Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 428 - Yin Yang Delivery (34)

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Chapter 428: Yin Yang Delivery (34)

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Her voice drifted into the thick black night.

Why would I like you.

Why would I…

Like you…

Ling Yan revealed an awkward look. Suddenly he became a little unsure. Does she like me or not? She just said it so casually that I have no idea.

“But why do you like me?”

“There is no reason to like a person.” Ling Yan’s voice became a little rigid. “When you meet that person, you’ll hear your soul tremble and yell. After walking thousands of miles, it’s all for that one day two people will meet.”

He looked up and said in a sincere and stubborn voice, “An Ge, I’ll walk thousands of miles for you.”

“You really took your time to walk that distance, for over 2,000 years.”

Ling Yan: “…” F**k, can I take back that sentence?

Ming Shu touched his head and revealed a tender and loving smile. “There’s a long way ahead, young man, keep up!”

Do you think I am easy to conquer?

You didn’t give me pig trotters, by the way, so who will want to be with you.

I won’t. Just get angry.

Perhaps I can save up some Hatred Points.

Ling Yan: “…”

F**k, I must have been sick.

How was it possible for him to like a psychopath like this?

Ling Yan walked away angrily, fearing that he couldn’t help strangling her if he stayed any longer.

How could there be a girl who said something like that when facing another’s affectionate confession?


“Ling Yan.”

Ling Yan was not in a good mood and you could easily tell that from his gloomy face. He stared murderously at Xie Hui, who had called him. She had always been nice to this little man, but why? What did she like about him?

He is not as tall as me, not as good-looking as me, and he can’t even fly. His clothes are ugly, and he looks slovenly, so what’s so good about him!

Xie Hui was completely unaware that he was being crazily disliked by Ling Yan in his heart.

Xie Hui held his mahogany sword with a bit of fright. “Ling Yan… well, I want to ask you about the reverse spirit suppressing symbol, what’s the use of that.”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

Ling Yan’s entire countenance became more dangerous. “Are you questioning what I said?”

Xie Hui: “…”

Xie Hui didn’t dare ask further and he darted toward Ming Shu swiftly with his mahogany sword.

Ling Yan’s face became even gloomier. He moved quickly to stop Xie Hui, and Xie Hui felt all the fine hair erect on the body, with cold sweat appearing everywhere. How on earth did he offend him?

Ming Shu saw Ling Yan and Xie Hui standing together from afar. Ling Yan disliked Xie Hui very much, what could these two talk about?

But soon she saw Xie Hui go back to the team and Ling Yan walk into the stone temple.

Ming Shu floated into the stone temple as well while eating her steamed bun. Ling Yan was standing in front of the boxes; she didn’t know what he was thinking.

“Strange, why haven’t those who went down the mountain to send the villagers off come back?”

“There shouldn’t be something wrong?”

With their ability, even if there was some small delay, it shouldn’t be more than two hours to go and come back. But now so much time had pa.s.sed, and they were still not back.

There was no signal in the mountains, so they couldn’t contact them.

Xie Hui came to borrow Ming Shu’s phone, which was specially designed for h.e.l.l and could work anywhere.

Ming Shu crossed her legs. She asked for food first, then she would lend him the phone. Xie Hui had to offer snacks to Ming Shu humbly, keeping an eye on Ling Yan in the meanwhile, preparing so that if he was discovered he could retreat immediately.

Ming Shu dialed the number given by Xie Hui, but no one answered.

Ming Shu dialed again, but no one answered again. She thought for a while, then asked Xie Hui to tell her their names and dates of birth.

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“They’re dead.”

“But you seem not that smart.” Ming Shu’s tone was aggressive.

“Heh…” Gu Yi smiled and seemed quite happy.

He looked past her to rest his eyes on the coffin behind her. A craze flashed from the bottom of his eyes, like he was seeing something valuable.

Showing that look because of a dead body? Is he a pervert?

Are so many people trying to frighten me to death to inherit my snacks?

“I don’t want to fight you today.” Gu Yi averted his gaze and finally noticed Ling Yan. “As long as you give her to me, no one will be able to restrict you in the future.”

“What does that mean?” Ming Shu raised her brows.

“Hahaha, Ling Yan didn’t tell you, did he.” Gu Yi laughed. “Your body is the most important piece that suppresses him. If you’re gone, they can come out. Isn’t it exciting? Give her to me.”

The Yin Qi in Ling Yan began to dart around. Ming Shu understood that Gu Yi was not talking to Ling Yan, but those grudging spirits in Ling Yan’s body.

Obviously those things were very excited now.

Ling Yan’s body wobbled, and he worked hard not to let those things control him.

“Gu Yi…”

“Wait, I have a question.” Ming Shu raised her hand to interrupt Ling Yan. “Why do you want my body?”

Are the ghosts now all necrophiliacs?

Gu Yi sounded even more confident than Zhao Desheng. “Your body has been immersed in Yin Qi for 2,000 years, so it’s a perfect host body.”

Ming Shu was almost speechless. “You’re a man, yet you want to use my body? Are you all right?”

Is this ghost incurable?

Gu Yi reached out his hand to pull Su Rou over, pinching her chin, and forced her to look up at him. “Other than a host body, there are also many other things we can do. What do you say, Little Rou-er?”

Su Rou bit her lip and said lowly, “You said you’d kill her.”

“Take it easy.” In front of Ming Shu and Ling Yan, Gu Yi and Su Rou had a french kiss over there.

Su Rou struggled for a bit. Probably she felt humiliated to be treated like this in front of Ming Shu.

Gu Yi seemed to be unhappy and he pushed Su Rou away, then said coldly, “This is a poor container. Zhao Desheng, that fool, he can’t even handle such little matters. But that’s fine, I found a better one now…”

Gu Yi rested his pa.s.sionate eyes on the coffin.

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