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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 422 - Yin Yang Delivery (28)

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Chapter 422: Yin Yang Delivery (28)

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“A man died in the village.”

“What’s the big deal with that? Is there anything strange?” People die everyday, so there’s nothing surprising.

Ming Shu peeled the sweet potato and bit into its golden shape. “He died on August 4th.”

Xie Hui pondered for a while, then suddenly understood. It was the day before August 4th that he received a call asking him to come here.

“So someone went to touch something?”

“And my body, which should look exactly like a living person.” Ming Shu sighed with emotion. “So to count, you should call me the ancestor. Come, let me listen.”

“… How’s your body there?” Xie Hui was confused.

Ming Shu revealed a serious look. “Probably it was sacrificed.”

Xie Hui choked. “Which means that you were born 2,000 years ago, you’re from Western Chu State?”

Ming Shu looked melancholy. “It’s said so, but I don’t remember. Later I’ll go back and check my files.”

Xie Hui: “…”

He just wanted to know what the relationship between her and Ling Yan was.

“Do you know any method for reviving the dead?” Ming Shu raised her brows at Xie Hui.

“What… what do you want to do?”

“I want to be human.”

“Isn’t it good to be a ghost? You’re a senior in h.e.l.l and have so many ghosts under you, isn’t that imposing.”

“They’re too troublesome.” Especially when I want to eat something alone. I’m so annoyed.

Xie Hui didn’t get her meaning and continued seriously, “You’ve been dead for 2,000 years; even if your body is still intact, it’s impossible for you to revive from death. And the method for reviving is officially prohibited in h.e.l.l and among the Taoist masters.”

“So there is really a method for that?”

Xie Hui: “…” Are you listening to me or not!

Ling Yan pulled Ming Shu and took her away, leaving Xie Hui staring at the bonfire alone, dumbly.

What the h.e.l.l?

The heavy rain washed through this quiet village. In the misty rain curtains, the only sound that came to the ear was that of the falling rain.

Ling Yan pulled Ming Shu all the way along the eave, and after floating for some distance, he suddenly turned around and pressed Ming Shu against the pillar under the eave.

The night obscured the emotion in his eyes, but Ming Shu could feel that he was very angry right now. The temperature had dropped a lot all around them.

“Mr. Ling Yan, what’s wrong with you now.” Why’d you pull me out all of a sudden and for no reason!

Ling Yan’s voice was very deep as if he was grinding his teeth. “How much do you want to be human again?”

Ming Shu could only see a vague figure in front of her, but she still showed a smile. “If I’m really An Ge, perhaps I didn’t want to die 2,000 years ago. So now I want to live again, what’s wrong with that?”

If y ou don’t want me to revive myself, then I must revive myself, so I can get you angry as h.e.l.l!

Ling Yan grabbed Ming Shu’s arm and put forth a little more strength, his gloomy eyes staring at her. “An Ge, I won’t allow that.”

“Who am I to you? You don’t allow it so I’ll listen to you? I must revive!” Ming Shu’s goal was to anger Ling Yan to death and she just talked back very provokingly.

Ling Yan was probably too angry and he suddenly lowered his head to kiss Ming Shu’s lips, without giving her any time to react, and forced open her mouth, kissing deeper.

The Yin Qi in his body gathered around fiercely, forming a lump of horrible black shadows behind him, which was grinning hideously at her.

Ming Shu stared at that black shadow.

“An Ge, can’t you concentrate on it when I’m kissing you?” Ling Yan said lightly while kissing Ming Shu’s lips, and the tone was no longer angry.

Ming Shu closed her eyes.

Ling Yan began to kiss her in a random order. When Ming Shu opened her eyes again, the black shadow behind him had disappeared.

When Ling Yan got very emotional, that black shadow would have the opportunity to control him.

Ming Shu was a little anxious. Can’t I p.i.s.s him off in the future?

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That’ll be boring.

He had come to this stage, so he could either spend the rest of his limited life with her in a state of anxiety, or just leave right now when he still had the heart to struggle.

Ling Yan squatted outside the village. The rain had stopped, and it was getting light. Rays of morning sunlight shone upon the entire village, with golden lights dazzling people’s eyes.

He only wanted to smoke now.

[Lord Nine, let’s just run.] The system didn’t have the heart to see Lord Nine suffering. [It’s the same anyway; if you leave early or late, you won’t complete the task. But if we leave right now, there won’t have so much pain.]

[I told you not to like someone from these worlds. She is just a pa.s.serby to you, and you can neither remember her nor keep her.]

[Lord Nine, you and she are not from the same world.]

The system’s constant chatter made Ling Yan very annoyed, but the last sentence did startle him.

The system was right.

He and she were not from the same world.

[Lord Nine, do you want me to show you those people’s endings in the conquest department?] Perhaps that will calm Lord Nine down a little. Lord Nine is a cruel person, how will he abandon everything for some illusory love.

Ling Yan got up. He picked and pinched a blooming wildflower on the mountainside, which was crushed in his hand, the pigment dyeing his fingertips red. “I know their endings, but I’m different from them.”

[Right right right, Lord Nine, are you calm now?] The system felt its persuasion worked.

Ling Yan loosened his hand. The crushed wildflower fell from his fingertips, and was then blown into the void by a breeze, dropping into the mud gradually.

The extremely beautiful and handsome man faced the morning rays, looking into the distant sky with glittering eyes. “I am the number one genius of the universe, so my ending will never be the same as theirs.”

[…] I have a bad feeling.

Lord Nine’s personality… he looked dandiacal most of the time and would fume whenever someone provoked him.

But he was sophisticated and deep. Those who offended him didn’t end up well, and if he wanted to have something… he would get it no matter what.

Even if it would cause a planet to be buried with the dead.

People in the Time and s.p.a.ce Administration all thought that Lord Nine had schizophrenia, but each year’s physical examination showed that their Lord Nine was very normal. He was just born to be a psychopath.

The system trembled as it a.n.a.lyzed this situation.

Untouchable, untouchable.

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