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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 445 - Master Immortal (10)

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Chapter 445: Master Immortal (10)

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Ming Shu walked out of the gate and stood on the white jade stairs. Immortal mist curled upward from her legs.

There were many people standing outside. The adults had brought little children that were badly battered.

When Ming Shu come out, the people still paid their respects even though they were angry.

“Master Immortal Yin Zheng.”

Ming Shu looked up at the sky. “The golden bird didn’t enter the wrong gate today. Why did you all come here in a group?”

Everyone, “…”

Don’t you know why we come here?

However, they remembered that the little boss from Peng Lai didn’t have much of a relationship with this master immortal. They calmed down and said nicely, “Master Immortal Yin Zheng, Yu Hui hit my son in school. Although it was just a small fight between children, he hit him too hard. Look at his face. You must help us.”

“Please help us, Master Immortal Yin Zheng.”

“Please help us, Master Immortal Yin Zheng.”

Yu Hui stood behind Ming Shu and wanted to say something. Wu Tong stopped him. Master Immortal had not even said anything. Do you have the right to say something?

The immortals waited for Ming Shu to speak.

Ming Shu ate her snacks slowly and glanced below casually. After a long time, her voice rose slowly. “They have already fought. What do you want?”

They have fought.

What do you want?

There was no unnecessary explanations or words. These nine words floated around them and made them furious.

You just said it so calmly. Right, your child was not the one that was beaten.

Yu Hui stood behind her and felt pleased. He ignored Wu Tong’s attempts at quieting him and said, “Who asked you all to say bad stuff about my master? I went easy on you. If I hear you say it again, I will not go easy on you anymore.”

“You, you, you…”

“Master Immortal, look at his att.i.tude.”

“If the leader of Peng Lai were here, he would not be so arrogant. Master Immortal, you can’t cover for him. You must give us an explanation!”

There were rules in the immortal world. They didn’t care about what happened in Peng Lai, but if he was rude in the immortal world, he was looking down on them.

“What did they say about me?” Ming Shu ignored them and looked down at Yu Hui.

Yu Hui looked up slightly and said in a proud voice, “They said that you are an old woman and will not be able to get married. They also said that you want to destroy the relationship between Xie Chuyang and something-something Xue. They gossiped about you…”

“Shut up, don’t talk nonsense. We didn’t say anything!” someone interrupted Yu Hui with a red face. “He is spouting nonsense. We never gossiped about Master Immortal.”

The expressions of the parents became weird. They obviously didn’t know why Yu Hui beat their children. They thought that he was used to being like this on Peng Lai …

“Nonsense? You, you, and you. During the lesson yesterday, you all went to the lotus pond. I heard everything you all said. Do you still dare to say that it wasn’t you?” Yu Hui was certain.

“I didn’t!”

“He is talking nonsense. We didn’t gossip about Master Immortal. We were not at the lotus pond then.”


There was no rule against gossiping about master immortals, but if the master immortals bore a grudge, they would be in huge trouble.

The little kids knew about the seriousness of this issue and all claimed that they didn’t say anything.

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However, parents understood their children. From their reactions, they knew that they had gossiped about Master Immortal Yin Zheng and their gossip was overheard by this little boss.

Everyone felt that this willful little princess became calmer and more refined after her marriage. She would still occasionally display the little girl side of her so everyone felt that this change was very natural. No one suspected anything and just felt that it was because she got married.

On the other hand, Ming Shu’s temperament changed totally. Anyone would think that she went crazy after Master Immortal Chuyang’s marriage.

Ming Shu took two bites of her snack and muttered, “The lotus pond in the immortal school, yesterday…”

“Between 9am and11am,” Yu Hui added on voluntarily.

Long Shaxue took out an octagonal mirror and blew a string of immortal mist onto its surface. The immortal mist got sucked into the mirror and fog started forming in the mirror. Soon, the scene in the mirror became clearer. The immortal school appeared in front of everyone.

The image moved and then stopped at a lotus pond. It was still lesson time so there wasn’t anyone at the lotus pond.

However, as time pa.s.sed, nothing changed. No one stopped by the lotus pond.

All the immortals didn’t dare to relax, but Yu Hui started frowning.

The time pa.s.sed and it reached noontime. There was still no movement in the mirror.

“Master Immortal Yin Zheng, are you sure that this is the correct timing?” Long Shaxue’s eyes had a tinge of happiness. However, she hid it well. “Did you remember the time wrong?”

“Master Immortal Yin Zheng, seems like it was a misunderstanding.”

“No way!” Yu Hui was really angry. “I heard it correctly. It was here. You must have done something to it.”

“Yu Hui, you can’t say such things like this. No one can change the things the Time Mirror can see.” An immortal man stood up and bowed. “Master Immortal Yin Zheng, let’s take it as a joke between the children. We will leave now.”

If they don’t leave now, when would be a better time?

Although they didn’t know why the Time Mirror didn’t see anything, based on their children’s reaction, they knew that something happened before.

Maybe Yu Hui remembered the time or place wrong. After all, he was new to the immortal world. Once he recalled the location, they would be dead.

“Hold on.”

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