Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 44 - League of Poor Students (21)

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Chapter 44: League of Poor Students (21)

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Since Shangguan Feng asked her out here, he must have some evil plan. So Ming Shu arrived ahead of time, hiding in a secluded spot and waiting to see what he would do.

It was in a cla.s.sroom on the third floor. Ming Shu sat there, waiting.

About half an hour later, the sound of footsteps came from the staircase. It sounded a bit hesitant, at a very slow speed.

Ming Shu leaned forward to have a look. Shangguan Feng showed up at the top of the stairs. He looked around with a refined expression and stood for a while before opening a cla.s.sroom door.

Ming Shu sat still in the corner and didn’t stop eating her snacks. After a moment, some noise came from the cla.s.sroom.

“Yeah, I’ve arrived here, she hasn’t come… Yuqi, are we really going to do this?”

It seemed the person on the other side had said something, and Shangguan Feng began to coax in a light and nervous tone.

Hanging up the phone, Shangguan Feng sighed heavily. He was smoking, leaned against the shabby table and wondering whether it was right to do this. But thinking Jin Yuqi might get angry, he had no other choice.

He would do anything as long as it made Jin Yuqi happy.

Ming Shu waited for a little longer, then walked to the cla.s.sroom door, adjusting her clothes—and fiercely kicked the door open.

Because it had aged, the door was kicked down by Ming Shu.

It smashed against the floor with a big bang , sending dust into the air.

“Shangguan Feng, what do you want?” The mild voice of the girl sounded through the dust. Not angrily, but with a faint smiling undertone.

Shangguan Feng was probably startled by the sudden appearance of Ming Shu. His expression was extremely brilliant. Upon hearing the voice of Ming Shu, he quickly returned to himself and squeezed a smile onto his face. “Mengmeng, you’re here.”


Shangguan Feng called me this! Does he want to scare me to death so as to inherit my snacks?

Ming Shu didn’t go in, but stood at the doorway smiling and said, “Just say it quickly. My time is very precious. Wasting my time is wasting my life, which you can’t afford.”

“…” If it wasn’t for Yuqi, he would never speak a word to this woman ever again. Shangguan Feng suppressed his inner impatience. “Mengmeng, do we have to have such a difficult relationship?”

Ming Shu glanced up at Shangguan Feng with smiling eyes. Her lips parted slightly and her words smashed into the dust flying around the room. “Yes, we do.”

“…” How should I reply to this?

Taking a deep breath, Shangguan Feng said, “Mengmeng, I’m here to reconcile with you today. I know that recently you’ve been wronged and it’s all my fault.”

“Reconcile?” Ming Shu lifted her slender eyebrows, showing her smiling eyes. “Are you kidding me? After what’s happened between us, you really think it’s possible for us to reconcile?”

If I were to believe you then my brain must have been blocked by pig’s feet.

“Mengmeng, I know you’re angry. If you want to beat or scold me, I will accept. But can you forgive me this time? I promise I’ll take care of you later.” Shangguan Feng said this according to previous lines. With such sincere words, it seemed he was really regretful.

Ming Shu’s smile widened. “Okay, how about letting me beat you first?”


He didn’t come to be beaten.

But what was revealed in her expression seemed to be serious. Was he really going to be beaten by her?


“You just said it.” Ming Shu interrupted Shangguan Feng in a delighted voice. “Shangguan Feng, won’t you forget what you just said instantly? If so, I cannot believe you.”

Shangguan Feng, faced with Ming Shu’s smile, which always gave her a cold edge, felt his deepest thoughts seemed to have been read by her.

“Fine!” Shangguan Feng agreed, gritting his teeth. “As long as you can forgive me, I’m willing to help vent your anger.”

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So be it! He would just be beaten once. He was a man; if he couldn’t bear this, then he couldn’t be considered one.

Everyone nodded as they all heard it.

“Let’s go and see…”

“Oh no, forget about it. What if it’s something unthinkable.”

“In broad daylight, what’s something unthinkable? Don’t talk nonsense,” Jin Yuqi retorted. “If you don’t go, I’ll go.”

Jin Yuqi walked to the cla.s.sroom where the voice was coming from. The abandoned students looked at each other for a moment, then caught up to her in a trot. At the front, Jin Yuqi gently curled her lips. Lu Meng, you’re dead this time.



The door opened, making a harsh sound.

“Ah!” As soon as the cla.s.sroom door was completely open, the girls at the back screamed loudly. Then with flushed faces, they covered their eyes and turned around.

Meanwhile the boys were shocked, clapping eyes upon the scene in the cla.s.sroom.

It was like Jin Yuqi had been pinned on the spot. What happened?

Why is there only Shangguan Feng? Where is Lu Meng, that b.i.t.c.h?

Probably disturbed by the sudden noise, Shangguan Feng regained a little consciousness. He barely opened his eyes. Yet after recognizing the people standing at the door, he suddenly felt a lightning strike inside.

She brought so many people here?

Shangguan Feng subconsciously tried to cover his body, but his clothes had been taken away by Ming Shu. Now he was totally naked and being looked at by so many cla.s.smates who had been led here by Jin Yuqi.

All of a sudden, humiliation and anger struck all his nerves.

However, the angrier he was, the more uncomfortable he became, and he desperately wanted to vent his desire.

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