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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 437 - Master Immortal (2)

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Chapter 437: Master Immortal (2)

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Wu Tong told Ming Shu that she was injured a thousand years ago and never healed. She couldn’t use her power too excessively, and she couldn’t even get too emotional.

Ming Shu looked at the clothes with blood stains on the ground.

Just now Xie Chuyang’s procession pa.s.sed by their sky palace and the music came on, then the Host spat out blood.

The Host probably liked Xie Chuyang.

But not knowing the reason, she couldn’t be with Xie Chuyang and couldn’t even tell him that she liked him.

Ming Shu changed into clean clothes, which were still blue and even with the same patterns.

So it’s not that immortals didn’t pay attention to hygiene as they always wore the same clothes, but they had a dozen of the same clothes in their closet.

Ming Shu put on the last coat and tilted her head to ask Wu Tong, “Where did you get those desserts?”

Wu Tong was worrying Ming Shu would ask about Xie Chuyang again, but now Ming Shu took the initiative to change topic, so she hurriedly answered, “At Lord Ye Yue’s sky palace.”

Ye Yue…

Seemed to be her neighbor.

“What do you say, we go ask for his chef?” Ming Shu touched her chin.

Wu Tong’s hand shook, and she almost made a hard knot to Ming Shu’s waistband.

Wu Tong swallowed. “Master Immortal, I’m afraid we can’t. Lord Ye Yue made the desserts by himself.”

“Oh, then what about kidnapping Lord Ye Yue?”

Wu Tong: “…”

Was the master immortal going mad?

Wu Tong didn’t dare to answer. How could they kidnap a lord immortal at random?

Wu Tong looked up at the three large words of Ye Yue sky palace, and she really wanted to cry yet no tears came out. Urged by Ming Shu, she went up to knock on the door.

A little fairchild opened the door and was a little surprised. “Sister Wu Tong, do you want more desserts?”

Wu Tong lowered her body. “Our master immortal wants to visit your Lord Ye Yue.” And she wants your lord immortal to be her chef.

“Ah?” The little fairchild was clearly scared a bit. She opened the door wider and saw Ming Shu standing outside, so she hurriedly saluted. “Master Immortal.”

Sometimes this master immortal wouldn’t show up for several decades, but why did she come to their sky palace all of a sudden today?

Ming Shu nodded as she smiled. “Is your lord immortal at home?”

The little fairchild didn’t see Ming Shu’s smile as she kept her head down. “Reporting to Master Immortal, our lord immortal went to attend Master Immortal Chuyang’s wedding ceremony and hasn’t come back.”

“Go tell him to come back quickly.”

The little fairchild didn’t dare to delay, “Yes, Master Immortal, do you need to come inside and wait?”

Lord immortal was one grade lower than master immortal, so if the master immortal ordered to call him back, they would have to take the order.

“No need.”

“Okay, please wait for a while then, Master Immortal.”

While Ming Shu was not looking, Wu Tong pulled that little fairchild aside and explained, “Our master immortal is probably not in a good mood, so can you explain to Lord Ye Yue and make him understand.”

“Sister Wu Tong, don’t worry. Master immortal’s ident.i.ty is respected, so our lord immortal won’t complain.”

Wu Tong released the little fairchild and she left in a hurry.

She gave a distant look at Ming Shu, who was standing at the door, sighing internally. I hope the master immortal won’t be too sad.

About 15 minutes later, a man in white came riding the clouds.

The man was born with a positive face which made him look like a worthy follower, and his temperament was brilliant. The mild and humid warmth showed in the set of his eyes and brows. He landed before Ming Shu and saluted. “Master Immortal.”

His voice was also pleasant to hear.

“Ye Yue, cook me some desserts.”

Wu Tong breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, her master immortal didn’t say directly that she wanted Lord Ye Yue to be her chef.

“What?” Ye Yue was confused. “Master Immortal, you called me back just for desserts?”

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“What else?”

The meat was tender and had no fishy taste. The smell of the fish itself was cooked entirely.

Ming Shu protected that plate of fish as if she was really scared someone would grab it.

Ming Shu put down the chopsticks, looking at Ye Yue sincerely, with expectant eyes.

Ye Yue took a step back, scared. Master Immortal, what do you want to do…

Ming Shu smiled. “Lord Ye Yue, are you interested in being a chef at my sky palace?”


Wu Tong covered her face. Her master immortal really said that.

Thought it was not that bad, at least she didn’t say she was going to kidnap him.

“If you like, Master Immortal, I can spare time to cook for you.” Ye Yue answered with careful consideration.

“You should take the post tomorrow.” Ming Shu made her decision.

I must have this excellent cook.

Ye Yue: “…”

I didn’t agree!

I just said I can cook, but I didn’t say I want to be your chef!

Wu Tong begged Ye Yue behind Ming Shu’s back. Just agree with her in this special moment.

Ye Yue: “…”

Xie Chuyang got married and then Master Immortal Yin Zheng went mad. What was all this about.

Ye Yue was very depressed yet he couldn’t reject her. After seeing Ming Shu off, he began to scratch the wall angrily.

“Lord Immortal, mind your image.” The little fairchild reminded him to on side. “Lord immortal, are you really going to be master immortal’s …” Chef?

“She’s a master immortal, how can I reject her?” Ye Yue packed up his things. “Thank G.o.d she took a fancy in my cooking skill instead of my body, otherwise your lord immortal would have to wash clean and lie in her bed.”

The little fairchild: “…”

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