Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 427 - Yin Yang Delivery (33)

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Chapter 427: Yin Yang Delivery (33)

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Zhao Desheng said he was coming.

Ming Shu guessed he was probably talking about Gu Yi.

“Do you know Gu Yi?” Ming Shu played with the cracked ancient jade and asked, although in a positive tone.


Of course I know him.

I even want to kill him.

Ling Yan was afraid of breaking his character setting so he averted his gaze immediately after answering. Xie Hui happened to come in from outside and he glanced over the coffin. “An Ge, who did Zhao Desheng say is coming?”

Ming Shu pa.s.sed the ancient jade to Ling Yan. “The ghost is coming, are you scared?”

Xie Hui: “…”

I’m talking about serious matters, not joking. Is this a time to joke?

Ming Shu didn’t think she was joking. If Gu Yi was really coming, wasn’t that a ghost coming?

Xie Hui cleared his throat. “If we catch Zhao Desheng, will this matter be ended?”

Who knew that saving the world was so easy; they didn’t even use great effort.

Ming Shu squatted down before her own coffin, looking at the beauty inside in her fiery-red wedding dress, then took out a steamed bun, munching. “Why do I look so beautiful.”

Xie Hui’s mouth twitched. “An Ge, did you hear me?”

This girl looked like a rogue, staring at herself. What’s wrong with her.

Ling Yan thought Ming Shu was still considering reviving from death and his eyes gradually turned gloomy.

Ming Shu nibbled on the steamed bun then answered Xie Hui vaguely, “If you think it’s over, it’s over; if you don’t think like that, it’s not over.”

Xie Hui: “…” What is that supposed to mean? Can you speak clearly!

He turned to Ling Yan, but then averted his gaze after a few seconds. Asking this demon was no better than thinking by himself.

Xie Hui seemed to remember something and he left in a hurry. After a while, Zhao Desheng’s voice came intermittently from outside.

Ming Shu tried to touch the coffin, and she actually touched it this time. Ming Shu raised her brows. Last time she couldn’t touch it, why would this time work?

“An Ge!”

Ling Yan grabbed Ming Shu’s waist and dragged her out of range of the coffin.

As she was moved away, some lights flashed on the coffin but then disappeared in an instant. She found that the dried corpses on the ground became even more wizened.

Ming Shu turned to look at Ling Yan. “Is this thing a living being?” And it sucks blood…

“Don’t get close to it.” F**k, I just took a moment to blink and this psychopath couldn’t wait to kill herself.

Ming Shu stared at the coffin thoughtfully. If you took a close look at it, it didn’t look like a coffin but more like a box, a well-kept, rectangular box, exquisite and elegant.

Her body was like a treasure stored in the box.

Why did they preserve her body?

Why did the Western Chu State use her to watch over Ling Yan?

And why didn’t she end up here, but in the h.e.l.l?

Ling Yan knew a lot of things and he didn’t intend to tell her. Ming Shu was also not interested in nosing for information from a person who didn’t want to speak. She didn’t really care much about these things, either. All she wanted to do was gain Hatred Points and buy herself some snacks.


Now Gu Yi was going to come for her.

It seemed quite exciting to think about it like this.

Ming Shu shook off those problems and began to replenish her strength by eating a steamed bun.

Ling Yan was a little confused. Why does this psychopath seem to become excited thinking about that?

Isn’t she still thinking about reviving herself?

Ling Yan looked at Ming Shu’s profile. Her eyes were twinkling like there were stars inside, which was very attractive.

Does she really want to be a human so much?

“Why are you staring at me?” Ming Shu held her steamed buns tight. “These are all I have left, don’t even think about it.”

Ling Yan snorted. “Who cares that.”

A stupid steamed bun is worthy of your ardent care? Why the h.e.l.l can’t you care about me? I can’t even compare to a stupid steamed bun?

Thinking of this possibility, Ling Yan’s face blackened all at once.

I can’t even compare to a stupid steamed bun?

“That’s good. You stay away from me.” There’s always a heckler wanting to grab my snacks.

“What if I don’t?”

“I’ll kill you.”


The Taoist masters didn’t discuss immediately about how to deal with the coffin and those things, and Ming Shu and Ling Yan didn’t show any sign of leaving. So the Taoist masters planned to stay in the mountain for one night and continue the discussion tomorrow.

Because there would be trouble if this thing here attracted other evil beings.

As for those unconscious villagers—they were sent down the mountain.

“Little Xie, what did you ask Zhao Desheng?”

A Taoist master pushed Xie Hui lightly and Xie Hui was startled a little. He came to himself and wiped some cold sweat off his face. “I asked him about the symbol paper.”

The Taoist master glanced in Zhao Desheng’s direction. “What did he say?”

What was a reverse spirit suppressing symbol used for?

Clearly the Taoist masters didn’t know.

“He didn’t say anything.” Xie Hui was a little unsure about that symbol paper thing. He poked the ground with his mahogany sword and seemed to be murmuring to himself. “Zhao Desheng said he was coming, what was he talking about?”

“I heard that this place is the old site of Western Chu State.” The Taoist master didn’t hear Xie Hui’s murmuring clearly and he looked into the distance.

Xie Hui followed his gaze.

They were at a high position right now, and they saw mountain ranges rising and falling in the distance. Maybe many years ago, there was a country standing on this land, with the lights of ten thousand homes shining below…

Xie Hui moved his eyes slightly to see Ming Shu and Ling Yan standing on higher ground.

Ling Yan took Ming Shu’s hand and made her sit beside him, then he began to speak slowly. “This place was the Priest Hall, and below was the royal city.”

The Western Chu State and the later Chu State were not the same thing. The former had a longer and more profound history.

