Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 444 - Master Immortal (9)

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Chapter 444: Master Immortal (9)

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The leader of Peng Lai wanted to get his son back ,but he was afraid of provoking Ming Shu. In the end, under the consolation of the immortal emperor, he gave up the idea of s.n.a.t.c.hing his kid from the sky palace.

The intention of the immortal emperor was obvious. Master Immortal knew what she was doing. She would not do anything to a child.

The leader of the island knew that although his son was a troublemaker, he had his own ideas. If he really wanted to go there, he would think of ways to go back even if he brought him back.

Hence, the leader of the island changed his mind from s.n.a.t.c.hing his son away to telling Ming Shu that even if he was not her disciple, he still hoped that he could go to the immortal school to learn. This was the best age to learn new things.

When he came to negotiate, Ming Shu had just finished her snacks and was in a good mood. She immediately agreed the moment the leader finished speaking.

When they settled everything, the leader of the island started to worry about how he would explain this to his wife.

“Fu Xi, watch out for you brother,” the leader of the island told Fu Xi before he left.

Fu Xi rolled her eyes. “What is there to look out for when it comes to him. He will definitely cause some trouble. Father, I think that it is better if you take him away just in case he creates some great havoc here.”

She finally managed to get Xie Chuyang as her master and this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d almost made her lose her chance. Fu Xi was really angry.

The leader of the island was worried too. “Do you think I don’t want to? However, that is Master Immortal Yin Zheng, the one that has the same status as your master. Do you think that you can become a master immortal however?”

“I know, I know. Hurry up and think about what to say to Mother.” Fu Xi waved her hands impatiently.

“Fu Xi, you must be careful too. The immortal world is not our Peng Lai Island. Control yourself when you have to.” The leader looked around and confirmed that there was no one around. He moved closer to Fu Xi and whispered into her ear, “Find an opportunity to do it. Don’t just do it on the spot.”

“I am not stupid.”

“Your little brother…”

“I am going back.” Fu Xi waved her hand impatiently.

Hence, the little boss Yu Hui went to study at the immortal school. When he was not having lessons, he would come back and sweep the sky palace.

Ming Shu heard that on the first day of cla.s.s, he beat up half the people in his cla.s.s.

Yu Hui looked down. He was a mess. His hair was flipped to one side. Luckily, the immortal world was very clean. There was nothing dirty on him.

Ming Shu sat under a pear tree in the garden. The pear blossoms were blooming now and flower petals occasionally fell down, dropping onto her white and clear face. The petals slowly slipped down onto her shoulder.

When Yu Hui walked in, this was the scene he saw. He stopped in his tracks. His breathing got slower.

“Did you win?”

Yu Hui regained his sense. “I lost.”

“Aren’t you the genius of Peng Lai?”

Yu Hui complained angrily, “They had more people! They cheated! I am not familiar with their moves and that’s why I lost. If it was a one-on-one fight, they would not be my match.”

“You still lost.” Ming Shu flicked the petals off her shoulder and walked into the room. “Whatever the reason is, you lost.”

The enemy would not care if you have more or less people. If you couldn’t subdue their forces, you would lose.

Yu Hui looked at her back and snorted. He took the broom and started sweeping.

The pear blossoms flew everywhere. It appeared even messier. The young man was not sweeping the floor.

His finger accidentally touched the thorn on the broom and blood dripped onto the soil where the pear tree was growing.

The young man threw the broom away angrily.

Why did I come to sweep the floor!

He looked at his finger that was still bleeding.

So angry!

So angry!

The next day, Ming Shu heard that Yu Hui won. When he came back, he was valiant and spirited. He started talking the moment he came in. “That bunch of little kids is not my match at all. Didn’t I beat them till they cried for their mothers?”

“Little kids?” Ming Shu raised her head and asked curiously, “How old are you?”

“I…” Yu Hui pouted. “My mental age is older than yours!”

Ming Shu held her chin with her hand and scanned him with a gentle smile. Yu Hui felt that something was wrong. He became vigilant.

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However, Ming Shu didn’t say anything.

Yu Hui heard this. He controlled his thoughts and looked up. His tone was arrogant. “A bunch of losers.”

Yu Hui was now a member of her sky palace. Hence, there was nothing wrong with these people coming to find her.

Even if Master Immortal was who she was, the parents of these children still needed to come up and find her to reason things out. This was the power of parental love.

Ming Shu hugged her snacks and got up. She dragged her long skirt and slowly walked toward the gate.

“What do you plan to say to them?” Yu Hui gave a worried look that suited his age. “Are you going to give me to them?”

He could still win against those little kids, but those little kids brought their parents. He couldn’t win against their parents.

After all, this body…

Was still small.

Such a sad topic.

Ming Shu smiled. Her voice was slow and soft like the clouds in the sky. “Are you scared now?”

“Who’s scared?” Yu Hui stood up straight. “They only know how to find adults after they lose. They will still be losers when they grow up. Hmph.”

“You’re a winner. Since you are a winner, why don’t you dare to go out?” This stupid kid needs a beating.

“I… I am letting them have the chance to see Master!”

“Who is your master?”

“You,” the young man said blatantly and shamelessly, “you will be my master anyway. There is nothing wrong with me calling you that first.”

Besides staying here as her disciple, he couldn’t think of any other status that would allow him to stay here. He… was too young.


Wu Tong shivered. Is Master Immortal angry?

However, from her expression, she didn’t seem angry.

Is she angry or not?

Wu Tong was confused. She couldn’t understand her master immortal at all anymore.

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