Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 43 - League of Poor Students (20)

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Chapter 43: League of Poor Students (20)

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Ming Shu got rid of Cheng Yan with her smile, which looked a little ferocious. “Are we done yet?”

She would always meet this nerd, who was like a ghost haunting over the entire school.

Cheng Yan looked around and pulled on Ming Shu’s arm again, leading her to the senior department with quick steps. His strength was surprisingly great, enough that Ming Shu couldn’t free herself from his grip.

At this moment, Ming Shu discovered that Cheng Yan seemed to have hidden his strength before.

In less realistic words, was he giving in to her?

This idea was really too impractical.

Leaving the junior department, when they arrived at a rather remote place, Cheng Yan threw Ming Shu against the wall, with one hand propped up beside her. He looked at her with a kabe-don posture. “Why were you in the junior department?”

“Why were you in the junior department?” Ming Shu asked instead of answering his question.

He didn’t come from the direction of the senior department, which meant he had been there before she arrived.

“You’re not allowed to go to the junior department!” Cheng Yan said in a dignified tone, just like before when he warned her not to go to the old teaching building. “Lu Meng, I won’t harm you.”

“What’s the secret hidden in the junior department?” Ming Shu leaned close to Cheng Yan, a big smile blooming in her eyes. “What is worthy of such a formal warning?”

Cheng Yan pressed on Ming Shu’s shoulders, pushing her back against the wall, and looked into her eyes. “Lu Meng, why do you always ignore my feelings? Always doubting me, thinking I have some other purpose?”

“Do you not?” Ming Shu pushed his hand away, slightly raising her head.

“I don’t. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Cheng Yan looked particularly serious. “Just believe me for once, all right?”

Ming Shu shook her head. “No.”

Cheng Yan seemed a little self-indulgent. “Fine. No matter whether you believe me or not, I won’t give up.”

“Whatever.” Ming Shu pushed him away, then straightened her school uniform.

Cheng Yan dragged her back with force. “Lu Meng, I’ll say this one last time. You’re not allowed to go to the junior department.”

“You’re annoying!”

Ming Shu swung her fist at Cheng Yan while Cheng Yan subconsciously moved his head to one side, the fist flying past his cheek. Because of his body’s conditioned reflexes, Cheng Yan wanted to fight back, but he suppressed the impulse in the end, only avoiding his face being hit.

“Cheng Yan, you are not telling the truth.” Ming Shu threw Cheng Yan onto the ground and squatted beside him, her fingers poking his chest. “You are far stronger than what you’ve shown, right? Why don’t you fight back?”

Cheng Yan took Ming Shu’s hand and sat up, propping up his body. “It’s not something a man should do—fight back against the girl he likes.”

Ming Shu pulled back her own hand fiercely, giving Cheng Yan a cold look. “Cheng Yan, don’t be delusional. Are you trying to fool me like I’m a three-year-old kid?”

Cheng Yan said he liked her, but he was acting too deliberately, like it was not real at all.

Before, when Jiang Xun looked at her with amorous eyes, that was truly liking… although the one he liked was not her.

Ming Shu grabbed her schoolbag from the ground and got up, dropping Cheng Yan a condescending smile. “Cheng Yan, don’t let me see you around. If you p.i.s.s me off, I will destroy you without mercy.”

This was not a threat, but worse than a threat.

Cheng Yan hadn’t appeared since that day. It was a routine disappearance. But his errand boys still showed up before Ming Shu to deliver breakfast and snacks.

“Mengmeng, how are things going between you and Cheng Yan?” Ye Miaomiao showed great interest in gossiping.

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“Not very well.” What would happen between me and that nerd with evil designs? Nothing.

“Mengmeng, you aren’t going, are you?” Ye Miaomiao got anxious as soon as she saw Ming Shu packing up her things. “Shangguan Feng must be planning something evil. Earlier you made a ma.s.sive fool of him, you can’t go.”

“I’ll go get something to eat.”

“Ah, to eat.” Ye Miaomiao sighed

It was a relief that she wasn’t going to see Shangguan Feng. He chose the old teaching building to meet, and that kind of place clearly revealed his evil intentions.

“But wait, Mengmeng, weren’t you just eating snacks in cla.s.s? Now you’re going to eat again?” Ye Miaomiao yelled from behind Ming Shu.

Recently, her Mengmeng had been eating too much, but she didn’t get any fatter. Where did that food go?

Eating without getting fat was a really easy way to obtain Hatred Points.

Feeling her plump waist, Ye Miaomiao suppressed the desire to eat along with Ming Shu, swallowing saliva. She had to control her eating, otherwise she would get fat.

Hearing the mournful howl of Ye Miaomiao behind her, Ming Shu curled her lips and happily went down the stairs. After she finished eating in the school canteen, she held the letter and deliberated for a long time, and finally she decided to go have a look. Ming Shu walked toward the old teaching building.

It was time for cla.s.s at this point, so no one was hanging around the school. Ming Shu stopped at her destination, an unprovoked gruesome feeling rising inside her.

She went up along the stairs. This building was between the senior and junior departments.

Initially, there wasn’t a junior department in this school. The teaching building of the junior department over there was built afterward, with this old teaching building as the divider The junior department could be seen from the old teaching building

The first two times, Ming Shu came here during evening, so she didn’t pay much attention to the specific appearance of this building.

Now arriving upstairs, Ming Shu noticed many scratches on the staircase wall. If there was only one or two of them, it might have been drawn by someone deliberately. But there were many such scratches on the wall, varying from old to new.

She held out her hand to mimic them, trying to find out how the scratches were made. But the angle and height both seemed incorrect. She bent down a little.

After a moment, Ming Shu took back her hand, her smile growing more and more brilliant. “This school really is interesting.”

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