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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 425 - Yin Yang Delivery (31

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Chapter 425: Yin Yang Delivery (31)

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The Taoist masters surrounded the coffin and walked around it.

“I didn’t think that Miss An Ge’s corpse would really be here. I thought that Miss An Ge was joking.”

“Miss An Ge looked very young when she died.”

“Isn’t that Xi Chu’s bridal gown?”

“These carvings on the coffin seems strange…”

“Were these people sucked dry by the coffin?”

All kinds of questions came out of the Taoist masters’ mouths. It was a weird experience to see a bunch of people surrounding her own tomb.

Xie Hui knitted his brows. He stared at the carvings on the inside of the coffin. Suddenly, he stood on his hands and scared all the Taoist masters.

“Little Xie, when did you start doing acrobatics?”

Xie Hui returned to his normal position. He hugged his mahogany sword and said in a low voice, “Do you all remember that I sent a picture before? There were a lot of symbols on the wall but none of you recognized them.”

“Oh, that symbol paper. I remember. What does that have to do with this?”

Xie Hui pointed at the coffin with his mahogany sword. “That symbol is the same as this symbol. Just that this is upside down.”

All the Taoist masters were shocked. They looked at the place that Xie Hui pointed out and took out their phones to compare.

“It really is… but what is the use of this symbol?”

Xie Hui looked at Ling Yan. Ling Yan looked indifferently at the coffin while grabbing Ming Shu’s hand. Ming Shu just gave a small smile as though she was a spectator.

These two ghosts…

They were the most important element in this plan and yet, they shut themselves out and were not the least affected.

“It is a spirit suppressor symbol.” Xie Hui retracted his gaze.

“Spirit suppressor symbol? It can’t be. We use the spirit suppressor symbol often and it is not drawn like this.”

“Look at it carefully. Do you see the similarities between this and the symbol we draw?”

“This is the spirit suppressor symbol of Xi Chu.” Xie Hui slowed down his pace. “The spirit suppressor symbol that we used came from this. However, this is not its only use. An Ge was buried here and placed in this coffin. She should know what the use of this spirit suppressor symbol is.”

“Oh, I lost my memory,” Ming Shu said in a clear voice.

The Taoist masters: “…”

Xie Hui: “…”

“So lively here. It has been a long time since I saw you bunch of old folks. I kind of missed you all.”

An unfamiliar voice came from outside the stone temple. A man wearing a Chinese outfit came in. He looked very kind and gave people the feeling that he was a good person.

“Zhao Desheng!”

The Taoist masters gathered together and went on their guard.

Zhao Desheng smiled. “Why are you all so nervous. We are old friends.”

“Who is our friend? You are the sc.u.m of our Taoist master circle.”

Zhao Desheng didn’t look angry at all. He scanned everyone and then landed his gaze on Ling Yan and An Ge. A hint of greediness flashed past his eyes and disappeared almost immediately.

Ming Shu touched her chin. What does he want?

There were only a few things humans wanted: power, wealth, s.e.x… Besides these, only strength and longevity were left.

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Zhao Desheng doesn’t lack money. None of the Taoist masters would lack money. Even if they were amateurs, they could still live better than a normal person.

“Stop him!” the Taoist master team shouted and blocked the entrance.

“Heh, didn’t you all look down on how the majority bullies the minority?” Zhao Desheng mocked.

“If we are fighting against sc.u.m like you, this is called getting rid of evil for the people!” The Taoist master team justified their actions with righteous words.


The ice needles shot toward him, densely packed. Zhao Desheng took down the beads on his wrist and a light shone from them, blocking the attacks.

Zhao Desheng heaved a sigh of relief and turned around, preparing to fight his way out from the Taoist masters’ side.

He thought that today would be a guaranteed success, but An Ge’s abilities were not weak and even this bunch of Taoist masters became shameless.

“Zhao Desheng.”

Zhao Desheng looked into Ling Yan’s dark eyes the minute he turned. He floated in the air and the Yin Qi behind him swarmed around. There was a hint of an evil aura on his indifferent face. “Who gave you the courage to touch my things? Hmm?”

“The people from Xi Chu did this to you. Don’t you want to come out?” Zhao Desheng calmed himself down. “You are so powerful, how can you be suppressed here? I’m helping you. Think about it, once your power comes back, is there anyone that can defeat you?”

Ling Yan’s face turned colder. He moved and came to a stop in front of Zhao Desheng. He raised his hand and grabbed his neck, raising him into the air. “It is not your place to care about my business.”

All the Taoist masters stepped back. Such an ancient ghost is getting angry. So scary.

Zhao Desheng seemed to have been waiting for Ling Yan to approach him. A light shone in his eyes and he quickly grabbed Ling Yan’s hand. “Ling Yan, you came here yourself.”

“Excuse me?” Ming Shu popped her head out from behind him with a bright smile. “If you dare to touch him, I will make sure that you experience the full extent of the 18 levels of h.e.l.l. For free.”

Zhao Desheng didn’t notice Ming Shu approaching. She felt like she was behind him all along.

Ling Yan heard what she said and the coldness on his face dissipated slightly.

Zhao Desheng squinted his eyes. He gathered his courage and slammed something toward Ling Yan.

He had prepared for so long. He didn’t want to fail one step short of success.

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