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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 434 - An Ge & Ling Yan Extra (40)

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Chapter 434: An Ge & Ling Yan Extra (40)

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In Xi Chu.

A person carried a little girl and walked along the mountain covered with snow.

“Father, where are we going?” the little girl asked cutely. The snow fell down and landed on her eyelashes. They turned into water droplets. As she batted her lashes, the water droplets fell down.

The middle-aged man that was carrying her sighed. “Little Ge, you must be obedient in the future and not be stubborn anymore. Okay?”


The middle-aged man looked up at the sanctuary they were already nearing. He was not willing to send his daughter to this desolated sanctuary, but… he had no choice.

“Is this the daughter of the An family?” Someone was waiting in the mountain.

The middle-aged man nodded and placed the little girl on the ground. He tidied the cloak on her body. “Little Ge, remember, be obedient. That is the only way I can come to visit you.”

The little girl looked at him, puzzled. “Father doesn’t want me anymore?”

The middle-aged man’s eyes turned red. “How can I not want you. If you are obedient, I can come and visit you.”

“Why do you not want me? Am I not obedient?” An Ge pouted and wanted to cry. “An Ge will not be playful anymore. Please don’t leave me alone. I will study well and listen to you. I will not bully Big Brother and Father anymore. Don’t leave me alone, Father.”

The man forced himself to push An Ge again. He bowed at the person upstairs and left.

An Ge chased him, but how could she catch up with her short limbs? Very soon, she lost sight of her father.

She fell onto the snow and cried with anguish.

When An Ge was brought to the sanctuary, she was still crying. The people that helped her didn’t know what to do.

“What should we do…”

“What happens if she disturbs the priest?”

“Please, my little miss, stop crying. Look, we have a lot of food and toys here.”

A few young girls and guys surrounded An Ge and tried to console her. However, it was of no use.

“Why is it so noisy?”

Outside the door, a man in white stood. Behind him, snow was falling. He seemed like the only color in the snowy mountain.

However, no one dared to look at him. They looked down and bowed.


“This is the child that the An family sent over. We can’t console her.”

An Ge suddenly stopped crying. She tilted her head and looked at the man. Then, she struggled to get up and ran over to hug the man. “Brother, you look really nice.”

Everyone sucked in their breath. Someone wanted to go up and pull An Ge back.

“An Ge?”

The person that went forward paused and replied respectfully, “Yes.”

“You all can go down.”

The rest of the people looked at each other and didn’t dare to go against him. They left.

The man carried An Ge up and placed her on a chair in the room. “My name is Ling Yan. I will be your master from now on. You need to learn how to protect Xi Chu.”

An Ge shook her legs and said brightly, “Brother, you look really good. You look better than my brother.”

Ling Yan was stunned for a moment before sighing. She is still too young.

From that day onward, everyone in the sanctuary knew that their priest had a new disciple. However, the little disciple, An Ge, never called Ling Yan M aster . She would call him Brothe r and followed him everywhere.

It was okay when she followed him to eat, but when little An Ge climbed onto his bed, the priest felt helpless.

“An Ge, you can’t sleep here.”

“Why can’t I sleep here?” An Ge looked at him innocently. “My older brother would always coax me to sleep.”

Ling Yan: “…”

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He sighed. “Sleep then.”

She was the young priestess of the sanctuary.

Her status was higher than theirs.

After that, An Ge seldom went down the mountain. She started to understand what Ling Yan meant by protecting Xi Chu. She understood what he meant by protecting the people in the world. She couldn’t stay with her family because she had a more important mission.

She could not disappoint them.

There were very few people on the mountain. An Ge didn’t hide her feelings toward Ling Yan. At first, she didn’t call Little Ge aster because she was young. After that, she still didn’t call him Master because of her stubborn conviction.

When Ling Yan realized this, he scolded her, but An Ge just continued doing it her way. She became bolder and slowly, all the people in the sanctuary noticed it too.

Ling Yan started to dodge her. He would call other people to teach her.

An Ge got cheekier. As she grew older, she became even bolder and changed her methods to attract his attention.

“An Ge…”

The person on the bed revealed two eyes. She smiled cunningly. “Brother.”

“Get down.”

An Ge came down from the bed. “I finished my homework today. Are you going to reward me?”

“This is what you should do.”

An Ge pouted. “But I worked hard.”

“Everyone works hard.”

An Ge went over and hugged Ling Yan’s arm. She swung it around. “I don’t care, you must reward me. If not, I will not have the energy to finish my work tomorrow.”

Having brought her up, Ling Yan was used to her whining. However, he would always feel helpless against it. “What do you want? Don’t be too shameless.”

An Ge laughed and covered her mouth. Suddenly, she rose on tiptoe and kissed Ling Yan on the face.

Before Ling Yan could react, An Ge ran out in a flash with a red face.

Ling Yan stood in the room. After a while, he raised his hand and touched the spot that was kissed. Something fluttered in his heart.

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