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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 441 - Master Immortal (6)

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Chapter 441: Master Immortal (6)

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Xie Chuyang looked at her and wanted to say something. However, he was interrupted by Long Shaxue.

Wu Tong bent down and explained beside her ear, “Master Immortal, you can’t touch wine.”

Ming Shu thought for a while. Seemed like the Host would feel uncomfortable if she touched wine. This was more serious than an allergy, but it wasn’t a huge illness. It must be related to her body.

Ming Shu gave up the idea of drinking wine and continued to look at Long Shaxue and Xie Chuyang as she ate her snacks.

“Husband… why is Master Immortal Yin Zheng looking at me?” Long Shaxue asked Xie Chuyang softly. In her heart, she felt proud. Continue to look then. No matter how long you stare at us, you will not be able to sit beside him.

“Because you look ugly,” Ming Shu answered for Xie Chuyang, “you pull down the overall beauty of the immortal world.”

Long Shaxue: “…” Didn’t she say that she was cute just now? Is she crazy?

Long Shaxue looked as if she was injured by the words and lay in Xie Chuyang’s arms and cried.

However, her heart was filled with hatred. She was the number one beauty among the dragon race. Although she was not the number one beauty in the immortal world, she still had nothing to do with the word “ugly.” This old demon must be jealous of her.

“Yin Zheng, don’t go too overboard!” Xie Chuyang suddenly scolded in a low voice. He was speaking up for Long Shaxue.

“Oh, there is more to come. Save some energy. Take your time getting angry.” She didn’t care what Xie Chuyang wanted to do, but if he hindered her from getting Hatred Points, she didn’t mind gaining his hatred too.

“Husband…” Long Shaxue cried sadly, “did I provoke Master Immortal Yin Zheng?”

“Master Immortal, don’t say too much,” Wu Tong persuaded Ming Shu too.

It would not be good if this got huge.

Ming Shu gave Wu Tong a smile and retracted her gaze. She ate her food quietly. I will go and create trouble after I am full.

Before the Tian Lu Banquet started, the two sides had already exchanged blows. All the immortals shivered in fear. Will something happen later?

Luckily, Ming Shu only ate food after that. Her speed caused Lord Ye Yue to feel anxious. If she continued like this, the food would not last for half the banquet.

Ming Shu slowed down after a while. She scanned the people that were present. Besides the familiar faces in the immortal world, there were many people she didn’t recognize. Most of them were young girls and guys that were around ten years old. They sat beside the adults and looked around curiously.

The Tian Lu Banquet was very lively.

Ming Shu’s smile widened and she gave an almost perfect smile.

It’s good to be lively.

The immortal emperor arrived late with his immortal empress. In a situation like this, there would be all kinds of official speeches. After the speeches were finished, the immortal official started reading out the names.

There was a prefix in front of every name.

For example, the prince of the Western Sea, the princess of the Eastern Ocean, the Southern Mountain, the Northern Mountain, Ming Shu listened till drumsticks started flying around her head.

“Immortal Island Peng Lai Fu Xi.”

A lady walked forward slowly and bowed to all the people. Her posture was elegant and dignified, proud but courteous.

After bowing, Fu Xi stood there and waited for people to size her up. She didn’t need to do anything. All the immortal ean that had the right to choose a disciple knew what her potential was.

“Master Immortal Chuyang, I think that Fu Xi is very suitable for you,” the immortal emperor said suddenly. “You should have a disciple.”

Fu Xi’s eyes lit up.

“Immortal Emperor, I just got married,” Xie Chuyang rejected tactfully.

“That has nothing to do with having a disciple. Shaxue, what do you say?” The immortal emperor smiled and looked at Long Shaxue.

Long Shaxue told herself that she must bear the overall situation in mind. She smiled and replied, “I will listen to my husband.”

The immortal emperor looked at Xie Chuyang. “Shaxue has no opinion against it. What do you say, Master Immortal Chuyang?”

Xie Chuyang didn’t want to take on a disciple. However, the population of the immortal world was dwindling and the immortal emperor had to consider the immortal world’s plights. Peng Lai was not a place to underestimate and Fu Xi was the oldest daughter of the island Peng Lai. There was no harm in taking her as his disciple.

Xie Chuyang somehow looked at Ming Shu. She was leaning lazily against the armrest of the seat and devouring her snacks little by little.

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She seemed to be in a good mood…

The young man was very arrogant. He pointed to Ming Shu. “I want her as my master.”

The people from Peng Lai Island were shocked. They stood up and stammered, “Our master is still young. Please do not blame him for saying such things.”

Fu Xi looked at the young man in disdain. She lowered her voice and scolded him, “Are you crazy? This is the immortal world, not Peng Lai Island.”

The immortal emperor looked at Ming Shu. She didn’t look angry. She just stared at the young man and smiled. That smile… the immortal emperor couldn’t figure out what was behind it. He just felt that it looked really eerie.

” Cough… ” The immortal emperor was familiar with his little kid from Peng Lai too. He was a playful rich kid, but he had the talent. “Why do you want Master Immortal Yin Zheng as your master?”

The young man ignored the other people who were trying to stop him and said, “She’s pretty.”


It became quieter than when Ming Shu was speaking.

Ming Shu sat up straight. Everyone didn’t even dare to breathe.

She hooked her fingers at the young man. The young man was not scared either. The people from Peng Lai wanted to stop him but failed. The young man walked to stand in front of Ming Shu arrogantly and shouted shamelessly, “Master!”

Wu Tong: “…” The little boss from Peng Lai Island. Amazing!

Will Master Immortal hit him?

According to her temper recently, there is a possibility…

Oh no, would the people from Peng Lai kill her if she killed their little boss?

Wu Tong elaborated scenes in her head.

“How do you know that I will accept you?” Ming Shu asked the young man with interest.

“My potential is the greatest, why would you not take me in?” the young man said proudly as though it was an intolerable thing to not accept him.

Ming Shu smiled gently. She spoke each word carefully, “Then I will—not accept you.”

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