Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 432 - Xianyue Extra (38)

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Chapter 432: Xianyue Extra (38)

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“Dong Hua City’s spirit guide reporting.”

Ming Shu looked at the information in her hand. She looked up at Shen Xianyue. She looked the same as before. “Your term has ended.”

Shen Xianyue nodded without any expression.

Ming Shu removed her status as a spirit guide and retrieved the power that h.e.l.l gave her. Shen Xianyue was just a normal spirit now.

“Master An Ge.”

Shen Xianyue looked at her with bright eyes. “Can I not reincarnate immediately?”

“You have contributed to h.e.l.l so you have the priority to reincarnate first. Why do you want to give it up?” Ming Shu looked at her with interest.

“I want to wait for him,” Shen Xianyue said in an indifferent tone.

“Master, Master Ling Yan is creating a huge disturbance. Please hurry up and take a look.” A little ghost rushed in hurriedly.

Ming Shu closed her tablet. “Up to you.”

Shen Xianyue bowed. “Thank you, Master.”

Ming Shu walked down and paused in front of her. “Since you treated me to pig trotters, I will give you a favor.”

Shen Xianyue looked at Ming Shu with a stunned expression.

Ming Shu gestured for her to raise her hand.

When she came back to the familiar environment, Shen Xianyue was still in a daze. It felt like a dream.

“Miss, you’re back.”

Shen Xianyue nodded and walked in.

“You can’t be reached by phone, Master got really angry. He should be in the study room now. Do you want to tell him that you’re safe?” the maid asked carefully.

Shen Xianyue paused. She went upstairs.

The door of the study was halfway open. She could see the entire room. A man was leaning against the table and a woman was leaning against the man, pecking him on the chest.

Shen Xianyue’s face turned pale. She retreated and her shoes tapped against the floor, emitting a sound.

She turned around and walked away quickly.

She almost ran down the stairs.

“Shen Xianyue, stop right there!”

Shen Ying’s voice came from behind her. After that, Shen Xianyue was pulled by someone and pushed against the handrail.

“Brother,” Shen Xianyue said coldly, “is anything the matter?”

“You saw it?” Shen Ying glared right at her.

Shen Xianyue closed her lips. “Yes, congratulations, Brother.”

Shen Ying exerted more force in his hand. “You don’t have anything you want to say?”

Shen Xianyue slowly raised her head. She emphasized each word. “Brother, you are not young anymore. I should have a sister-in-law. The Shen family needs a female leader.”

“Shen Xianyue!”

Shen Ying was furious.

His chest rose rapidly but no words came out.

“Boss Shen…” A tender and seductive voice came from above.

Shen Xianyue took the chance to push Shen Ying away and ran out of the villa.

She shouldn’t be greedy.

She should have stayed in h.e.l.l obediently and waited for him. After she saw him for the last time, she would never see him again the next lifetime.

Shen Xianyue started reminiscing about her past.

She was not a child of the Shen family. Her parents were friends of the Shen family. After that, they both pa.s.sed away and no one wanted to take her in. They felt that she was an unlucky person who caused her parents to die.

She was taken into the Shen family and changed her surname to Shen.

She had a good time in the Shen family. Mother Shen and Father Shen treated her like their own child. The only one that had something against her was Shen Ying.

Shen Ying always disturbed her.

However, he would also stand up to protect her when she was being bullied.

Shen Xianyue couldn’t remember how she started to like Shen Ying. When she realized it, her heart was already set on him.

She didn’t dare to tell Shen Ying. She felt that she would just be happy liking him secretly. After all, he was so perfect, so nice…

But she might really be an unlucky person.

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When she was 13 years old, Mother Shen and Father Shen brought her and Shen Ying out to play to celebrate her birthday. No one knew that there would be an earthquake that day.

Yes, floating.

Was she dead?

“Shen Xianyue, you have a chance to live again. Do you want it?” the person said.

“Live?” She was really dead.

The person told her that this was h.e.l.l. As long as she became a spirit guide, she would be able to be revived.

One term year would allow her to live for five more years. A-ten year term meant that she would be able to live for 50 more years.

When the term ended, she still had 50 more years.

“The… the person that was with me. Is he dead?”


Shen Xianyue felt as though someone had grabbed her neck. She suddenly forgot how to breathe. Dead… Shen Ying was dead…

After a long time, Shen Xianyue asked with some difficulty, “Can I… pa.s.s my life to someone else?”

The person was puzzled. “You have no blood relatives on your doc.u.ment.”

Shen Xianyue nodded. “It is my brother from my adoptive father…”

“You can do it, but when your term is up, you will die. Are you still willing to do it?” The person seemed very easy to talk to.

“I am.”

When Shen Xianyue woke up again, she was in the hospital. There was only the sound of machines in the empty room.

She was worried about Shen Ying and took off the device on her hand. She forced herself up and tried to leave the room. However, she was brought back to her bed before she could leave the room.

“I want to see my brother. Let me go.”

“Little sister, you managed to live after much difficulty. Don’t make it difficult for yourself.”

“I want to see my brother…” Shen Xianyue’s voice was hoa.r.s.e. “Let me see my brother.”

“You mean the boy that was with you? He’s fine. Don’t be agitated,” the nurse comforted her.

“Is he really okay?”

The nurse promised her, “Yes, he is. You can rest first and when you’re better, you can go see him.”

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