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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 429 - Yin Yang Delivery (35)

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Chapter 429: Yin Yang Delivery (35)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“You actually like a female corpse!” Ming Shu was speechless. “This is an illness. You must get cured!”

Gu Yi wore a yearning expression. “This body is already a Yin spirit body. If a little ghost spends a night with her, it can become a ghost king…”

“I can give you the corpse.” Ming Shu reached out and pulled Ling Yan back. Yin Qi transmitted from her hand to Ling Yan and his restless Yin Qi became quiet. Ming Shu acted as though she didn’t do anything and smiled with the corners of her mouth. “Since you’re getting a new body, why not kill Su Rou first?”

Su Rou’s beautiful eyes widened. She looked at Gu Yi. “Gu Yi…”

How can it be… how can she be…

Gu Yi ignored Su Rou. He was puzzled. “This is your body and yet you are willing to give it to me just like this?”

Ming Shu laughed before saying, “Why not? It is just a sh.e.l.l, right? As a ghost, we must look forward.”

“You are a smart person.” Gu Yi thought for a while. “Since I have you, there is no use for this thing.”

He reached at and pointed his finger at Su Rou. Su Rou felt a force pulling her forward into his hand. He grabbed Su Rou’s neck and tightened his fist around it.

“No…” She didn’t want to die. “Gu Yi… you promised me that you will… kill her. You can’t go back on your word. Don’t kill me.”

“The deal she offered is more attractive. Little Rou, don’t be afraid. It is not painful.” Gu Yi caressed Su Rou’s face and spoke in a gentle tone as if he was talking to his girlfriend.

“No…” Su Rou felt her breathing getting heavier. She turned her head with much effort and looked at Ming Shu. “An Ge, you b.i.t.c.h, you will die a terrible death.”

“I’m already dead.” Ming Shu smiled.


The Harmony System didn’t announce that the Hatred Points were full. Su Rou seemed to be dying soon. She immediately asked Gu Yi to stop.

“Why? Weren’t you the one who wanted her dead?”

“I just want to scare her.” Ming Shu sprouted nonsense. “Let her go immediately. If she dies, I will destroy my body.”

This sentence seemed a bit weird.

Gu Yi: “…”

After a while, Gu Yi’s eyes darkened. “Are you playing with me?”

“Yes, so what?” If I don’t play with you, how can I get my Hatred Points?

“Heh…” Gu Yi threw Su Rou away. Su Rou managed to survive and panted heavily.

An Ge did it on purpose to make her look bad.

She is crazy. A lunatic that is scarier than Gu Yi.

Subconsciously, Su Rou was more afraid of Ming Shu. She was not sure why. Gu Yi was the one that tortured her the most…

Ming Shu gazed into Su Rou’s eyes, which were filled with hatred, and wondered if she should pull her over to beat her up.

At this moment…

Ling Yan let go of her hand suddenly and flew toward Gu Yi.

Gu Yi looked at ease, but he was actually always on his guard. He managed to dodge Ling Yan’s first attack. Gu Yi didn’t dare to underestimate Ling Yan and retaliated with all his strength.

When Ling Yan left Ming Shu, the Yin Qi that was suppressed started swarming around again. He would pause occasionally and Gu Yi would take the chance to attack him. Ling Yan managed to narrowly dodge his attacks a number of times.


Su Rou flew out due to the impact of the airflow and slammed into the stone temple’s wall. She fell down hard on the ground and looked really pitiful.

Before she could breathe, a huge rock fell down from the side.

Su Rou looked at the rock in fright. Her body was rigid and she couldn’t avoid it.

“Ah…” So painful.

My body is in pain. My heart feels even worse.

I am unconvinced!


The stone temple started to shake. Ming Shu wanted to drag Su Rou out, but there was not enough time. She turned and ran toward the coffin.

Coincidently, Gu Yi also flew this way. They met each other at the coffin.

He reached into the coffin.

Ming Shu grabbed something that looked like a G.o.d-status weapon and hit his hand. Then, she somersaulted over the coffin and pointed the tip of the weapon at his neck.

“You want to use this thing to harm me?”

Gu Yi spoke and grabbed the weapon. However, the next second, he let go of it with a sinister expression and flew back a few steps. The weapon still managed to pierce into his shoulder.


“Don’t forget, I am a ghost from h.e.l.l.” Ming Shu’s smile didn’t change.

Gu Yi felt a bit shocked. He turned around decisively and charged in Ling Yan’s direction. The stone temple shook even more. It would collapse at any moment.

Ling Yan was hara.s.sed by the hateful spirits and couldn’t fight with Gu Yi currently.

Gu Yi wanted to use Ling Yan to threaten Ming Shu. When he grabbed Ling Yan’s elbow, a dash of Yin Qi swept toward him from his side and Ling Yan was pulled back.


Gu Yi didn’t give up. How could he give up something that he had his hands on?

He took the opportunity when Ming Shu was examining Ling Yan and flew toward the coffin again.


A low rumble sounded from outside. After that, multiple flashes of lightning struck and the entire world was lit up by the lightning.

Ming Shu was holding onto Ling Yan’s hand. Suddenly, her hand became empty. When she turned around, she saw Ling Yan strangling Gu Yi and throwing him onto the empty ground beside the coffin.

“Ling Yan.” Oh my G.o.d, don’t kill him!

However, Ling Yan didn’t hear Ming Shu. His fingers stabbed into Gu Yi’s chest.

Ming Shu touched her forehead.

