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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 435 - An Ge & Ling Yan Extra (Complete)

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Chapter 435: An Ge & Ling Yan Extra (Complete)

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Somehow, that An Ge kissed Ling Yan was discovered by others, and it was soon spread out.

Ling Yan was called down the mountain then. The next day, when he came back, he gave several orders before leaving the sanctuary, without going to see An Ge.

After An Ge finished practice that day and went to find him, Ling Yan had already left.

“Where’s Brother?”

“Young Priestess, you should call him Master .” The one who was being asked corrected her.

An Ge looked at him a little strangely. “But I used to…”

“Young Priestess, don’t be childish.” That man shook his head. “You’re the Young Priestess, the future head priest.”

An Ge lost her words at this time.

For the following days, no matter whom An Ge asked, no one told her where Ling Yan had gone.

The sanctuary became even more cheerless than before, and An Ge didn’t have any mood to practice.

She grabbed someone at random, her voice mixed with a wronged tone. “When will Brother come back?”

“Young Priestess, you should call him Master .” The other party was a little disgruntled.

“Why should I call him Master ?” An Ge’s eyes turned red. “I’m not doing that.”

The other party also got angry and raised his voice. “Young Priestess, do you really want to know why the priest left the sanctuary?”

An Ge asked anxiously, “Why?”

The other party got angrier as he continued, “Young Priestess, you shouldn’t show your feelings to the priest on your face, and you shouldn’t cross the line. You have earned the priest punishment, don’t you know you were wrong?”

“W-what?” An Ge was a little perplexed to see that the man who had treated her nicely throughout daily life suddenly got so angry. “I, I just… like Brother.”

The man took a deep breath. “From the moment you stepped into the sanctuary, you have been doomed to be alone. You’re not allowed to like anyone, do you understand?”

An Ge didn’t seem to hear what the man said. “You said Brother was being punished, but where? Tell me…”

The man shook his head and left quickly.

No one in the sanctuary would tell her anything. An Ge suffered from waiting so she sneaked down the mountain to her father. She pestered him endlessly to know about Ling Yan.

Finally her brother didn’t have the heart and told her that the priest was at the altar.

The altar, the place for offering sacrifices to G.o.ds or ancestors each year.

But the altar was on the highest mountain in Xi Chu, where snow covered the land all year round, and an ordinary person couldn’t stay long up there.

An Ge only went there once.

She found the mountain according to her memory and climbed from the foot of it to the top.

Snow floated on the top. An Ge saw the man in thin clothes kneeling at the altar, his hair and eyebrows dyed with cold frost. He kneeled there as quietly as a sculpture.

The entire world seemed to turn black and white, immersed in endless silence.

That man was as n.o.ble as an otherworldly immortal, but now he kneeled at the altar.

An Ge was taking pity on him now more than feeling shocked.

She staggered over.


The man opened his eyes slightly, and his expression was as cool as ever. “Why are you here?”

“It’s because I like you, why do you take the punishment?” An Ge tried to pull him up.

“An Ge, stop,” Ling Yan scolded. “This is the altar, you shouldn’t be here, just go.”

“No,” An Ge insisted, “you did nothing wrong, why should you be punished? I should be punished!”

“An Ge, I’m your master. It’s my fault that I didn’t teach you well,” Ling Yan said in a low voice. “Go back.”

Ling Yan remained unmoved no matter what An Ge said. At this snowy altar, even though Ling Yan had the priest’s power, he was just an ordinary person, let alone he needed to protect An Ge.

The imperial city’s people hurried over here to take An Ge back.

She was pulled away from the altar. Then An Ge suddenly broke free and kneeled below the altar, her head touching the snow. “Master…”

She called him Master .

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They found a woman and put her into the coffin, which was made from the trees around the altar. They placed the coffin above where Ling Yan was buried alive, surrounded by several sacred weapons containing extraordinary power.

They were going to wipe out Ling Yan.

Even though Ling Yan requested to be buried alive, and there wouldn’t happen any danger, they didn’t intend to leave him be.

They forced her to kill him.

An Ge was so scared. She couldn’t let Ling Yan die.

No matter what he was, he was Ling Yan in her heart, he was her brother, her master, and her… Ling Yan.

An Ge would host the ma.s.sacre, so she was watched closely. She gradually let herself calm down and made them believe she had thought it through.

There were still many people watching over her, but An Ge had more chances then.

Finally, on the night before the ceremony, An Ge grasped an opportunity to force one of the sanctuary’s people to disguise themselves as her, and she sneaked into the place where Ling Yan was suppressed.

That woman lay in the coffin made of sacred wood and looked peaceful.

An Ge knew Ling Yan was under the coffin.


No one responded.

An Ge held in her tears and got the girl out of the coffin, dressed her in a wedding dress that she brought, then lay her back into the coffin.

She changed the spirit suppressing symbol inside the coffin. As long as it didn’t take effect, Ling Yan would be fine.

And if she was gone…

No one could host this ma.s.sacre.

An Ge used up her power to open the array ahead of time.

On that night, the entirety of Xi Chu saw the lights rushing to the sky in the Northwest.

Brother Ling Yan, many years from now, you’ll see the daylight again.

She couldn’t be reborn into a human body anymore. So, when Ling Yan came out, she wanted him to see her in a wedding dress.

A priest was doomed to be alone since he stepped into the sanctuary, and he was not allowed to like anyone. But the moment she stepped in, she had a crush on him. — An Ge

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