Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 443 - Master Immortal (8)

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Chapter 443: Master Immortal (8)

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“What does it have to do with you? I am not taking food from you. Why must you bother?”

The young man’s arrogance was apparent and you could see it from a single look.

However, Ming Shu’s arrogance was hidden in her bright smile. Although you couldn’t see it, you could feel it.

Xie Chuyang: “…”

“Husband, I am a bit uncomfortable.” Long Shaxue opened her mouth at the right time.

Xie Chuyang suppressed the anger in his heart and comforted her, “I will send you back now.”

He glanced at Ming Shu, but the latter was smiling at him. Don’t even talk about jealousy. There seemed to be no other emotion in her.

He sneered and walked round Ming Shu, leaving while carrying Long Shaxue.

Long Shaxue leaned against Xie Chuyang’s shoulder. When Xie Chuyang could see her, she gave a provocative look.

Ming Shu shouted, “Princess Long, are your eyes cramped?”

” Cough… ” Long Shaxue was shocked by Ming Shu’s reply and coughed nonstop. Xie Chuyang stopped too. He seemed to be thinking about something and the coldness around him got heavier.

Long Shaxue looked down. Her heart was filled with hatred.

Is this old demon crazy?

She actually shouted…

Luckily, Xie Chuyang didn’t see anything… but she felt that Xie Chuyang was very scary now. Long Shaxue had a bad feeling.

Xie Chuyang didn’t say anything and left while carrying Long Shaxue.

[Additional Task: Gain Hatred Points from Xie Chuyang.]

[Additional Task: Gain Hatred Points from Yu Hui.]

Hmm… is there no ma.s.s gain of Hatred Points?

[It is not worth it so I am not offering it anymore.] The system was very bossy.

Ming Shu: “…” The Harmony System is very stubborn.

Yu Hui… If she remembered correctly, this idiot in front of her was called Yu Hui.

Why isn’t he called Guo Wei? If not, Xian Wei is also…

[Stop your thoughts, Guest. Hurry up and gain some Hatred Points.] It couldn’t understand its Guest’s weird thoughts at all.

“Master, do you like him?” Yu Hui suddenly asked very directly.

Ming Shu pulled her dress back. “Kneel down. I didn’t tell you to get up.”

“I will not kneel down. I just want to have you as my master. What is wrong with that? Why must I be punished?” Within Yu Hui’s arrogant tone, there was still a hint of childishness.

“Because… your status is lower than mine.” Ming Shu smiled. “I can punish you whenever I want to. Do you have anything against it?”

Yu Hui went quiet. Some of his arrogance disappeared. He stared at her angrily. “Why are you using your status to control people? If I were born in the same year as you, my status would be higher than yours.”

“Oh? You want to usurp the throne?” The only one that had a higher status than her was the immortal emperor.

If you just judged status, the immortal emperor was the leader of the immortal world. However, the immortal emperor might not be the one that was the most powerful. Hence, in terms of abilities, master immortals were stronger.

When the leader of Peng Lai appeared, he heard his unruly child saying this sentence and immediately rushed forward and covered his mouth.

“Stupid kid, what are you saying?”

The leader of the island hit Yu Hui furiously, but everyone could tell that it was all talk and no action. Those hits were not painful at all.

“Master Immortal, a child doesn’t know what he is talking about. Please forgive him.” The leader of the island felt that he was really unlucky today. What’s more, this little kid didn’t seem to notice anything wrong.

“What is the use of me forgiving him? Your son wants to usurp the throne. You need the immortal emperor to forgive him.”

“That is not what he meant.” The leader of the island hit the young man again. The young man was very angry, but his mouth was covered by his father. He couldn’t open it. The leader apologized to Ming Shu. “A few days ago, our island received a really pretty ornament. Once the Tian Lu Banquet is finished, I will personally visit and apologize to you.”

Ming Shu squinted at the young man. “I don’t need all this. Coincidently, my sky palace lacks a sweeper.”

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When she left, he knew that he should be leaving too.

As expected, Wu Tong came and called him.

“Master Immortal, are you really going to take this little boss as your disciple?” Lord Ye Yue saw Ming Shu coming back with Ye Yue and couldn’t help it. “This is the baby of Peng Lai. It is not good for you to… bring him back, right?”

“Disciple?” Ming Shu gave a puzzled smile. “No way. He is here to sweep the sky palace.”


“What are you laughing at!” Yu Hui glared at Lord Ye Yue and said rudely, “What is so funny? Have you not seen a sweeper?”

Lord Ye Yue was stunned by Yu Hui’s arrogance. His status was still higher than his…

Did the people of Peng Lai raise him to be an heir?

I can’t provoke him. Lord Ye Yue decided to go and make food. That way, he would not be affected by this weird kid.

“Where do I stay?” The young man looked around the sky palace. “Your place seems huge but looks shabby. Even my garden looks prettier than this.”

Wu Tong was speechless. There were many unruly people in the immortal world, but there was no one like Yu Hui.

“Go back to your garden then.” My garden only needs to be filled with food. There is no need to fill it with any other things.

Yu Hui choked. “I have not acknowledged you as my master. I will not go back. Don’t even think about chasing me away. I will definitely make you my master.”

“Give him the smallest room,” Ming Shu ordered Wu Tong.

“What?” Yu Hui was furious. “Are you trying to abuse me?”

“A sweeper only has the right to live in the smallest room.” Ming Shu smiled. “How is that abusing you?”


Ming Shu walked toward the kitchen slowly. Yu Hui gritted his teeth and glared at her back. He shouted angrily at Wu Tong, “Where is the room? Hurry up and take me there!”

Wu Tong: “…”

Why did Master Immortal bring this little boss back?

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