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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 447 - Master Immortal (12)

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Chapter 447: Master Immortal (12)

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Long Shaxue was frightened by the huge creature in the middle of the mountain. When she finally managed to leave the Ninth Mountain and enter Xiyue Mountain, she heaved a huge sigh of relief.

What… was that?

Long Shaxue panted, in a cold sweat. She looked behind her with lingering fear and grabbed her clothes tightly, hurrying in the direction of the sky palace. She was injured so she was limping. She moved slowly.

After a long time, she finally managed to see the sky palace. Long Shaxue started to calm down.

“Master’s wife.”

Fu Xi held onto her sword and walked out. She saw Long Shaxue’s haggard appearance and was shocked. “What happened to you?”

“Where is your master?” Long Shaxue didn’t really like Fu Xi. After all, she was worried about having such a pretty little girl staying beside Xie Chuyang. Hence, her tone was stiff.

Fu Xi held onto Long Shaxue. “He is in the study. Let me help you in first.”

Fu Xi glanced at Long Shaxue’s injured calf and her expression changed. Long Shaxue noticed it immediately and looked down at her calf. “Why? Do you know what the thing was that hurt me?”

Fu Xi swallowed and shook her head. “I… I don’t know.”

She looked down. “Master’s wife, let me help you in.”

Fu Xi helped her back to her room and called for Xie Chuyang. Long Shaxue was already running a fever and she curled up on the soft couch. She seemed to be in a bad state.

“What happened?”

Fu Xi said softly, “When I went out, I met her. She seems to be injured.”

Xie Chuyang saw the blood on Long Shaxue’s leg and went to inspect it. The wound was already turning black. It looked like it had been made by sharp claws.

Xie Chuyang felt her pulse with a serious face and then took some medicine to give Long Shaxue. However, her situation didn’t improve.

The dragon race was very powerful. They shouldn’t be hurt so seriously by a claw.

“Look for Lord Ye Yue,” Xie Chuyang ordered Fu Xi.

Fu Xi agreed and looked at Long Shaxue. She bit her lip and left the room.

She walked past the Ninth Mountain on her way to find Lord Ye Yue. She looked down at the exquisite sky palace below and seemed to be in a daze.

Lord Ye Yue was not in his sky palace. He went to the Ninth Mountain. Fu Xi hurried back to the Ninth Mountain.

Fu Xi stood outside the Ninth Mountain and looked at the young man walking down among the mist. Her face looked terrible as she ran forward, “Are you crazy!”

The young man said proudly, “She provoked my master. Master doesn’t like her. I just punished her because she deserves it.”

Fu Xi was furious. “Give me the antidote.”

“I don’t have it,” the young man said softly.

“You…” Fu Xi looked around. “Yu Hui, you have our parents at your back at Peng Lai. You can kill whoever you want. However, this is the immortal world. You need to think carefully. You might implicate Master Immortal Yin Zheng.”

Fu Xi didn’t like this little brother of hers.

Her parents were always biased toward him and always asked her to protect him.

However, Yu Hui kept causing trouble and she would always be the one that took the blame. Fu Xi felt that she would beat him to death one day.

Yu Hui frowned and seemed to be considering Fu Xi’s words.

“I don’t have the antidote.”

In the end, Yu Hui still replied with this sentence and walked past Fu Xi.

Fu Xi was really angry. But, there was nothing she could do about Yu Hui.

She remembered Xie Chuyang’s order and hurried up the mountain to look for Lord Ye Yue.

Lord Ye Yue was a famous physician in the immortal world. Since Fu Xi came to find him, Ming Shu couldn’t keep him anymore. After all, he was a civil servant of the immortal world.

“Master Immortal Yin Zheng.” When Fu Xi was leaving, she suddenly said “Can you persuade Yu Hui to stop acting willfully? What goes around comes around.”

Ming Shu looked at her with interest. “What did he do?”

Fu Xi didn’t reply. She bowed and left.

Ming Shu asked Wu Tong to check on what had happened.

Wu Tong took some time before returning. “Long Shaxue is injured. Her life is at risk.”

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Ming Shu: “…”

However, when it turned around, it saw a colorful Little Beastie squatting behind it.

Trash-picker, come and take a look. It is so ugly!

Little Beastie jumped around happily.

How can you describe this huge beast? It looks like a bigger version of a toad but there are three eyes on its forehead.

Does it think that it is Er Land G.o.d?

Ming Shu walked over slowly. Her blue dress swept over the branches and silence resumed after a while.

The huge beast retreated back to the tree and stared at Ming Shu vigilantly.

Trash-picker, I want to eat it.

Little Beastie suddenly said this. Its eyes glowed.

I might be able to benefit after eating it. Maybe I can even talk then. Trash-picker, hurry up and catch it for me.

Ming Shu: “…” Are toads tasty?

Toad: “…” Why is the little beast and the two-legged beast looking at me weirdly?

Ming Shu retracted her gaze and looked up at the tree beside the huge beast.

“Are you coming down yourself or do you need me to invite you?”

The tree remained quiet. Not even a leaf moved. Ming Shu raised her leg and walked forward. The toad immediately got ready to attack.


The leaves moved and a young man jumped down from the tree, landing beside the toad. His hand was still dripping with blood. The toad’s attention was attracted by the blood and it started licking it greedily.

Little Beastie jumped around and kept muttering.

Trash-picker, look. Look at other trash-pickers. They use their blood to feed their beasts. Look at yourself. You take my food whenever you feel like it.

Other people’s beasts are so happy.

I want to eat it.

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