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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 436 - Master Immortal (1)

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Chapter 436: Master Immortal (1)

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#Immortal World Headlines: Yin Zheng Disses Other Immortals in a Variety of Ways Whenever She Likes#

“Master Immortal, are you all right?”

On the soft bed, there lay a woman in blue formal clothes which were embroidered with dark patterns on the hems. The patterns were some cranes and clouds, looking extremely auspicious and respectable.

But her sleeves were stained with red, and the light smell of blood floated in the air.

The woman looked at the little fairchild standing on one side with a confused look. After a long while, she moved her pink lips and said in an ethereal voice, “Get me something to eat.”

The little fairchild was stunned and said in hesitation, “Master Immortal, we don’t have any food…” In our sky palace.

The woman gave the little fairchild a look with hidden bitterness, so the latter bent over to offer a salute and continued, “Yes, I’ll go get something.”

Ming Shu held herself up on the soft bed and looked around. It was a delicate hall, with some mist floating near the ground, which made the whole place look like a fairyland.

And this was indeed a fairyland—the immortal world.

The fake female protagonist was called Long Shaxue, reborn.

Long Shaxue was the little princess of the dragon race who grew up in the immortal world with an unruly and willful personality. She had always been a troublemaker, and she claimed she was going to marry the immortal world’s Lord Li Mo ever since she was a child.

However, Long Shaxue didn’t get what she wanted. She was arranged to marry the immortal world’s Xie Chuyang, and Lord Li Mo didn’t marry her.

But Long Shaxue wouldn’t obediently accept the arranged destiny. Since the immortal emperor granted two marriages at the same time, Long Shaxue performed a little trick before the ceremony and replaced herself with the female protagonist.

She then married Lord Li Mo as she expected, and what’s done is done, so the immortal world had to accept the result.

In the beginning, Long Shaxue was very happy about this. But gradually, she found Lord Li Mo had some hidden secrets. It turned out that Lord Li Mo had long been possessed by the Devil.

Originally he picked out the female protagonist and didn’t dare to put his fingers on Long Shaxue, because after all, she was the little princess of the dragon race. But then Long Shaxue delivered herself to his door, which was just great. A dragon was even more suitable for his plan.

She was used only as a tool. Li Mo treated her badly in private, and Long Shaxue began to feel scared. She wanted to leave, but before she had time to tell the news to the dragons, Li Mo caught her.

He threatened that if she dared tell anyone, she would be killed.

Long Shaxue didn’t want to die so she gave up. Sometimes when Li Mo took her out, she would see Xie Chuyang and the female protagonist having a happy life, and was jealous.

If she married Xie Chuyang in the beginning, the one who suffered now wouldn’t be her.

In the end, Li Mo was discovered by the immortal world anyway, and Li Mo pushed her out to die miserably.

So after the rebirth, Long Shaxue was determined to change that ending.

The Host was called Yin Zheng.

The immortal world divided its population into six grades, from low to high including sky immortal, golden immortal, Xuan immortal, immortal man, lord immortal, and master immortal. Upper further would be G.o.ds. But now there’re no G.o.ds in the immortal world, only immortals.

Yin Zheng was one of the few master immortals in the immortal world, and she was a female.

The grudge between the Host and the fake female protagonist probably began when the fake female protagonist changed her ident.i.ty back and married Xie Chuyang.

Xie Chuyang and Yin Zheng were at the same grade and shared a common master. Xie Chuyang was Yin Zheng’s senior brother.

Xie Chuyang had an odd temper, which was also related to Yin Zheng.

About a thousand years ago, Yin Zheng was somehow injured and she came back as a different person. At that time, Xie Chuyang and Yin Zheng were supposed to get married.

But after Yin Zheng came back, she became very indifferent toward Xie Chuyang, and she even broke the engagement later. Xie Chuyang was desperate to ask her what happened, but Yin Zheng kept avoiding him. Then gradually, Xie Chuyang’s rage faded, and he became the same moody person as today.

For the past thousand years, the two behaved as if they were strangers. Perhaps time had killed Xie Chuyang’s heart, so he agreed with the immortal emperor’s proposal, and thus got married.

After the wedding, the fake female protagonist unintentionally found that Xie Chuyang still liked Yin Zheng. So she began to target Yin Zheng. Usually Yin Zheng rarely left this sky palace, but she would always meet the fake female protagonist when she came out.

Their relationship worsened. What’s more, the fake female protagonist would choose the time when Xie Chuyang appeared to make it look like Yin Zheng was bullying her, so Xie Chuyang would help the fake female protagonist.

Later when the immortal world’s prince-heir was murdered, the fake female protagonist identified Yin Zheng. Yin Zheng asked Xie Chuyang who he believed, and Xie Chuyang chose the fake female protagonist.

Yin Zheng destroyed her own immortal bones and descended to the human world.

When Yin Zheng appeared again, she had ma.s.sacred numerous living creatures in the human world and Xie Chuyang took the order to capture her.

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Yin Zheng then became the final boss in this way. She had a fierce fight against Xie Chuyang and then died in ashes.

Soon Wu Tong came back with more desserts. Ming Shu was very touched. This is what’s called delicious food!

All she ever ate before could only be called ingredients for stuffing the stomach.

Ming Shu even wanted more. But seeing Wu Tong’s worried and shocked face, she swallowed and dusted off her dress to get up.

“Master Immortal.” Wu Tong followed with small steps. “Would you like to take a rest?”

“I’ll have a bath.” She needed to change to another set of clean clothes.


Wu Tong went to prepare things for the bath. There was no one else in this huge mansion, and Wu Tong was the only servant.

There were quite a few people here before, but gradually they were all driven out by Yin Zheng. Wu Tong was the last one.

Wu Tong stayed because she kneeled outside for several days and begged, or she would be just like the others and be driven out.

Ming Shu lay on her stomach in the pool, watching Wu Tong walking up and down to prepare with her head tilted.

“Wu Tong.”

“Yes, Master Immortal?” Wu Tong stopped and bent over a little.

“Did the wedding begin?”

Wu Tong was startled, and she murmured after a long while, “It began two hours ago, Master Immortal. Don’t think too much, take care of your body.”

“What’s the problem with my body?” This was what Ming Shu wanted to ask.

She didn’t find this in the Host’s memory.

“Master Immortal?” Wu Tong was confused.

Ming Shu smiled. “Answer my question.”

Wu Tong looked at Ming Shu’s smiling face, dumbfounded. She hadn’t seen her master immortal smile ever since she came back a thousand years ago… What’s happening?

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