Standing here, one would be able to overlook the human world’s prosperity.

The priests could only go down the mountain on set holidays, and they lived on the mountain at ordinary times. So the only lively scene they could see was the lanterns being lightened in the city below. Every night these lights would rise slowly like fireflies.

“An Ge.”

Ling Yan went down on his knees before Ming Shu, holding her hand, and stared at her earnestly. “Promise me, will you stay with me?”

The night was silent.

The lights of ten thousand homes seemed to extend behind him.

He was still that chilly and immortal priest.

“Last time I asked you, but you didn’t grasp the chance, so don’t blame me.” Ming Shu withdrew her hand. “You want to pursue me but don’t even offer pig trotters, never even think about it.”

“An Ge, you like me, why can’t you just admit that?” Ling Yan was a little annoyed. “How long are you gonna do this, is it so hard for you to say you like me?”

“Which one of your eyes has seen that I like you?” Will a reserved and n.o.ble person like me admit so easily that I like someone?


I won’t lose face!

“If you don’t like me, why did you block that for me?”

“Maybe I destroyed the ancient jade because I wanted to harm you.”

“Then why didn’t you avoid it when I kissed you?”

“It’s the beauty who came to my door, why can’t I just enjoy that?”

Ling Yan got up suddenly and lowered his eyes to look at her.

Ming Shu also looked up at him. The emotion in his eyes shifted very quickly. He seemed to be very angry and was about to lose his temper, but then the anger was held back in an instant, and he slowly squatted back down. “An Ge, try to like me.”

“Why would I do that?”

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Ming Shu dialed again, but no one answered again. She thought for a while, then asked Xie Hui to tell her their names and dates of birth.

“They’re dead.”

“What?” Xie Hui burst out, which startled Ling Yan, who was facing the coffin, and he began to stare at him with gloomy eyes.

Xie Hui stepped back a little to keep a distance from Ming Shu. “How could they be dead?”

“I didn’t kill them, how do I know?”

“Isn’t it recorded in that?” Xie Hui pointed at her phone and looked very anxious. “They were fine when they left, how could they be dead all of a sudden?”

“Taoist Master Dai, what are you doing…”

“Taoist Master Zhou… what’s wrong with them, stop them!”

“Why are these villagers all back!”

Loud voices suddenly sounded from outside. Xie Hui’s expression changed and he ran out with his mahogany sword on his shoulder.

Outside was chaos. The villagers who ought to have been sent down the mountain were now attacking the Taoist masters. The three Taoist masters who sent those villagers down were also fighting against other Taoist masters with the villagers.

All of them wore dull expressions and were surrounded by Yin Qi. Apparently they were all dead.

What thing could be so powerful as to kill three Taoist masters and then raise them again?

“He’s here.” Ling Yan’s voice sounded from behind them.

But before Xie Hui saw clearly what happened, the scene before him suddenly changed.

A man walked through the Taoist masters with Su Rou as if there was no one else around. They walked straight to the stone temple.

Su Rou revealed a pale face and her body kept trembling. When she saw Ming Shu, hatred immediately began to gather in her eyes. It’s all her fault.

Ming Shu sat on the crushed stone with her legs crossed, and she looked at the man walking in meaningfully.

Gu Yi and Su Rou both came.

Very good.

Gu Yi rested his evil eyes on Ming Shu. “You’re An Ge?”

“And you’re Gu Yi?”

“Seems you’re not that stupid.”

“But you seem not that smart.” Ming Shu’s tone was aggressive.

“Heh…” Gu Yi smiled and seemed quite happy.

He looked past her to rest his eyes on the coffin behind her. A craze flashed from the bottom of his eyes, like he was seeing something valuable.

Showing that look because of a dead body? Is he a pervert?

Are so many people trying to frighten me to death to inherit my snacks?

“I don’t want to fight you today.” Gu Yi averted his gaze and finally noticed Ling Yan. “As long as you give her to me, no one will be able to restrict you in the future.”

“What does that mean?” Ming Shu raised her brows.

“Hahaha, Ling Yan didn’t tell you, did he.” Gu Yi laughed. “Your body is the most important piece that suppresses him. If you’re gone, they can come out. Isn’t it exciting? Give her to me.”

The Yin Qi in Ling Yan began to dart around. Ming Shu understood that Gu Yi was not talking to Ling Yan, but those grudging spirits in Ling Yan’s body.

Obviously those things were very excited now.

Ling Yan’s body wobbled, and he worked hard not to let those things control him.

“Gu Yi…”

“Wait, I have a question.” Ming Shu raised her hand to interrupt Ling Yan. “Why do you want my body?”

Are the ghosts now all necrophiliacs?

Gu Yi sounded even more confident than Zhao Desheng. “Your body has been immersed in Yin Qi for 2,000 years, so it’s a perfect host body.”

Ming Shu was almost speechless. “You’re a man, yet you want to use my body? Are you all right?”

Is this ghost incurable?

Gu Yi reached out his hand to pull Su Rou over, pinching her chin, and forced her to look up at him. “Other than a host body, there are also many other things we can do. What do you say, Little Rou-er?”

Su Rou bit her lip and said lowly, “You said you’d kill her.”

“Take it easy.” In front of Ming Shu and Ling Yan, Gu Yi and Su Rou had a french kiss over there.

Su Rou struggled for a bit. Probably she felt humiliated to be treated like this in front of Ming Shu.

Gu Yi seemed to be unhappy and he pushed Su Rou away, then said coldly, “This is a poor container. Zhao Desheng, that fool, he can’t even handle such little matters. But that’s fine, I found a better one now…”

Gu Yi rested his pa.s.sionate eyes on the coffin.

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