You want to fight with me?”

“You can understand it as an intimate interaction with you.” Ming Shu squeezed her wrist and walked down the stairs. Xie Chuyang wanted to say something, but he was stopped by Ming Shu’s attacks.

Come on, there will be Hatred Points after a beating!

Xie Chuyang’s abilities were extensive. On the other hand, Ming Shu was in a bit of trouble. She felt that when she kept using her magic arts, her body was unable to keep up with it.

When she wanted to go over, she started vomiting blood.

F**k, you want to make me commit suicide again!

“Yin Zheng!”



The items in the hall were thrown around by the magic arts and started breaking into pieces. The feather curtain behind them shattered and flew down from the air. After that, it was thrown up again by the magic.

Two figures shuttled back and forth within the cloud of feathers. Xie Chuyang’s angry voice was really piercing to the ear.

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