My Hatred Points!

She hurried over and pulled Ling Yan away. Ling Yan wanted to attack her instinctively, but when he touched Ming Shu, he forcefully suppressed the desire to kill her.

Ming Shu held his face and directly kissed him.

Ling Yan felt a stream of warm air flowing into his body. The evil aura and hatred in his body felt as though they were purified.

“Have you calmed down?”

Ling Yan nodded in a daze.

Ming Shu confirmed that he was okay and went to look at Gu Yi. “Hey, don’t die. What would happen to me if you died!”

Gu Yi: “…” If I die, you will be safe. Why are you hoping that I am not dead? Who is the lunatic here!

Gu Yi’s body seemed more dispersed than before. Ling Yan’s strike seemed weak, but it made Gu Yi lost all ability to move. Even talking was difficult. He could only stare at Ming Shu angrily.

This woman did it on purpose!

“What happened to him?” Ming Shu asked Ling Yan.

Ling Yan looked down. “I took back my powers.”

Ming Shu continued to stare at him. Ling Yan could only continue: “He was awakened by Zhao Desheng because he had my power. Now that I took it back, he can only die.”

“Give him some so that he won’t die.” My Hatred Points! My snacks!

Ling Yan looked up and rejected her coldly. “No!”

F**k, so you think that my power is water? After taking it back, I can still give some away!?

So angry!

The stone temple emitted loud noises and vibrated furiously. Ling Yan grabbed Ming Shu and carried her as he floated out. Ming Shu acted quickly and grabbed Gu Yi.

Thus, Gu Yi was dragged out by Ming Shu.

Gu Yi was in shock. He was dragged like a leaf in the wind.

If you want to kill me, do it quickly!

The thunder had already gotten softer. The Taoist masters were still fighting with the villagers. They had fallen into a cycle.

Ling Yan looked back and saw Ming Shu grabbing Gu Yi. He raised his hand and slapped him.

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Chapter 430: Yin Yang Delivery (36)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ming Shu watched as Ling Yan slapped Gu Yi into dust.

“Why did you kill him?”

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“I wanted to kill him,” Ling Yan said boldly. His mission was to kill him. “Why didn’t you allow me to kill him?”

Ming Shu glanced at Shen Xianyue and then continued eating her pig trotter.

Shen Xianyue closed her lips. Her expression was as cold as always. Nothing could be detected from her face.

Before Ming Shu could finish her packages, the continuous calls from Yin Yang Delivery headquarters came. There was no way to shut down or switch off the wifi for the technology devices from h.e.l.l.

Can I quit?

At Yin Yang Delivery headquarters…

The moment she went in, she saw that two of the conveyor belts used to transport packages were destroyed. All the packages were piled up at the entrance. It looked really grand.

“What happened?”

The little ghost shivered and explained, “Someone placed a bomb in the package and it destroyed two of the conveyor belts.”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “So daring?”

“Yes. We already sent people to catch the perpetrator, but the conveyor belts are faulty now. Only you have the ability to repair them.”

Ming Shu: “…”

So you called me back to be a repairman?

The conveyor belts needed a huge amount of Yin Qi to function. As the person in charge of Yin Yang Delivery, Ming Shu could only roll up her sleeves and get to work.

After she repaired the conveyor belts, there were still many things to do. All the news that had piled up left Ming Shu without the time to eat pig trotters.

“Master, a ghost complained that our service is bad.”

“There is only one Yin Yang Delivery. If the ghost wants better service, ask it to start a five-star delivery company.”

“Master, a ghost said that our speed is too lacking.”

“Ask him to get it himself.”

“Master, a ghost… huh…” The little ghost suddenly stammered.

“What?” Ming Shu raised her head.

The little ghost didn’t dare to read it. It pa.s.sed the tablet to Master. “Master, look at it yourself.”

The little ghost ran away in a flash.

A single message kept popping up on the tablet.

[Send your An Ge to the 19th level of h.e.l.l]

[Send your An Ge to the 19th level of h.e.l.l]

[Send your An Ge to the 19th level of h.e.l.l]

Ming Shu: “…”

Who opened the internet on the 19th level?

F**k, just be a ghost. Why are you going online!

Ling Yan stayed in the empty 19th level. This was better than last time. At least this time, he was not chained up.

When Ming Shu arrived, she saw Ling Yan lying on the floor with a bored expression. The light above him shone on him and made him look really lonely.

Ming Shu took a deep breath and slowly walked over.

“An Ge, when can I leave?”

Ling Yan’s voice sounded faint. You could almost hear the sadness in his voice.

He is becoming insane from staying here.

“Go out and destroy the world?” Ming Shu squatted beside him. “I don’t want to become your accomplice.”

Ling Yan opened his eyes and saw her immediately. Everything was fine but suddenly, his face darkened. “An Ge, you hope that I can’t leave so that you can mess around with Xie Hui, right?”

He knew his own body so he didn’t say anything when he was sent back.

However, after so long, she didn’t even come and look at him.

Was her conscience eaten by dogs?

“Yes, are you angry? I have 18 pretty boys outside. You can just stay here obediently.”

You killed two of my targets. I have no settle this with you and now you’re finding me for trouble?

Ling Yan huffed and flipped around to lie on top of Ming Shu. A cold kiss landed on her. It felt rude and oppressive.

The entire s.p.a.ce filled with an aura of love.

Under the light, two bodies intertwined with each other, forming a lingering and beautiful scene.

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