Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 423 - Yin Yang Delivery (29)

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Chapter 423: Yin Yang Delivery (29)

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“I met Su Rou and that man in this hotel.”

Xie Hui took Ming Shu to the hotel where he stayed at. “But when I ran up, they were gone. Later I checked the surroundings and found there are two ways to get downstairs. They must’ve gone upstairs and then went down when I was reacting.”

“Who’s the man with Su Rou?”

Xie Hui shook his head. “I don’t know, but he looked like someone from our circle. When they pa.s.sed, I felt a strange Yin Qi, but it was just for an instant, and I didn’t find anything.”

Xie Hui spoke out his discovery.

“They should have used their IDs to check in?”

“Right, it’s a rigid requirement all over the country now.” Xie Hui nodded. “I’ll go ask.”

Soon Xie Hui got the information from the front desk’s receptionist. “It was Hu Jianming and Zhao Desheng, no Su Rou, she doesn’t seem to be18…”

“Zhao Desheng?”

Last time when Ling Yan grabbed Su Rou’s neck, the first one he asked about was Gu Yi, and the second was Zhao Desheng.

This name…

Ming Shu tried hard to recall the storyline. In the original plot, the Host indeed fell into a Taoist master’s hands.

But it didn’t mention that Taoist master’s name. If it was really him, Su Rou ought to be against him, but now they came together. Interesting.

“This name sounds familiar, I seem to have heard it somewhere,” Xie Hui also murmured and he took out his phone. “Let me ask the others.”

Ming Shu left the hotel; Xie Hui texted a message and then followed Ming Shu out with his mahogany sword. His loose pants and flip flops looked harmonious with this county. His eyes rested on Ling Yan who was in the distance. “Ai, what happened to you, you’ve behaved weirdly since last night.”

“I want to be human, but he doesn’t want me to be. So you say, who is right and who is wrong?”

Xie Hui’s mouth twitched. “Why do you want to be a human, I mean, you have a good ident.i.ty now. Although you’re a ghost, it’s kind of an immortal thing. Isn’t this great, why do you have to be human?”

“For snacks.”

I can’t abandon my snacks.

“Are you serious?” Why does it sound so hilarious?

“Of course I’m serious.”

Xie Hui: “…”

Psychopaths appear each year, but they’ve appeared in especially large numbers this year.

Being a ghost meant one only needed to absorb Yin Qi and didn’t need any food, which was convenient and fast. Who knew what she was thinking.

How could an ordinary person understand a foodie’s pure heart toward snacks.

“Let me put it in another way.” Xie Hui tried to list the key points. “The conditions for reviving from death are strict. Even if you have the intact body, you meet all the requirements, and you successfully get back into your body, you’ll still have a nine-in-ten chance of dying.”

Xie Hui pointed at the sky with his mahogany sword.

h.e.l.l even existed, do you think there are no G.o.ds up there?

Those on top wouldn’t allow such a counterintuitive thing to happen.

Ming Shu remained silent for a while.

Ling Yan insisted like that; perhaps he knew that once she came back into the body, she would face death.

So a human is not an easy thing to become…

Oh, my snacks! I don’t intentionally want to abandon you!

There was no other news then, for the time being. But Ming Shu didn’t leave Anfeng County, just strolling around.

One day later…


Xie Hui took out the ringing phone and his expression immediately changed.

He showed it to Ming Shu. “Look at this, look.”

Ming Shu turned her gaze to look at the phone while holding snacks given by Shen Xianyue. It showed several pictures, which appeared to be personal files.

Zhao Desheng’s name was eye-catching.

And the big red cross on the files was even more striking.

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Xie Hui explained, “He’s a Taoist master who has been disqualified. I knew the name sounded so familiar, it turned out my master once mentioned him… It seemed he used ghosts to practice some kind of sorcery and was discovered, then he was expelled by the Taoist master community.”

Can my mahogany sword kill 2,000-year old monsters?

Zhao Desheng was the sc.u.m of the Taoist master community. But he was from Xie Hui’s master’s generation, and it was a long time since he’d been known as sc.u.m.

So younger Taoist masters actually didn’t know of him.

But as Xie Hui said Zhao Desheng was in Anfeng County, those older generation Taoist masters heeded it and came over one after another from all over the place.

Zhao Desheng must’ve done something terrible in those days.

“Did you really see Zhao Desheng?”

Xie Hui had answered this question many times and his neck was going to break from all the nodding. “Yes, yes, yes, I did.”

“Well, Miss An Ge is also here.”

“And this is…”

As they saw Ming Shu, they would naturally see Ling Yan who followed Ming Shu closely. Ling Yan stared at these Taoist masters with uncertain intentions, as if he was going to tear them up at any time.

All the Taoist masters felt a chill.

Xie Hui coughed, “This is An Ge… she brought him here. Just stop asking, what are you doing here?”

Xie Hui didn’t know whether he should tell them about the Western Chu State and Ling Yan. After all, it involved many other things, and was a little weird.

Xie Hui changed to another topic then. These Taoist masters were still measuring Ling Yan, but they picked up the new topic.

“To find that sc.u.m Zhao Desheng!”

“He escaped at that time and disappeared without a trace for so many years. Now he shows up, so we must catch him.”

“Why did Zhao Desheng come to such an isolated place?”

“Whatever he came for, let’s catch him first!”

“Sounds reasonable.”

Xie Hui: “…”

Are these Taoist masters sent by the enemy to stir things up?

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